Great News from the Treriemberg Super Circuit Photo Contest


All the team at Workshops Photo Tours would like to congratulate our mate Julio Castro Pardo, one of our photography guides and instructors, for his extraordinary achievement. Julio has been awarded with a Gold Medal in the category ‘Mountains’, at one of the most prestigious photo contests on Earth, the Trieremberg Super Circuit, with his image ‘Room with views.’

This is a dream come true for Julio, who always had the desire to win a gold medal in this iconic photo contest. The Trieremberg is, for many, the most important photo contest, being known as the ‘Photography Oscar.’

We are so happy to have such a talented photographer in our team, whose work has been awarded countless times in photo contests all around the world, apart from this very special time.


Julio took this amazing image during one of the nights of our Canadian Rockies Photo Tour, last October 2017.

We were bringing this tent for the session, which was illuminated from the inside with a lamp. The tent was exclusively set there just for the session, being unmounted after the shot, as this is an area where its not allowed to camp.

‘Room with views’, the spectacular image taken at Moraine by Julio Castro, which was awarded with a Gold Medal in the category ‘Mountains’, at the Trieremberg Super Circuit.


The location chosen for getting this image was the world famous Moraine Lake, one of the landmarks in the Canadian Rockies, in Banff National Park.

After getting to the location with our group for our sunset shooting, we decided to stay in the area around the lake till the night. As the sky was completely open, and the full moon was shinning illuminating the scene, we had thought that we would get nice conditions for this night photography session. This way, we’d be able to capture one of the most fascinating landscapes in Canada under the moonlight.


As we stated previously, the author of this fantastic image is our photographer Julio Castro Pardo, from La Coruña, Galicia, Spain. Julio is a professional photographer specialized in landscape and night photography, who travels around the world searching for the best lights and the most spectacular locations.

Julio, with a great collections of photography prizes and awards, is one of our expert photo guides and instructors, hosting photo tours and workshops in places such as Iceland, Lofoten Islands, the American Southwest, the Canadian Rockies, the Dolomites or Patagonia, to name just a few. Certainly, we are talking about one of the best photographers all around the world at this time.

You can enjoy his work taking a look at this website,


We have also mentioned that we took this image during our 2017 Canada Photo Tour. If you’d like to take pictures like this, while you enjoy the wonderful landscapes in the area, do not hesitate to check the page of our Canadian Rockies Photo Tour, that we host yearly, normally by early fall. This is one of our most successful photo tours, due to the incredible beauty of the zone.


From our side, congratulating again our mate Julio, while we recommend you to check this or any other of our photog tours, in which you’ll be able to capture and enjoy moments as great as this!

Workshops Photo Tours Team

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