Custom Photo Tours

To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart»

Henri Cartier-Bresson
We give you the maximum flexibility

Our dates or destinations don't fit your needs?

Do not worry, we still have more possibilities. Did you find your dream destination, but on dates not fitting you needs? Or would you prefer to do a different itinerary, or a longer or shorter trip? Or maybe you just want an exclusive photo adventure, just for your group of friends, photo club, family or even for yourself alone? All you have to do is sending us an email with the details of your desired trip. We will work on it and will send you a proposal adapting to your idea as soon as possible!

Made for you

You’ll have the option to choose the dates, which places to visit, the length of the trip, or whether you want it to enjoy a tour open for more travelers, or only for you or your party. Any idea you’ll have, we’ll try to make it true!

You choose

Would you like to join one of our photo tours, but on different dates? We are sometimes able to open new dates for a particular destination, launching a new group for your desired dates. The sooner you tell us about this possibility, the better, so we can fill the minimum group as soon as possible. Of course, you’ll also have the option to do it as a private trip for you or your party.

We'll design the perfect photo tour for you

Are you a group of friends, Photo Club, or Association?

We have great experience in the organization of private photo tours and workshops for Photography Clubs, Associations of groups of photography lovers. For this cases, we offer you the option of designing your dream photo tour, adjusted to your needs, with one or more of our expert photo guides and instructors guiding you on the destination. We will help you to get amazing images of  the destination! If you don’t need our guides, we can also just design the trip for you without our services on the destination.

Are you thinking about something really unique?

The most unique photo experiences on Earth

Would you like to spend a month photographing different countries in the Himalayas? Or maybe capturing the most impressive National Parks in Canada for two months? Or even visiting several destinations in Africa or Asia searching for the most impressive portrait opportunities? Whatever you want to photograph, we’ll try to make it true! You can choose the level of accommodations, whether you want to stay at the most luxury accommodations, or in tents in the middle of Nature. All is up to you!


Are your looking for a private photo tour just for you? We are able to design the trip of your lifetime, so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest, as you capture amazing images and improve your photography, with a photo guide just for you! From several day photo tours, to week or month photo experiences, the limit is your imagination.

When it happens

We are experts planning photography tours, bringing you to the to the greatest spots at the perfect time. However, some phenomenons are not easy to predict. For these moments, we prepare open groups for particular photo subjects, ready to travel when the action happens. Imagine a great forecast to photograph the Northern Lights for 10 days, which we only know four weeks in advance… we can make it true!

For those special moments

Open groups to capture special phenomenons

We also prepare open groups to photograph particular phenomenons our activities which are not easily predictable. For example, we prepare open groups for Northern Lights. You don’t get solar activity predictions until 4 weeks before a specific date. Therefore, you can join our waiting list of customers desiring to photograph the Northern Lights, and we’ll set final dates when a nice solar storm is predicted. This is a perfect option for customers with flexible dates! 

We'll be happy to work on your customized Photo Tour!

Just Contact Us!

Tell us all the details of your ideal Photo Tour, such as destination, desired locations (if you know what you want to photograph, if not we’ll do it for you!), group size, kind of accommodations, etc… We’ll be back to you soon with a great photo experience made for you!

Proceed Booking

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