1.1 What is a Photo Tour?

A Photo Tour is a trip focused on photography, which has been carefully selected, designed, planned and prepared from a photographic point of view. This way, the trip is aimed to capture the most spectacular locations and views, or the most amazing people or wildlife on the destination. 

Therefore, the main focus of any of these trips is taking pictures. Both landscape and portrait photography, as well as architecture of wildlife, all our trips are focused on one or several types of photography. 

Normally, our photo tours are group trips, which take place in small groups, and are programmed for a particular date or period of the year. However, we also offer personalized services, and the possibility of doing private photo tours, just for you, or your family or group of friends. Same way, you can also check our preferred dates, or ask us for a particular destination or itinerary.

1.2 How big are the groups?

We normally work with groups of up to 12 photo lovers, in which case we include 2 or even 3 our our photography guides/instructors. However, often we have smaller groups, of 6 to 9 participants.

1.3 Is there a minimum photography level required to join these photo tours?

Not at all! There is no minimum photographic level or experience required to join our photo tours. Both amateur and professional photographers, as well an intermediate level ones, are welcome to join any of our photo tours. Any photography lover will enjoy our trips to the fullest!

During each tour, we try to give customized attention to every participant. This way, we try to help you making the most from the trip, regardless your photography knowledge or experience. Our purpose will always be helping you to get spectacular images from each trip, as you learn and improve your photography skills.

1.4 Is there a minimum physical level required to participate?

Short answer is no, most of our trips are suitable for all physical conditions. Almost all our photo tours are easy level trips, suitable for anyone. This way, normally, there is no minimum level required to join our photo tours. Most of the places we get to are easily accesible from the places we’ll park our vehicles, so no long or complicated hikes are involved. 

Sometimes, we include some longer hikes in some photo tours, to get to particularly beautiful locations. These are almost always very easy to do and not excessively long hikes, and there is no need to complete them fast. However, for these cases, customer would have the option to skip this particular activity, if they were tired or they preferred not to do the hikes.

1.5 Is there any age limit to join these photo tours?

No, our photo tours are suitable for all ages. Anyone over 18 year old is welcome to join us, as long as they are reasonably healthy. People under 18 can also participate in our trips when accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult, as well as with a written permission from them. 

To throw some numbers, we have customers from under 18 to over 80 year old! Medium age can be somewhere from 55 to 60 year old, but do not worry about the age, as it has never been an issue to enjoy any of our photo tours!

1.6 Can I bring along my spouse or other person who does not take pictures?

Yes, you can! In some of our photo tours, there area people who don’t take people, but still want to travel with their spouses, brothers, parents or friends. This is not a problem at all, as long as those people not taking pictures understand the way these tours work, and are willing to get up early and/or stay our till late when it’s necessary.

At the same time, some people who joined our photo tours, ended up falling in love with photography, and discovering this amazing world!


1.7 Can I join your photo tours if I am not a photographer?

Of course you can! There is no need to be a photographer to join our trips, nor even taking pictures if you don’t want. As long as you are happy with enjoying Nature at sunrise or sunset, or visiting incredible place to photograph the locals, you’ll be enjoying to the fullest too!

1.8 Is there a minimum number of participants per group?

Yes, our groups are normally based on a minimum group size of 6 participants. If one of our photo tours did not get those 6 minimum participants, we would give the option of continuing with the trip adding an additional fee, or cancel the photo tour with a 100% refund.

1.9 Is there a difference between a photo tour and a workshop?

Normally, a workshop refers to an activity mostly focused in the learning process, while a photo tour is more related with the location and the destination. However, we try to mix both concepts in the definition of our photo tours.

We pay special attention to the design of each photo tour, including the best possible locations, and trying to visit them at the best moments, while we bring you specialized instruction and attention during the trip, helping you to improve your photography. We strongly believe that both concepts ca

1.10 What photo tour should I choose?

If you are not sure about which photo tour join to, you can contact us explaining your photo preferences or dream destinations, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, trying to help you with your choice.

1.11 Who is Workshops Photo Tours - Dream Photo Expeditions?

We are a team of professional photographers who joined to offer the best quality photo tours to the most amazing places on Earth. We carefully design and prepare every single trip, as well as accompany our customer during our trip, bringing them help and photography instruction adapted to each one’s level.

For complying with the strict travel regulations in Europe, we created our own travel agency, which is called ‘Viajes Fotográficos – Dream Photo Expeditions.’ Our agency is the one dealing with all the organization and details, while offering the best customer coverages and assistance from the legal point of view.

Finally, ‘Dream Photo Expeditions’ is our commercial name, and ‘Workshops Photo Tours’ is the commercial name of our website.

1.12 Are you a real business?

Yes, we are an official travel agency based in Spain, and complying with the strict travel regulations for the European Union.

1.13 Why a travel agency?

In Europe, where we are based, it’s mandatory to organize any travel activity through an official travel agency. This way, to comply with all the travel regulations in the European Union, we created our own travel company, whose only activity is tours for photo lovers.

1.14 Are there any advantages in hosting a photo tour through this travel agency?

Absolutely! As we have previously stated, the European Union travel regulations are very strict, to bring the maximum guarantees and coverages to customers. Any official travel agency, as we are, must comply with all those regulations, which means plenty of advantages for our customers.

As a sample, as an official travel agency, we are registered in our province Tourism Board, where we need to deposit a high bank guarantee, which would be executed in case in case of fraud or failure to provide the contracted services. 

In that sense, we are registered under the Cantabria Tourism General Direction, in Spain, with licence number C.I.C. 39163AV. You can check this details with them, and check these guarantees and customer coverages in their website, https://www.turismodecantabria.com/docs/comoReclamar.pdf.


1.15 Who is behind the team?

We are a team of professional photographers with a great passion for traveling and Nature, Sergio Lanza, Luis Vélez and Julio Castro, who have been close friends for many years. We have traveled to the most incredible destinations on Earth, and have been taking photo lovers to those places from 2015.


2.1 Are these photo tours open to participants from any country?

Yes! Anyone can join our photo tours, regardless the country where they live. We have customers from all around the world, including countries like USA, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, UK, France, Uruguay, Switzerland, Chile, Norway, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Italy, China or Spain (the country where we are based in), among others. 

When joining any of our photo tour, you just to travel to the meeting point on the destination, not having to travel previously to a different country to join the rest of the group or the tour leaders, and then traveling together to the final destination. This way, people from anywhere on Earth can easily join us!

2.2 When should I book my spot for the photo tour I want to join?

The answer is easy, as soon as possible! Please notice that all our groups are very limited, normally to a maximum of 12 participants, and some of these photo tours are complete way before the departure date!

2.3 How do I book my spot for a photo tour?

It’s easy! You just have to fill the booking form located at the right side of the selected tour, and press ‘Send’.You will be guided through the booking details page, and will get to the payment page, where you can choose between several payment options (online payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit card, or payment by bank transfer).

Alternatively, you can also send us an email to info@workshopsphototours.com, or call us by phone (+34) 625 01 44 81, and we’ll be the ones processing your booking.

2.4 Which languages are spoken during these photo tours?

All our photo tours take place in two different languages, English and Spanish. Sometimes, we may include a photo guide or local guide who speak other languages, but English and Spanish are the most used ones. 

Of course, you just need to be able to talk one of these language, not both. Sometimes, we have customer who speaks a basic English and don’t speak any Spanish, but it haven’t been a major problem from our side!

2.5 What happens if I am interested in a photo tour but the dates don't work for me?

Just contact us and ask us about other options, or let us know your desired dates. Sometimes, we may have some extra dates not announced in our website. At the same time, other customers may have requested for the same dates you’d be interested in, so we could prepare a new group for those dates!

Besides this, we repeat most of our destinations on an annual basis, so you could also have the option of joining for an upcoming year.

Finally, we also offer our service of custom photo tours, being able to prepare the photo tour you dream with, to your desired destination/s, and at the dates you want.

2.6 The photo tour I am interested in is too short/long for me, what can I do?

Again, just contact us and let us know your desired options. In many of our photo tours, we give the option to join only one part of the trip, while other times we offer optional extensions both before or after the normal trip. Therefore, it’s possible that we can still fit your needs!

2.7 Can you offer tailor made photo tours and workshops?

Yes, we can. Just send us an email to info@workshopsphototours.com and tell us the details of your desired photography experience. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a proposal for your dream tour!

2.8 Do you normally repeat your photo tours?

Yes, as previously stated, most of our photo tours, are repeated annually. Therefore, you can ask us for dates for the upcoming years, even if they still don’t show in our calendar!

2.9 Will the guide/s help us with our photography during the photo tour?

Yes, absolutely! Your photo guide/s will always try to help you, teaching, giving tips or explaining photo techniques to help you capture the most amazing images of the destination!

2.10 Are there post processing lessons included in the photo tour?

Normally not, but sometimes we could be doing post processing lessons, depending on the weather. However, even with bad weather, we’ll be often taking pictures, since bad weather usually brings wonderful photo opportunities too. Therefore, we will always prioritize shooting during the photo tour.

This being said, post processing is almost as important as capturing the images. This way, we will include at least two post processing videos for free with each booking and, as a great value feature, an online post processing group session after each photo tour. In that session, we will process at least one image per participant. At the same time, you will be able to record the session, so you’ll have a great post processing lesson with fabulous images taken during the trip!

2.11 Are flights included in these photo tours?

No, flights to or from the destination are never include in our photo tours. As we have mentioned, these photo tours are open for participants from anywhere on Earth, so it wouldn’t be possible to set a price including flights, because flight costs would be totally different depending on the place from which each participant would travel.

2.12 Should I join the rest of the group before flying to the city/country where the photo tour begins?

Absolutely not! All you need to do is getting to the meeting point we’ll set for your photo tour, traveling from your country of residence. That meeting point may be the destination’s airport or the first hotel where we’ll be staying, it will depend on the trip.

2.13 Will I need a travel visa?

It totally depends on the destination, as well as on your residence country. However, many countries requires a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization to enter their territory for tourism. You can just asks us about the photo tour you want to join to, and we’ll indicate you what are the requirements for it.

Anyway, the visa or Electronic Travel Authorization costs are normally not included on the trip cost. At the same time, each participant is always responsible for getting their Visa or authorization for entering any country. If you need help with the process, we can recommend you some companies specialized in these kind of procedures.

2.14 Are meals included in the trips?

It depends on each photo tour. However, most of our photo tours don’t include meals. We recommend you to check the ‘Included / Not included’ section of your chosen photo tour, or contact us for more information sending us an email to info@workshopsphototours.com.

Please notice that, depending on our photographic purposes, we may sometimes skip some of the meals. However, we will compensate these cases buying food at supermarkets, and with the upcoming meals. Anyway, be sure you won’t be starving during your trip, and we will also have time to try the most delicious dishes and options in every destination. Given our experience in our destinations, we know some of the greatest places to eat!

2.15 What kind of clothes and other gear should I need for a photo tour?

It will totally depend on the photo tour you are booking, and the time of the year. This way, after your booking, we will be sending you a PDF file with all the information and details you will need for your photo tour. 

Do not worry at all, we are experts in every destination and know everything you may need during your stay.


3.1 Do I need to send an advanced payment to book a spot in a photo tour?

Yes, an initial payment is always required to confirm your spot in any of our photo tours. This way, we make sure that, once the minimum group size is completed, the travel will not be canceled, if any participant decided not to go. Therefore, you’ll have the guarantee that your photo tour will take place, even if someone decided to cancel soon before the beginning date.

3.2 When is the deadline for the final payments?

Normally, full payment for any photo tour must be paid up to 60 days before the departure date of the trip. However, some trips may require other deadlines so, please, check the payment details on the information of your photo tour of interest.

3.3 What payment methods do you accept?

We offer different payment methods, to help you with the process booking. You can choose between paying by credit/debit card, by PayPal, or by bank transfer. You’ll be able to choose between these payment methods when booking your spot, being able to do online payments by card or PayPal. When choosing to pay by bank transfer, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the payment details (please check your trash folder in case you don’t receive that email).

Please notice that credit/debit card or PayPal payments may imply a processing fee of up to a 4%.


3.4 Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. In fact, bank transfer is our main payment method. At the same time, there are no any fees when choosing this method. 

For payments by bank transfer, all you have to do is filling the booking form on the right side of the photo tour page. You’ll be taken to the personal data page, and once completed all the information, you’ll arrive to the payment page. There, you can select between Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. 

You’ll receive an email with all the instructions and our payment details.

3.5 Can I pay via Paypal?

Yes, you can pay with Paypal! However, please notice there is an additional 4% fee for payments through this method.

3.6 Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, you can pay with both credit and debit card, and we support Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. However, please notice that there is a 4% fee for payments done by credit or debit card.

3.7 Can I pay in cash?

No, sorry. Tax and monetary regulations do not allow us to accept cash payments over 1,000€, which is lower than most of our tours prices.

3.8 Which currency do you accept?

Although the prices on this site are held on $US (US dollars), you can also pay for these photo tours in € (Euros). You can check the equivalent prices in Euros in the trip conditions, or in our Spanish language website, www.viajesfotograficos.com.


4.1 What kind of accommodations are we staying at?

Most of the times, we are staying at hotels, usually 3 or 4 star ones. Other times, we can stay in lodges, cabins, motels or guesthouses, always trying to keep the best possible quality. Normally, prices include double shared room basis, sharing the room with another member of the group (in twin beds). Besides, single room for an extra supplement can be requested, depending on availability.

4.2 I will travel with my spouse, a friend or a relative, can we share the same room?

Yes, of course. Just let us know when you book your spots (specially if you book the spots separately), and we’ll make sure you two stay in the same room during the trip.

4.3 Who will be my roommate if I travel alone?

There is no problem if you are traveling alone, we will assign you a roommate from the other participants in the trip, always of the same genre. However, if you prefer to have a room only for you, you can request if when booking your spot, for an additional fee. Please notice that this option will depend on room availability at the time of booking.

4.4 Can I get a single room?

Yes, as we have previously stated. You will always have the option to choose a single room occupancy when booking your spot (depending on real time room availability). Sometimes, we can even arrange it if you initially booked your spot choosing to share the room, and you changed your mind later. Just contact us if that’s the case!


5.1 What is your cancelation policy?

If, for any reason, we hace to cancel a photo tour before the beginning date, each customer will get a refund for 100% of the payments that we have received from them for that trip.

However, if the customer doesn’t show, or wants to cancel the booking, there is a cancelation fee that depends on each particular photo tour, but which normally is as follows:

  • Up to 60 days before the departure date: US$600
  • Less than 60 days before the departure date: full cost of the trip

Please notice that we will not be sending refunds for flights or payments for other services of articles regarding the trip, that you may have done. This way, we strongly recommend you not to book your flights until we confirm you that the minimum group for the trip is completed. At the same time, specially during the Covid-19 pandemic, we always recommend you to include a cancelation insurance for all your payments, specially for the flights.

5.2 What happens if there is a cancelation due to the Covid-19?

If we are not able to initiate one of our photo tours due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you will get a full refund of the payments we have received from you regarding that photo tour (this doesn’t include payments for flights or other possible payments you may have incurred in regarding the trip). 

In the same way, if you are not able to come to the tour because of the pandemic, both if you get infected, or you have a first grade relative sick, we will also give you the option of getting a full refund, or booking your spot for a later photo tour.

Again, please notice that we will never be sending refunds for flights or other payments done to others, for services or articles regarding the photo tour. Same as before, we always recommend you to include a cancelation insurance for your trip (specially now with the pandemic).

5.3 What happens if I lose my flights and I am not able to be at the meeting point on the first day?

Do not worry at all, that’s life! Just contact us as soon as possible if you have any problem to get to the meeting point, and we will find a solution. Maybe you’ll have to travel to an intermediate point once you arrive to the destination, but you wouldn’t have to lose the rest of the photo tour for that!


6.1 What photo gear do I need?

There is no minimum or mandatory photo gear for any of our photo tours. However, we include a recommended gear section in each photo tour page, which is a list of the ‘perfect gear’ that anyone could bring for that particular photo tour.

This said, we welcome participants using any kind of cameras. We have sometimes had customers taking pictures just with their smartphones, and they have enjoyed the tour as much as the rest of the participants!

6.2 Can I join a photo tour using just my smartphone?

Yes, absolutely! Of course, you would not be able to get the same results as if you were using a mirrorless or DSLR camera with interchangeable specific lenses, specially in low light conditions, or if you want to print or see large digital versions of your images. However, it does not mean that you are not able to enjoy the trip as much as others who are traveling with a very expensive photo gear.

6.3 Can I bring my drone to the photo tour?

Yes, of course! However, please notice that, in many countries, there are strong restrictions against the use of drones, so there could be few options to use a drone during the photo tours to those countries. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to look for information about the regulations at each particular destination, so you can assure if you will be able to use the drone or not during your trip. In this sense, you can also ask us about the drone possibilities during your dream photo tour.

At the same time, please notice that neither the travel agency, nor the guides or photo instructors, will be responsible for any possible unlawful or prohibited use of a drone by a customer. The best way to avoid problems is simply respecting the rules!

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