Great News! We just created our own Official Travel Agency for photo lovers!


Today it’s a very special day for all the team at Workshops Photo Tours, and we want to share it with all of you. Now we can officially confirm that we have created our own travel agency, ‘Viajes Fotográficos – Dream Photo Expeditions‘, so from now we will be the ones dealing directly with all the details regarding the planning and organization of all the photo tours that we are hosting. This way, we become your Photography Travel Agency, ready to take you to photograph the most fascinating places on Earth.

Until now, in order to comply with the very strict travel laws and regulations in the European Union (also set for travels outside the EU), all our photo tours needed to be organized and processed through an official extern travel agency. However, given our great growth during the past years, it was the time to move forward and become one of the leader companies in the photography travel sector. Therefore, from now, we are your Official Photography Travel Agency!

canada photo tour

This way, beginning now, we are the ones organizing all the details related to all our photo tours, always trying to offer you the best possible services, to bring you the best quality experiences, guaranteeing the maximum customer satisfaction.

After many years of experience organizing photo tours and workshops, we decided to establish as our own travel agency to be able to check and control every single aspect related with our trips, focusing in the relationship with our clientes, both before, during and after each photo tour. As an Official Travel Agency, we have to comply with all the legal requirements in the tourism sector, focused in bringing our customers the best safety and guarantees, as we offer you the best quality in the industry. For this, we are registered in the Cantabria General Toursim Board (Dirección General de Turismo de Cantabria), Spain, under the number license C.I.C. 39163AV.

Workshops Photo Tours by Dream Photo Expeditions offer you the best photo tours and workshops around the planet, so you can join us to enjoy incredible trips and experiences, as you learn and improve your photography, getting back home with hundreds of extraordinary images. The top destinations on Earth are waiting for us!


Nowadays, it’s quite common to find ilegal tourism services, something that we can often see with photography tours. There are many photographers, or ‘companies’ offering photo tour services without meeting the legal requirements for it. This is something that, often, ends up in problems. However, we are happy and glad to say that we offer you all the legal guarantees by working as an official travel agency, focusing our services in bringing your the maximum quality, guarantees, and top services

At the same time, even though our main offices are stablished in Spain, we work internationally, and customers from anywhere on Earth are joining any of our photo tours. We have many customers from countries such as the United States, Australia, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Japan or Thailand, just to name a few. Besides this, we work with a great net of local collaborating photographers and travel agencies, which adds an extra value for the maximum quality.

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Thanks to our growth, we are preparing new destinations for the upcoming years, beginning with some of the photo tours offered from 2020, that we are sure you’ll love!

Apart from repeating our most demanded photo tours, to destinations such as the Canadian Rockies, Iceland, Lofoten Islands, Ladakh (Indian Himalayas), Alaska, Myanmar or Tuscany, among others, we are going to offer several new tours each year, and we are totally sure that you’ll love what we have to offer! 

iceland photo tour

NEW FOR 2020

For 2020, we have confirmed departures for our New Zealand, Japan or Kamchatka (Russia) Photo Tours, all amazing destinatixons which bring outstanding photo opportunities. At the same time, we are working on final details for more photo tour which will be available soon.

Among some of the new destinations, we are preparing photo tours to Patagonia, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan (the Gilgit-Baltistan area), Greenland, Mongolia, Peru or Bolivia. We have launched also new destinations to places like the Altai Range, Baikal Lake or the Russian Lapland, all of them in Russia, or the beautiful Faroe Islands. Certainly, we are going to offer a huge variety of destinations, all of them top quality places for photography, with endless photo possibilities.

patagonia photo tour


Customer satisfaction is always our main goal during our tours, and it’s one of the main reasons to create our own travel agency. This said, if you wish to learn more about our photo tours, or about the way we work, we suggest you to check the reviews and testimonials by some of our customers. You will be able to see what our clients think about our work. At the same time, you can also check the reviews they write on our Facebook page, so you can get an idea of how we work both before, during, and also after our photo tours.

As you, we are really passionate about photography, and all our photo tours are perfectly planned and designed to get the most of them from a photographic point of view. During our trips, every single detail has been taken into account, and we try to maximize our photography results, without spending much time in anything else. We are here to make the most from every moment, in order to capture the best possible images.

During 2018, our customer satisfaction level was 100%, and we are getting that same satisfaction rate during our first photo tours in 2019, something we are very proud of. More than 80% of our customers are traveling back with us, and over 60% of all our customers travel with us on an annual basis, joining us on one or several photo tours each year. We don’t work to make our friends becoming our clients, but to make our clients becoming our friends.

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During the next week, we will be letting you know what we have planned to celebrate the creation of our own Official Travel Agency for photo lovers, ‘Dream Photo Expeditions’. We recommend you to check your email during the next few days, since we will be launching different promotional actions to celebrate this special time. Among others, you’ll be participating in a contest to get a free spot in one of our photo tours. The best thing you can do is joining our Newsletter, if you are not still on our list. This way, you’ll be receiving all the details about this campaign, while you’ll get updated with news about photography and travels. More info coming soon!

We’d like to thank you for your extraordinary support and trust, which give us energies to keep working continuously in offering you the best possible services.

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You can just visit our website,, send us an email, write or call us by WhatsApp or call us at (+34) 625014481.

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