1. Identification of the parts

The following terms are linked on one hand to Workshops Photo Tours / Dream Photo Expeditions, whose commercial name is “Viajes Fotográficos” (from now on “Viajes Fotográficos”, “the agency” or “the company”), as the organizer of the trip, with address in 9 Alday Street, 3-C, in Maliaño (Cantabria), ZIP 39,600, Spain, with CIF ID 72051292C, and stablished as an official travel agency registered in the Cantabria Tourism Board, with license number C. I.C. 39163AV, and, on the other hand, to the natural person, from now on, “the customer”, who accesses the page to get information and contract the services offered through the websites /

  1. Purpose of Workshops Photo Tours / Dream Photo Expeditions

Viajes Fotográficos is an entity whose object is the organization of tourist services, being specialized in trips for photography fans. It does this by facilitating its customers, in exchange for a price, obtaining travel tickets of any kind and genre, the subscription of an insurance contract to cover the risks related to the trip they intend to make, in the terms and conditions resulting from the policy contracted, as well as, mainly, the approach and advice about the peculiarities of different destinations.

  1. Perfection of the contract

This contract is understood to have been concluded by the consent of both the company and the client.

Consent is understood to have been given by the company when it confirms acceptance of the offer to the customer in writing.

From the client’s side, this consent implies that the client has read, understood and accepted all the clauses incorporated here in this section, as well as the particular conditions of the contracted trip, described at the page of that particular tour.

The client will give his consent through the following means:

  • By making a reservation by phone.
  • By booking a spot at the company’s website, following the booking form.
  • By sending an e-mail or fax stating his/her decision to book a spot for a tour.

All reservations are made with Viajes Fotográficos, which sells its trips through its website, brochures or catalogs.

The service to be provided is the trip or trips described in the booking confirmation.

  1. Obligations and responsibilities of the client

4.1. Deposit and previous information

When making the reservation, the client must pay a deposit of an amount in euros (euros), per person and per trip. The amount of this quantity will depend on the contracted trip, coming indicated in the specific conditions of the same one.

This deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation by the client.

For reasons of travel insurance, any customer of seventy (70) years or more, or any other person who, without being in that group, has a relevant previous medical history or that could lead to critical situations or that could significantly affect the rest of the travelers during the trip, must also complete a medical form that must be signed and dated by a doctor of free designation by the customer and delivered to Viajes Fotográficos along with the final payment.

Otherwise you will not be allowed to take part in the trip or in case it affects the daily life and activities of the group, you may be repatriated to your country of destination or the contractual relationship with Viajes Fotográficos may be cancelled, at the traveler’s expense.

In any case, and for objective medical reasons, based on the report provided by the client, Viajes Fotográficos reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of the offer made to the client.

In cases where a customer has previously traveled with Viajes Fotográficos and their attitude and behavior has not been appropriate to the mechanics of the trip, or with other colleagues of the same, the company may refuse to accept their participation in a new trip.

4.2. Payments and payment methods

Once Viajes Fotográficos has confirmed in writing the acceptance of the client’s reservation, the client will have to complete the payment of the indicated price before the departure date, according to the following way:

Upon acceptance by the company of the client’s proposal, an amount in euros (euros), specified in the specific trip, as a reservation of the trip, not refundable in any case.

The client must make a second payment (which will amount to 50% of the total to be paid) within three days from the moment the agency confirms the existence of the minimum group of people necessary to travel. If the payment is not made within the required period, Viajes Fotográficos reserves the right to cancel the reservation, losing the amount paid as travel reservation.

The rest of the pending price will be paid at least one month before departure. This term could be advanced to 2 or 3 months before the trip, depending on the characteristics and peculiarities of the trip and the destination, always obeying the particular conditions of payment specified in the conditions of the specific trip. In the case that the client enjoyed a discount, this would be applied to this last payment.

If a reservation is made when the minimum group necessary for the trip to take place already exists and has been confirmed, the client must pay the second payment referred to above immediately, that is, at the time of confirmation of the reservation.

If the reservation is made within the month prior to the departure of the trip, the full payment must be made immediately, that is, at the time of confirmation of the reservation.

In case of non-payment of the amounts that in each case could be pending, Viajes Fotográficos reserves the right to cancel the reservation, losing the client the amount of the reservation, plus other amounts already incurred, such as airplane tickets, insurance, trains, visas, etc.

Any reservation made in the last fifteen (15) days before the departure date, may be increased, at the discretion of the company, with a surcharge of fifty (50) euros. This fee covers the additional costs of couriers, communications and administration.

Viajes Fotográficos reserves the right to establish a price increase up to 45 days before the departure date due to unforeseen and unfavorable changes such as exchange rate variations, increases in airfares or other transportation costs, taxes, etc.

If the impact of these on costs results in a price increase of more than 10% of the total, excluding travel insurance costs, the customer may cancel the reservation within 14 days of notification of the price increase and obtain a full refund of the price paid up to that time.

The prices offered on our website are based on hotel rates, car rental rates, airfares, exchange rates and costs effective at the time of publication on the website.

Viajes Fotográficos reserves the right to modify these prices for new reservations if the indicators change substantially.

However, if the client makes a reservation, the price of the trip will be guaranteed with the payment of the deposit, unless one of the cases established in the previous paragraphs occurs.

In order for Viajes Fotográficos to confirm and guarantee the contracted agreements, the client must provide the company with all his complete data along with the final payment.

If the client does not provide all his data at least thirty (30) days before the departure date, a penalty of fifty (100) euros will be automatically generated for the over costs or additional costs that this behavior causes to the company, authorizing the client to the agency to make such a charge on his account.

The client data to be provided are: passport number, copy of passport data and medical form (if applicable), full name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email and nationality.

The data must be correct and the full names.

Any error in the name or any other data provided by the client that involves costs for reissuance of tickets, visa problems at customs or any other problem attributable, will be borne by the client.

If any other information is necessary, it will have to be provided to the company in the same terms previously exposed.

4.2.1. Price

Each one of our trips includes the information of the price of the same one, as well as everything what is included, and what not, in this price.

In general, our trips include the following elements, although the specific information of each particular trip will govern, including and excluding the things that are indicated in each trip:

  1. Accommodation during the nights that the trip lasts, in room, cabin or double tent shared with another participant in the trip and, generally, with private bathroom. Normally, the possibility of staying in a single room, cabin or tent will be offered for an additional price, but it will always be linked to actual availability at the time of completing the reservation.
  2. The vehicle/s in which the participants of the trip will be transferred. Normally, travel expenses such as fuel, tolls, or parking will be included, always prevailing the particular specifications for each trip, in the section “includes”.
  3. The assistance during the whole trip of a photographer coordinator proposed by Viajes Fotográficos, responsible for providing or facilitating the necessary elements for the realization of the trip. This coordinator may be replaced at any time by decision of Viajes Fotográficos, both before and during the course of the trip.

Our photographer coordinator accompanies the clients of Photographic Trips during the trip, contributing during his stay in the trip his knowledge of the destination, as well as photographic, his personal experiences, the solution, within the measure of his possibilities of the problems that could arise, or the knowledge of the language/s.

4.2.2. Exclusions

As a rule, our trips do not include:

  1. Flights or transportation to the place of departure, nor those back to the city of origin, once the trip has ended. This is due to the difficulty of calculating a real flight price, taking into account that the clients of our trips come from any place in the world. Neither are included entrance and exit taxes, vaccination certificates, “extras” such as tips, coffee, wine, liquor, mineral water, special diets – not even in the case of full or half board, unless expressly agreed otherwise in the contract – optional hotel services, and, in general, any other service that is not expressly included in the section and prices of each trip, or is not specifically detailed in the program/offer, the contract or the documentation given to the client when signing it.
  2. Excursions, activities or optional visits. In the case of excursions or optional visits not contracted in origin, it should be noted that they are not part of the contract. Their publication in the brochure/web has the mere informative character and the price is expressed as an estimated cost. Therefore, at the time of contracting at the destination, there may be variations on their costs, which alter the estimated expenditure.
  3. It does not constitute obligation neither of the company nor of the coordinator to accompany the client to the beginning of the trip and/or its return, being understood by such the physical presence of the coordinator in the flight of going away and/or in the one of return.

In the rare case of a trip which included flights, the company will try that all the travellers registered in a same trip, use the same airplane to move to the final destination of the trip. Nevertheless the company will only be able to guarantee this assumption for the travellers who are registered at the moment of the confirmation of the trip. All travellers who sign up after the confirmation of the trip, will be subject to the availability of the airplane seats at the moment in which the second payment is made. The company reserves the right to increase the price of the trip in the event that the air space has a higher cost than the one at the time of confirmation of the trip, or to propose an alternative flight to the one used by the rest of the passengers registered before the departure of the trip was confirmed.

At the same time, for cases of trips including train, boat, flights or other kind of public transport at the destination or another type of means of transport, it will be subject to the same conditions as the previous point.

4.3. Compliance with destination country regulations

Compliance with the General Conditions of this website, as well as the particular conditions of each trip, and subject to the instructions given by the coordinator on the trip:

At all times, the decisions of the coordinator, must be accepted and respected. This includes any change or modification of the trip that the coordinator is forced to make, due to security, weather, medical or any other circumstances, always watching over the good of the group, as well as any change made with the purpose of trying to obtain the best possible results from a photographic point of view.

Making a reservation with Viajes Fotográficos implies that the client accepts to submit, in an express way, to the authority of the travel coordinator.

The customer knows the rules of the Decalogue of travel, shares and abides by them.

The client must in all cases strictly comply with the laws, customs, foreign policy and drug regulations of the countries visited.

In case he does not notify, or commits any illegal act that may cause danger or discomfort to other members of the group, the company may resolve the relationship between the client and this without generating the right to claim and return to the client any and being safe the actions and / or claims that the rest of the travelers would like to make against the violator of the rules of the trip.

4.4. Documentation obligations and responsibilities

The client must be in possession of a valid passport for entry into and exit from the country or countries of destination along the travel itinerary, as well as visas, travel authorizations, permits and certificates of any kind, including vaccination certificates, and compulsory insurance.

It is the exclusive obligation of the client to obtain these documents, permits, authorizations, certificates, etc., as well as to maintain their validity and suitability throughout the trip, being of his responsibility any damage that by breach of the referred thing in the present paragraph could take place.

The lack of veracity and/or accuracy, either voluntary or involuntary, in the data that the client communicates to the company will be of exclusive responsibility of this one, as well as all the later consequences for the reservation of tickets, rooms, hiring of insurances or of any other element, as well as of hypothetical proceedings of visas that are generated.

Neither Viajes Fotográficos nor the photographer or photographers coordinating the trip, are responsible for the admission, acceptance or entry of a client in the country of destination, even in the case they have helped or processed any type of visa, travel authorization, permit or certificate relating to it. It is the responsibility of each client to ensure that they have the right to access any country they are travelling to, as well as to ensure that they meet all the requirements for such access, and have completed all the necessary formalities for such access.

Any information or notice given by the company about visas, vaccines, weather, clothing, luggage, etc. is for guidance only, provided to the client as a courtesy, and is therefore responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided.

Travel documents issued by Viajes Fotográficos such as brochures, itineraries and invoices will be sent by e-mail once full payment has been made by the client.

The company reserves the right to charge a surcharge of forty (40) US$ for those clients who wish to receive the information on paper.

4.5. Obligations regarding rental cars

In the event that a trip where the rental of vehicles with drivers is contemplated among the clients and no volunteers arise to drive the vehicles, Viajes Fotográficos may cancel the trip with a full refund of the amount paid by the client.

In the event that there are not enough drivers for all the cars needed for the trip, customers who offer themselves as drivers will have preference to travel, followed by the order of registration for the trip, and the conditions of the previous paragraph may apply for customers who do not have a driver in their car.

  1. Cancellations and changes

5.1. Cancellation by the customer

Any cancellation made by the client must be made in writing and notified to the company, being the address indicated at the beginning of this condition the one designated by the company for this purpose in the case of being made by ordinary mail or by email, being mandatory in this last case the confirmation by the same means by the agency to give this notification as received, as well as the trip by cancelled.

The date of receipt of this letter at the company’s headquarters or the confirmation by the company of the receipt of the email will determine the cancellation charge to be applied.

This cancellation charge is expressed as a percentage of the total price of the contracted trip, as follows:

  1. The client will pay the expenses of management, those of cancellation, and any other expense in which the company has incurred to manage its trip, losing by this cancellation, in addition, 100% of the amount given like reserve of the trip (stipulated in each particular trip), if it cancels its reserve before the 60 days previous to the beginning of the trip.
  2. In addition to the stipulated in the previous section, the client will lose 100% of the cost of the trip (the total price of the same one), if it cancels the same one during the last 60 days previous to the exit of the trip.

If the customer does not appear at the departure, the consumer or user is obliged to pay the total amount of the trip, paying, if necessary, the outstanding amounts unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

Regardless of the above, and in particular with regard to air, train, ship or any other means of transport tickets, the company does not guarantee the refund of the amount of the same once issued, the passenger being subject to the rules established by each transport company, (most air tickets once issued do not allow changes or cancellations), provided that the ticket has been issued and paid at the time of cancellation of the trip.

The customer may request the conditions of cancellation of the ticket before it is issued.

The management costs will be two hundred US dollars (200US$).

In the case that the trip was subject to special economic conditions of hiring, such as airplane, ship, train, special fares, etc., the cancellation expenses due to withdrawal will be established according to the conditions indicated by the company.

Additionally, to the indicated surcharges, the costs of any insurance contracted in case of cancellation must be included.

Note from the company: We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance at the time of booking, as this may cover cancellation costs in certain circumstances.

5.2. Cancellation of the trip by the company

In case the cancellation is due to the lack of clients to complete the minimum group, the company reserves the right to cancel until the last 15 days before the departure of the trip, with full refund of the amount paid by the client.

The company reserves the right to reduce the minimum number of people needed to travel that is announced on the website. To this end, the company reserves the right to offer the possibility of continuing the trip, with the client paying an additional supplement.

When a trip is cancelled by the company, the client can choose between a total refund of the amount paid or choose another trip from those offered by the company.

The company is not responsible for any of the expenses that may arise from the reservation, such as visas, flights, vaccinations, or loss of experience, etc.

If the company cancels the reservation, the client may choose to cancel the contract without any penalty, that is, simply by returning all the amounts paid up to that moment, or by accepting a modification of the contract proposed by the company in which the changes introduced and their repercussion on the price are specified.

The consumer must communicate the decision taken to the company within three days of being notified of the cancellation by the company.

For this purpose it is considered valid address of notifications the one consigned by the client when accepting the offer and as starting date of the period indicated the one of the date of reception by the client of the communication.

If the alternative trip proposed by the company is of lower cost than the originally booked, the difference will be returned to the client. If the alternative trip has a higher cost then the customer must pay the difference.

There will not exist either obligation, on the part of the company, to compensate the client in the following assumptions:

  1. When the cancellation is due to the number of people registered for the trip is less than the required and this is communicated in writing to the client before the deadline set for this purpose in the contract. In this case the company is only obligated to return the reservation of the trip paid by the client in its entirety.
  2. When the cancellation of the trip, except in the assumptions of excess of reserves, is due to reasons of greater force, understanding by such those circumstances other people’s to the one who invokes them, abnormal and unforeseeable whose consequences could not have been avoided, in spite of to have acted with the diligence due.

5.3. Non-use of services

No discounts or refunds will be given for loss or non-use of services due to voluntary or involuntary termination of the trip, e.g. illness, death of a family member, etc.

Note from the company: We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance when you make your booking as this covers cancellation costs in certain circumstances.

5.4. Flexibility

The client knows the rules of operation as well as the particular conditions of each of the trips of Viajes Fotográficos, and accepts that by the very philosophy of them, the nature of this type of travel, its configuration and development, requires a flexibility by which the client must allow during the execution and / or preparation of the trips the alternatives that are necessary, at the discretion of the photographer coordinating the group or the company.

The proposed itinerary for each trip is merely representative of the type of activities contemplated, and the company will not be under a contractual obligation to follow it faithfully.

It is understood that the route, programs, itineraries, activities, accommodations and means of transportation may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events, which may include illness or mechanical failure, flight cancellation, strike, difficulties at customs, weather and any other unpredictable circumstances.

In any case, neither the company nor the photographer coordinating the trip are responsible for any additional costs that may be generated, in case of any variation that has to be made in the itinerary or development of the trip, due to weather, environmental, construction, medical, security, or other causes, always being such modifications subject to the sole criteria of Viajes Fotográficos and/or the photographer coordinating, always with the purpose of sailing for the interest of the group and security.

Each client will be responsible for assuming the expenses (or the proportional part of them) that can generate the circumstances described in the previous section, such as hotels, vehicles, transfers, transportation, food, drinks, or any other expense generated by such modification, accepting, recognizing and giving their express consent to these conditions, with the confirmation of the reservation of the trip on their behalf (both yours and any other person whose hiring is made on your behalf).

5.5. Changes made by the company

The company reserves the right to change services or prices described in our travel catalog, on the website or in any other way before the reservation is made.

If such a change is made and the client already has the company’s offer, the client will be informed when making the reservation.

In general, the company will keep the trips operative as announced, although it may make changes in the itinerary and/or conditions when necessary or when the company considers them appropriate or advisable.

If a substantial change is made, the company will inform the client as soon as reasonably possible before the departure, and as long as this communication can be made, and the circumstances that cause such modification are known, before this departure or beginning of the trip.

It is understood by substantial change the one that affects more than 1 of each 5 days of trip. If this change is due to reasons of major cause or unpredictable circumstances, of the type described above, there will be no right to compensation.

Otherwise, the client will have the right to choose between accepting the change, requesting the cancellation and refund of the amounts paid or accepting an alternative travel proposal.

 5.6. Switching for another destination

The change of reservation from one trip to another will only be possible before 60 days before the departure date and as long as the company approves it, unless the company accepts otherwise.

If approved, the company reserves the right to charge an administrative penalty of 10% of the value of the first trip booked.

In the event that a group has a confirmed departure and a client requests to change to another trip, the company reserves the right to charge an administrative penalty of 10% of the value of the first trip booked in addition to any extra costs that may have been incurred for services already paid for by Viajes Fotográficos, such as insurance, flights, hotels, excursions or means of transport.

However, and for information purposes only, the company points out that the general criterion is the non-acceptance of the change request, and the customer must cancel the reservation and make a new reservation for another trip.

  1. Company responsibilities, risks and insurance

Although every effort has been made to review the contents of the website, neither the company nor the photo coordinator(s) will be held responsible for any errors or unintentional omissions that may appear. As well as possible typographical errors, in prices, or conditions, which may lead to confusion regarding the marketing of any of our trips.

The client knows that the nature of the trip is photographic and, at times, adventurous, and that it may involve significant personal risk.

The client assumes and accepts this risk and expressly excludes the company and the photographer or photographers coordinating the group from any claim related to damages or even death arising from this inherent risk.

The customer is aware that, in certain destinations and under certain circumstances, he or she will be visiting places where political, cultural, weather, medical and/or geographical conditions, among others, may present certain risks, dangers or physical challenges that are greater than those that may arise in his or her daily life.

The client knows and declares that, at least, he has considered and weighed the potential risks, dangers and challenges, and expressly assumes the risk inherent in the trip he proposes to make.

The client is responsible for himself to deal with customs, weather conditions, physical challenges and the laws in force at each moment of the itinerary, and of course he has the possibility to inform himself beforehand and contact the local embassy or consulate of each destination.

The company and the photo coordinator will not be responsible either for the death, personal injury, illness, delay or other loss affecting the person and/or property of the client, or for the failure of the company to market, perform and/or complete any task due to the client if his death, delay, personal injury (including emotional damage), illness or any other loss is caused by force majeure, war, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, government actions, political disturbance in any form and place, or any circumstance that might occur beyond the reasonable control of the company.

Neither the company nor the coordinating photographer shall be liable for death, injury, damage, illness, delay, or any other loss affecting the person and/or property of the client, in the event of an accident, be it traffic, air, or any other type, as well as in cases of falls, assaults or fights between people, or any other circumstances.

Similarly, neither the company nor the photographic coordinators will be responsible for any theft, loss, breakage, or damage that may occur before, during, or after the trip, both in terms of photographic equipment and any other property or object of the participant in the trip or other third parties.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) throughout the trip. Otherwise, it will require express parental consent, being the acceptance of the customer’s participation at the discretion of the company, and at the expense of the peculiarities of the same that the company has, collected as such in writing. The company reserves, always, the right to accept or not the participation in such case.

Similarly, the company reserves the right to accept any client, without having to express by any means the reasons for a possible rejection.

In the same way, the photographer/s coordinators reserve the right to interrupt or vary the route of the trip in case of circumstances of force majeure, such as illness, accident or theft of themselves or of any of the clients that form part of the trip, always trying to ensure that in such a case these circumstances are resolved in the shortest possible period of time, so that the trip can be resumed with the least possible damage to the content of the planned program.

Similarly, the company and the photographers coordinators reserve the right to replace the photographer / s coordinators of the trip in case of circumstances of necessity or force majeure, such as illness, accident, or hospitalization of them or first or second degree relatives, among others.

In these cases, the trip will be carried out with alternative guides/photographers without the trip being affected by this.

The client expressly declares that he/she knows, understands, and accepts all these conditions, when contracting any of the trips marketed here.

6.1. Insurance

The company provides the client with a compulsory travel insurance, with a minimum coverage and this insurance covers the cases of loss or delay of luggage, personal damages, medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation expenses, in the way and amount that are stated in the condition that is given to the client together with the reservation.

The company always recommends extending the insurance coverage to cases of cancellation, in addition to loss of possessions, or any other loss that may arise from a situation of loss, damage, delay or inconvenience to the customer.

Likewise, the company recommends the client to hire a travel insurance as complete as possible, which includes unlimited medical expenses, or for the highest possible amount, so that the client can face, with the highest security and solvency, any unforeseen event or emergency that may arise during the trip. The company reserves the right to demand the hiring of an insurance of that type to be able to accept a participant, always thinking about the security of the group, and on the basis to guard over the best, easier and fast resolution of any possible complication that arises during the trip.

In the cases in which the client contracts a cancellation insurance, this one will only begin its validity at the moment in which the exit of the trip is confirmed.

In the cases in which a client contracts a trip with the departure already confirmed, this cancellation insurance will begin its validity at the moment of the contracting of the trip by the client.

In the cases in that a client contracted his cancellation insurance in dates later to the reservation of the trip, this one alone will be able to be contracted before the confirmation of the exit of the trip. In the case in which the exit of the trip already was confirmed, the client will only be able to contract the insurance of cancellation in the next 48 hours after the hiring of the trip.

When the client contracts another particular insurance of superior coverage, he must know that the cost of the Photographic Travel insurance is part of the price of the trip, without the possibility of reducing this amount and therefore the client will obtain an external insurance with an additional cost. When this happens, the client must ensure that the Insurer knows the nature of the trip to be made.

6.2. Passport, visas and documentation

Viajes Fotográficos is not responsible for advising or making arrangements for obtaining visas or travel authorizations for the destinations of the trips it sells, being the customer who must take responsibility for them, as well as ensuring that it meets all necessary requirements for entry into any country.

As a general rule, the company does not take care of these procedures for the participants of its trips. However, on certain occasions it could offer as a service, with an extra cost, and with an added value, the processing of visas for travelers of Spanish nationality, or others, after contracting a trip, as long as it is agreed between the parties and notified in writing by the company. In these cases, the client must send the passport, photographs and necessary documentation in sufficient time to process them by ordinary means.

Clients of a nationality other than Spanish must assume the difference in consular costs that may exist with respect to those of Spanish citizens.

In those cases in which Viajes Fotográficos assumes the processing of the necessary visas to travel to a specific country, the customer will have the obligation to send Viajes Fotográficos all the required information within a maximum period of 7 days since the company requests it. If the customer is late in the deadline, we will charge 150US$ for administrative costs plus the extra expenses that may arise from a different processing from the ordinary.

For clients who contract the trip in terms where there is a risk of not obtaining the visa by ordinary means (generally trips contracted within 45 days before the date of departure of the same one) and it is necessary a processing of urgency or different from the ordinary one, it will be the client who assumes the extra costs that arise.

For customers who contract the trip after the maximum period established by Viajes Fotográficos to process the relevant visas, they will also suffer a surcharge of 150US$ per traveler to process their visas.

However, Viajes Fotográficos will not be responsible for the loss or misplacement of these passports during the processing when, apart from the maximum diligence attributable to the company, such an eventuality is derived from the action of third parties such as the embassies themselves or courier companies.

The company will be exempt from liability in the event of loss in the mail or courier service. The obtaining of personal documentation (visas, certificates, travel authorizations, passports) will be the exclusive responsibility of the client, and even in the case that the agency accepts to manage the client’s visa, it will not have responsibility for the incidents that could arise during its management, such as the refusal of the visa or the loss of the documentation by third parties, as well as a possible refusal of entry to the client in the country of destination.

The client is responsible for the good condition and conservation of his or her passport. The agency will be exempt from any responsibility for the disorders and inconveniences caused in the case of any type of deterioration or breakage during its handling by the client, the embassies during the processing of the visa or during the migratory controls in the countries of stopover or destination, the client being responsible for the expenses and disorders that this could cause.

The client must fill in all the fields required by the authorities of the destination country to obtain the visa. In case of not filling in all the fields correctly, the client will have to fill in the form again, and may suffer the administrative costs described in paragraph 3 of this point.

All users, without exception, must carry their personal and family documentation, either passport or ID card, in accordance with the laws of the country or countries visited.

It will be on behalf of the client, when the trips require it, the obtaining of visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc.

If the company has to go a second or successive times to the corresponding consulate / embassy due to errors or omissions when filling out the visa application form by the client, the client will suffer a surcharge of 50 ? for each time the embassy / consulate has to be visited.

In the event of being refused a visa by any Authority, due to particular causes of the user, errors or omissions in the visa application form, or being denied entry into the country due to lack of requirements, or by default in the required documentation, for not being a bearer of the same, or by decision of the customs personnel, the company declines all responsibility for facts of this nature, being on behalf of the client any expense that may arise, being applied in these circumstances the conditions and rules established for the cases of voluntary withdrawal of services.

Note from the company: All users, and especially those with a nationality other than Spanish, are reminded that they must make sure that all the rules and requirements applicable to visas have been met before starting their journey, so that they can enter all the countries they are going to visit without any problems.

Minors under 18 years of age must bring a written permission signed by their parents or guardians, in anticipation that the same may be requested by any authority, in the manner and form determined by international law and/or the legislation of the country of destination.

  1. Claims

If the client has a complaint against the company, the client must first inform the coordinator during the trip so that the reason for the complaint can be rectified. If satisfaction is still not achieved, then a new complaint must be submitted in writing to the company within 30 days after the end of the trip. The company will not accept any responsibility for complaints received after this period. You can make complaints to the Dirección General de Turismo de Cantabria following these instructions ( and filling in this form (

  1. Conditions of the suppliers

Hotels and lodgings, car rental companies, airlines, train companies, or shipping companies and any other service provider have their own reservation conditions and transportation conditions, and each traveler will be subject to those conditions. Some of these conditions may limit or exclude liability in favor of the transportation company, and are subject to various international conventions.

In the case of air travel, the presentation to the airport will be made at least 3 hours before the official time of departure, and in any case the specific recommendations indicated in the travel documents provided when the contract is signed will be strictly followed. It is recommended that the client reconfirm the flight departure times 48 hours in advance.

The suppliers of products or services, each one within the scope of their respective obligations, will be responsible to the customer for the compliance of the obligations derived from the regulations in force and the terms and conditions of sale of each one of the products and services or travel packages that are contracted, without Viajes Fotográficos assumes any obligation or responsibility for those products or services that are not directly provided, including, but not limited to, accommodation, car rental, meals, flights, or travel by other means of transport.

  1. Legislation and applicable jurisdiction

This contract is subject to Spanish legislation, to Law 7/1998 of 13 April 1998, General Conditions of Contract, and in the event that any point included in these conditions is invalid, such condition shall be considered as severe and amended to the extent necessary to allow the validity of these general conditions to be maintained and the contractual relationship to be maintained.

The parties expressly waive their own jurisdiction and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Santander, Spain, for the resolution of any disputes that may arise from this contract.

  1. Privacy Policy

With respect to the personal data of the user/s, client/s, or participant/s in the trips that are facilitated, they will only be able to be object of automated treatment and yielded in the form and with the purpose established and expressly authorized by these.

That’s why we will protect the personal information, respecting scrupulously the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on data protection as set out in the Privacy Policy of Viajes Fotográficos.

On the other hand, when contracting services with suppliers and transport agencies, we will have to provide the client’s personal data, to allow the reservation to be made (for example, accommodation, flights, insurance, etc).

The customer declares that he knows, understands and accepts that Viajes Fotográficos makes use of his personal data for any procedure that is necessary for the reservation and development of the trip that the customer contracts, as well as the data of the third parties that a customer, as a representation, provides to the company to carry out such procedures.

  1. Acceptance of the conditions

The client declares that he has read and, therefore, knows, understands and accepts all these conditions, signing his agreement with them by contracting the chosen trip(s). Likewise, the client also recognizes to have read, understood and accepted the particular conditions of the contracted trip, giving again conformity to the same ones on having realized the reservation of the trip.

Proceed Booking

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