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Luis Vélez is a social, portrait, travel and landscape photographer from Santander, Spain. When he was a teenager, he began taking pictures with old film cameras, as well as joining photography and development courses. At the same time, he soon began traveling around the world, having visited places as China, New Zealand, Myanmar or Tanzania, to name just a few.

Those trips helped him developing his own photo style and unique eye, as his passion for photography was increasing quickly, specializing in portraits and social photography. Through his camera, Luis was able to capture the look and the soul of the people, getting unique portraits, as well as spectacular images of the locals as they do their daily routines. His photographs have that special thing, a very personal touch which, at the same time, reflects the feelings of the photographed person.

He has been awarded in several photography contests throughout the years, as he was trying and experimenting different photo styles and techniques, as well as video shooting. By mid 2015, he started designing what today is Workshops Photo Tours – Dream Photo Expeditions, together with Sergio Lanza, a long time friend. This project would take hundreds of photography lovers to capture the most amazing places on Earth.


Portrait Photography100%
Travel Photography90%
Architecture Photography70%

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