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From all the team of Workshops Photo Tours and Dream Photo Expeditions, we wish you a very special New Year 2018, full of travels and photography. For that, we invite you to join us on some of the most spectacular destinations you could imagine.


Land of Fire and Ice, Nature at its purest state, Iceland brings everything in an amazing Photo Tour that will take us to the most impressive locations around Southern Iceland, the perfect destination for Nature and photo lovers. Furthermore, we will be searching to capture the magical Northern Lights, the main purpose during our days in the island.

iceland photo tour

From incredible cityscapes to the most spectacular natural landscapes, or from wonderful portraits and social photography opportunities to the best destinations to capture the Northern Lights, and even impressive places to photograph wildlife, we are sure that we have a photo tour for you.


The arid landscapes from the American Southwest will be the sceneries we will capture during this Photo Tour, in which we will visit some of the most photogenic sceneries in North America. For two weeks, we will be photographing some of the most surreal landscapes in Nevada, Utah and Arizona, including some of the most famous locations in the area, such as Monument Valley or Antelope Canyon.

american southwest photo tour


This will be a fascinating photo tour, in which we will be focusing in a great variety of photography types. From the amazing Himalayas landscapes, to the incredible culture and architecture around the country and, of course, the wonderful chances to get amazing portraits from the Nepalese, we’ll have constant photography opportunities. Thanks to this, we could say this will be one of our more complete photo adventures.

nepal photo tour


Again, this is other of our most complete photo tours, since we will be covering many different types of photography. Ladakh, in Northern India, is also known as “Little Tibet”, is home to majestic mountain landscapes, being between the Himalayas and the Karakoram, spectacular pristine blue lakes, and cold deserts. This way, is a real paradise for landscape photography lovers. Apart from that, it will also bring wonderful culture and architecture opportunities, being a Buddhist – Tibetan landmark. And, finally, it will also include some of the greatest portrait and social photography on Earth, so it will surely be one of our most intense and complete photography tours.

Ladakh photo tour


The Last Frontier, synonym of wild sceneries and freedom, is other of our top photo tours. Its amazing variety of wildlife, as the moose, the golden eagle and both the black and the grizzly bear, and its impressive landscapes, including lakes, glaciers, waterfalls or stunning peaks, will bring us spectacular photo opportunities around that gorgeous destination. At the same time, if lucky, we could be able to capture some of the first Northern Lights shows of the season!

alaska photo tour


Undoubtedly, one of our most desired destinations. In this spectacular Canadian Rockies Photo Tour, we’ll be visiting Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks, being able to photograph some of the most wonderful sceneries all around Earth. From its incredibly beautiful lakes, to its stunning peaks, or from the beautiful rivers and waterfalls, to the outstanding alpine landscapes, we will have constant photo opportunities everywhere we look at. All this make the Canadian Rockies one of the top destinations for landscape photography lovers.

canada photo tour


An amazing photo adventure which will take us through this fabulous Asian country, as we capture its lovely cities, its wonderful landscapes, and the great people living in the destination. During this trip, we will be able to photograph locations as famous as the magical Bagan, with its more than 4,000 temples, or Inle Lake, with its incredible life, and some of the best photo opportunities in the country.

myanmar photo tour


We are sure that you’ll love the fabulous photo adventures we have prepared. Just let us know which one is your desired destination, and contact us to ask any doubt you may have about that trip. We’ll be happy to reply your questions, and travel to photograph the world together!

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