Best waterfalls in Iceland

1. Skógafoss waterfall

Iceland is one of the tourist destinations with the most attractive scenery, volcanoes and glaciers, but especially for its powerful and large waterfalls.

The northern proximity to the Arctic with a mix of cold climate, ample of rain and snow is the reason of large glaciers of Iceland. This produce impressive volumes of water during the melt in the summer. Iceland’s large cliff’s and volcanic landscape combined with massive amount of flowing water create amazing waterfalls.

Around the country there is a large number of jaw-dropping massive falls and waterfalls are flowing over the Icelandic landscape. With so many available wonderful waterfalls, it is hard to pick the best waterfalls in Iceland. Not just only for sheer numbers, every single one is special for its unique beauty and categories.  So, if you are planning for a self-drive trip to Iceland, chasing waterfalls can be the best things you can do in Iceland.

Let us ready for the great experience. Here I have picked the best and most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland that you can add to your route through Iceland.

Experience the amazing view of Skógafoss. Probably Skógafoss is the best water fall in Iceland with a beautiful picnic spot. This 25 meter wide and 60-metre high waterfall is available on the south coast of Iceland. Due to its position, you can come closer to this popular waterfall as the ground beneath is flat or you can climb the staircase to reach to the observation deck at top. Due to the large amount of spray coming off Skógafoss may be you can view rainbows. If you are lucky you can take beautiful rainbow photographs.

Skógafoss has an interesting story behind. According to legend and local myth, there is a treasure hidden behind the falls. If you love adventurous you can try to find the secret treasure chest of Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland.


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2. Godafoss waterfall

Goðafoss or “Waterfall of the Gods” is another stunning waterfall found on the Diamond Circle route. This spectacular waterfall is horseshoe shaped that create a beautiful curtain of water. This just 13 meter high jaw-dropping waterfall can be admired from different angles and it’s incredibly picturesque. It is famous not for power only but for its unique beauty and myth. This pretty sight is just off the ring road of Iceland route.

You could explore this waterfall in summer to make use of long daylight hours and marvel at waterfall. So relax and plan your trip to see the stunning marvels of Iceland.


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3. Seljalandsfoss waterfall

The list of the best waterfalls in Iceland cannot be complete without the Seljalandsfoss waterfall.  Following its ‘nickname’ this is the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.

Enjoy the exhilarating experience of 63 meter high drop waterfall from multiple angle following the surrounding path of it.  This impressive towering cascade in South Iceland add another level of wow-factor when you walk through the leading footpath behind the waterfall.

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4. Svartifoss waterfall

Svartifoss, the famous “Black Falls/Waterfall” in Icelandic is located in Skaftafell. Svartifoss is named so due to its cliffs of hexagonal basalt columns. This 20m high waterfall against the black basalt columns creates a beautiful image. Also the big viewing platform in front of it create just another tourist attraction.



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5. Gullfoss waterfall

The “Golden Falls” or Gullfoss is one of the impressive and big Iceland waterfall that people encounter first. During the summer, sunlight make its flowing water to have a golden hue. Thus Gullfoss is known by “golden waterfall” in Icelandic. This two-tiered 105 feet waterfall drops into a narrow & deep canyon creates an impressive spray of mist that produces rainbows with sunlight. The surrounding footpath allow the car park to a viewing platform where you can experience the waterfall in all its glory.

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6. Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall

The Game of Thrones Filming Location. It’s a stunning spot where in the background of Kirkjufellsfoss there is an arrow shaped mountain “Kirkjufell”. This place is most photographed in Iceland. The variation of sceneries, depth and color make this waterfall a spectacular to visit and photograph during midnight or beneath northern lights.

Northern Lights in Kirkjufellfoss, Iceland

7. Dettifoss waterfall

Dettifoss is the Europe’s and Iceland’s largest most powerful waterfall. Dettifoss pours over 7,000 cubic feet of water per second into a gorge below. When you drive through Diamond Circle, you’ll undoubtedly listen mighty rumble before its vision from the path. Icelanders love this largest waterfall, “The Beast” due to its pressure and impressive output of water flow. The drop falls 44meters but the sheer volume of water makes it amazing.

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The list I shared here, probably you have noticed that at the end of them all have “foss”. This is so, “foss” means waterfall or cascade in Icelandic. No means it is a comprehensive list there are thousands of other waterfalls are scattered all around Iceland and other areas of interest.  Make your travel dream a reality and let us know your favorite one among the best waterfalls in Iceland.


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