Our Story

This is our story

We are a team of world published and awarded professional photographers, with a strong passion for travel and Nature, and who love teaching and sharing our knowledge with others. After having traveled to photograph lots of amazing destinations, we began hosting photography tours and workshops in 2015. From then, we have guided dozens of fabulous photo tours to the most spectacular locations on Earth, having taught hundreds of customers, who now we are lucky to call friends.

We ended up creating our own travel agency, Dream Photo Expeditions, to deal with all the details and organization of our trips, complying with the strict travel regulations in Europe, where we are based. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything during your trip. 

Given this, we are happy to work taking our customers to the most fascinating areas around the world, allowing hundreds of photo lovers to take extraordinary images at those locations, while they learn and improve their photography, and make new friends. Now, we’d be enchanted to welcome you to our photo lovers family!

You'll be accompanied by the best...

Photography Guides

Our team of photography guides are the ones designing and preparing every single itinerary, always choosing the most amazing destinations from a photographic point of view. They know where and when to go, always looking for the best possible lights at the greatest locations. Besides this, one or several of them will be always traveling with the group, allowing you to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

At the same time, they will be your...

Photo Instructors

Besides guiding the group (sometimes together with our local guides and teams), our pros also will be your personal photography instructors during each photo tour. This way, you’ll be receiving personalized attention and instruction by our photographers, who will be always trying to help you capturing the best possible images of the destination, while they share all their photography knowledge.

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