10 must-haves for your photo tour

10 must-haves for your photo tour

Photo tour is related to travel at great locations and photography at best times as well as at best lighting. Photo tour is a great opportunity for beginners to develop photography skills from professionals in a destination they visit. In order to achieve this wonderful experience you should take care of every little fact before booking.

When you decide location for a photo tour, the next essential step is to create a travel photography checklist. It is not always easy and mostly depend on location you are going and season. These are things you can’t forget at home if you go to a photo tour. With your personal belongings you should keep space for photography equipment’s like gadgets, camera, lenses, memory cards etc. As photography tour is quite popular between young generation, travellers and professionals, there are so many suppliers available to offer items you need to purchase for trip. But you can start with basic you need and at affordable budget.

Let’s get started with most essential items!


1. Camera & lenses

The most important equipment for a traveller going for photo tour is camera. For a traveller, photography tour is all about getting photo, so prioritise the camera equipment at top in the list. Whatever camera you own, don’t forget to bag it. The price of camera or brand does not worth it. Even good quality phone cameras can be the best option at this time. In case you are decided to take a new one, pick the best camera that best suit with your budget. Usually high-resolution medium-format system works best for professional photographers, but you can buy comparatively cheap light crop frame mirror-less cameras. Some other facts include the auto focus, ISO power and lenses you chose are available with the camera or not. Basically you must select the camera that is easy to carry and comfortable during working.

The next most important is Camera Lenses. How many you will carry! Almost all cameras come with a standard lens. But most of them don’t have adjustable focal length. But when you’re planning for your dream photo tour, setup a good quality wide angle, super zoom lenses to cover good focal length. For landscape direction you may need wide angle lens whereas for portrait photographs required longer focal length. Due to this most of the travellers bag 2 – 3 lenses to cover all aspects. If you don’t own, you can rent it.

Let’s get started with most essential items!


2. Light and trustworthy tripod

A good tripod is a worthwhile investment for a successful photo tour. After all, using a tripod eliminates the possibility of motion blur when using long exposures and low ISO settings. A tripod also makes it possible to cleanly bracket pictures for HDR composites.

However, how can you pick the best tripod? Although aluminium tripods are more affordable and conveniently sized for your bag, carbon fibre tripods are superior because to their strength, weight, and stability. If you want to take landscape photos, you should make a small investment in a portable model.

3. Filters, reflectors

Filters are lightweight and essential for artistic photography. Though filters are underrated now a days but it improves the processed photo quality. Depending on shooting conditions different filters can be used for adjusting colour temperatures, density and polarizers. An inexpensive and essential equipment for photo tour is reflectors. A reflector is a direct supplementary light into a frame. It is important for photographers to create different looks of a scenery. Outdoor portrait photography during days requires reflector to fix odd shadows. Reflector adds nice look to images by diffusing, bouncing and blocking harsh shadows or speckled light.


4. Speedlight

A Speedlight is a battery powered flashgun that fit on top of camera to synchronise directly with camera’s shutter. Speedlight’s helps to illuminate a scene quickly and efficiently.


speedligth for canon camera

5. Lighting equipment

Good picture required essential light to scene. Bringing a radio trigger, receiver or light modifier gives a maximum control over the photo. Flash off camera allows creating rim light for your portrait photography.  It’s wise to take a small lantern for night photography. It can help for night movement even in tents.


6. Memory Card & card readers

A memory card helps you to bring images at home safely. High quality memory card with enough storage space and speed is crucial for a photo tour, so that you don’t lose images. Along with this you should carry external hard drive to stock photo daily basis.


7. Batteries & charger

During a tour you don’t get enough scope to recharge easily. Therefore good battery power is important for a successful photo tour. So it is wise to carry 2-3 batteries and you can charge them at night.


8. Cleaning kits for your photo tour

Clean optics is crucial for quality images and longevity of it. It is responsibility of the photographers to keep the camera clean to save both time and money. Always bring good quality microfiber cleaning wipes, cleaning spray, lens brush, rocket blower. Using this you can gently remove dust, sand, fingerprints etc. from lenses surface. Otherwise you will blame yourself for dust spots on lenses/sensors.


lens camera cleaning kit

9. Camera Bag

One of the most important photography equipments in the list, is a good quality camera bag. A well protected, water resistant bag pack or canvas bag with padded interior and retractable rain flaps are the best suit for trip. According to your trip venue and equipments, you should choose the most comfortable bag for indoor and outdoor use.


camera bag

10. Rain protection

If you planned for outdoors, bad weather can strike at any moment. It is wrong to get your camera wet though it’s weather sealed. So it is necessary to purchase wet weather protection bags or plastic bags to wipe it out. You can purchase camera hoods for extra weather protection.

Bags are packed! So now you are ready for your photo tour!

Don’t forget to bring essentials for any travel i.e. Passport, Insurance, medicines, cash & cards, shoes and clothes as well as seasonal items.

Don’t carry more than what you need, but never miss what you must need in your dream photo tour.


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