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Professional Photographer / Photo Guide and Instructor


Julio Castro is a professional landscape photographer from La Coruña, Galicia, Spain. He is been always very passionated about Nature, hiking and astronomy, something that know is quite obvious just checking his night photography images.

This passion for photography comes from an American Southwest trip that took place by late 2014, which made him falling in love with the surreal sceneries he was able to discover there. Seeing that the images he took during that trip were not able to reflect all the beauty he had seen on that adventure, he decided to get initiated in the landscape photography world.

After participating in many courses, learning, from some of the greatest photography masters in Spain, as well as trying to take as many pictures as possible, he ended up becoming a full time professional photographer, traveling around the world to capture images reflecting the beauty of the most impressive locations on Earth.

His images have been awarded in more that 200 photo contests all around Earth, but we can remark some of the most important contests in the world, including a Golden Medal at the Trierenberg Super Circuit, or main prizes in contests such as the Siena International Photo Awards, the Memorial Maria Luisa, the Epson Pano Awards, the Sony World Photography Awards, the International Photography Awards, or the ND Photography Awards, just to name a few.

Furthermore, his work has been published in lots of media, such as Forbes, Petapixel, Camerapixo Magazine, Night Photographer, Phot Magazine, Notindoor Photography, LNH Magazine, La Voz de Galicia, La Opinión de La Coruña, or the 1x.com gallery.

By early 2017, he joined the Workshops Photo Tours – Dream Photo Expeditions team, as a professional photo guide and instructor, while he also teaches private photo courses and digital post processing workshops.


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