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8 days
From July 1 to 8, 2024
Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy
Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy
For all photography levels
For all physical levels and ages







We present to you our Dolomites Photo Tour, from July 1 to 8, 2024 (dates available for 2025 too). The Dolomites, in Northern Italy, is one of the most impressive mountain ranges in all of Europe. Part of the Alps, the area includes some of the most beautiful peaks and ranges on the entire planet. Therefore, it is one of the most desired destinations for photography enthusiasts from all over the world.

Mountain landscape photography is one of the most sought-after and demanded modalities among landscape photography enthusiasts, and we are sure that a trip like this will not disappoint you at all. During each day of the Dolomites Photo Tour, we will spend many hours photographing the most beautiful locations in the area, making it an enormously productive trip. At the same time, it is one of the best places in Europe for night photography. Undoubtedly, all of this makes it an extraordinary destination, as well as a dream photo tour.

In addition, you will always be accompanied by two of our photography guides, who will be there to help you at all times. Thanks to them, you will discover the most magical locations, while learning all kinds of photographic techniques, which will help you capture splendid images of the Dolomites. On the other hand, we have our own official travel agency for the organization and logistics of the trip, fulfilling all the legal requirements in the preparation of a trip of this type. Our more than 5 years of experience and more than 45 organized photo tours guarantee that you will be in the best hands. All of these aspects will contribute to you enjoying an unforgettable experience, achieving hundreds of stunning images of the Dolomites.

What to photograph during this Dolomites Photo Tour?

This Dolomites Photo Tour is focused on landscape and night photography. The mountains of Dolomites are among the most beautiful mountain destinations in the world, making it an ideal destination for landscape photography.

During this 8-day Dolomites Photo Tour, we will be able to capture all the beauty of this region in Northern Italy. Among the locations we will photograph during the tour, we will highlight its wonderful blue lakes, its striking peaks, and many places with extraordinary panoramic views. However, in addition to the spectacular landscapes of Dolomites, we will also photograph many of the picturesque villages in the area, as well as their beautiful churches. There are so many options that you will come home with countless beautiful images.

Among the places we will photograph, we should mention some lakes such as Lago di Braies, Lago Antorno, Lago di Misurina, the picturesque churches of Funes, or the mythical Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Three Peaks of Lavaredo). All these locations are world-famous and extraordinarily beautiful.

On the other hand, this Dolomites Photo Tour has a strong component of night photography, as we will visit during a favorable time to photograph the Milky Way. The spectacular mountain landscapes will look even more beautiful at night, with the Milky Way above them. That’s why we will have several night photography sessions to maximize the chances of capturing extraordinary images.

Why do we choose this time of the year for this Dolomites Photo Tour?

Although Dolomites is a fabulous destination for winter photography when everything is covered in snow, many locations are closed during that time, making it impractical or very difficult to access them. That’s why we consider this time, early summer, ideal, as the whole area will be accessible, and we can enjoy several advantages from a photographic point of view.

On the one hand, we are talking about a perfect time to photograph the Milky Way, one of the main objectives of the Dolomites Photo Tour. By choosing an appropriate week, we will have ideal conditions for night photography (provided the weather cooperates), achieving the goal of immortalizing the magical Milky Way over the incredible mountain landscapes of the Dolomites.

At the same time, during this time of year, we will have great opportunities to photograph beautiful alpine flowers, which will be in full bloom.

Furthermore, the spring greens will still be stunningly beautiful, and the lakes and rivers will be at their peak after the thaw. All these factors will greatly contribute to offering us fantastic photographic possibilities, allowing you to return home with a great collection of extraordinary images.

For whom is this Dolomites Photo Tour?

Our Dolomites Photo Tour is a simple level trip, suitable for practically anyone as long as they are accustomed to short-duration hikes. It is a trip suitable for any photography level, as well as for most physical levels and ages, so anyone interested in photography can enjoy and take full advantage of it.

Starting with the physical level, no special level of fitness is required to take this Dolomites Photo Tour. Simply being used to taking short or medium hikes at an easy level is enough. Nevertheless, most of the locations we will photograph will be easily accessible, being close to the places where we will park our vehicles. In short, as long as you have a reasonably good physical and health condition, you can participate in this Dolomites Photo Tour.

Likewise, there is no age limit, anyone can join the Dolomites Photo Tour, regardless of their age, as long as their health condition is reasonably good.

Regarding the photography level, no minimum photography level is required, nor any previous photography experience. During the Dolomites Photo Tour, the participants will be always accompanied by our photography guides, who will be responsible for helping you take the best photos of the area, advising and instructing you on all kinds of photography techniques. At the same time, you will receive personalized attention, always adapted to your level, so that you achieve excellent results.

Finally, no minimum photographic equipment is required to participate. You can take advantage and enjoy the Dolomites Photo Tour with any camera. Although you will find a section of recommended equipment for the Dolomites Photo Tour below, as a list of the ideal photographic equipment for it, it is not essential equipment, and you can enjoy this Dolomites Photo Tour with any camera.


In summary, we offer you a fantastic Photographic Journey to Dolomites, one of the most photogenic mountain destinations on the planet. An excellent opportunity for any photography enthusiast, especially for lovers of landscape and night photography.

In a very small group, you will share your passion for travel and photography with the other participants, and achieve fabulous images, while learning and improving your photographic technique. In addition, an online processing session after the trip is included, in which you will learn how to edit photos taken during the Dolomites Photo Tour.

Do not miss this great opportunity, and come with us to photograph the stunning mountains and valleys of Dolomites.


Tre Cime de Lavaredo | Dolomites Photo Tour | Workshops Photo Tours

What to expect from this Dolomites Photo Tour?
  • Photographing the stunning peaks and mountains of the Dolomites.
  • Take part in night photography sessions in spectacular mountain locations.
  • Photograph the picturesque villages of the Dolomites.
  • Learn and practice the use of neutral density filters in landscape photography.
  • Receive photography instruction and learn a multitude of photographic techniques.
  • Learn techniques for night photography and Milky Way photography.
  • See the impact of including the human figure in scenic landscapes.
  • Obtain at least two photo editing videos made by our photographers.
  • Carry out a group online processing session after the trip, in which we will edit some of the photos taken during it.
Mountain Landscapes
Natural Landscapes
Night Photography

Our Dolomites Photo Tour will begin with the group meeting at Marco Polo airport in Venice. Once together, we will start our route to the Dolomites, about 3 hours by car.
Our first stop will take place at the magical Lake Carezza, one of the most beautiful in the Dolomites. From here, we can enjoy unmatched views, with the Dolomites as a backdrop.

After this visit, we will continue our route to Funes, where we will photograph our first sunset of the trip. To do this, we will approach the beautiful church of Santa Magdalena, with the impressive mountain views in the background.

Once it gets dark, we will check in to our accommodation, after which we will carry out a night photography session in the surroundings of the town.

dolomites photo tour


Today we will go to photograph the sunrise next to another of the beautiful churches in the town of Funes, San Giovanni. This small chapel is one of the most magical locations of the trip, with the impressive Odle Massif in the background. Undoubtedly, the photographic possibilities of the scene are extraordinary. Due to this, we will allocate more than enough time to make the most of the location.
After breakfast, we will move to the Passo delle Erbe area, just over half an hour from the village. In this area, we can enjoy amazing views of the surrounding mountains, which will provide us with fabulous photographic opportunities. At the same time, we will take some easy walks around to photograph the beautiful surroundings.

After photographing the sunset in the area, we will head to our next accommodation.

dolomites photo tour


On this occasion, we will wake up early again to travel to the famous Lago di Braies, a location where we will photograph the sunrise. This is one of the most famous lakes in the Dolomites, offering us endless beautiful views of the surroundings. In addition, we can photograph the beautiful canoes that are usually found on its shore, as well as the picturesque wooden pier.
After taking full advantage of the possibilities of the lake and its surroundings, we will move on to another beautiful location, the Lago di Dobbiaco, which will also offer us fabulous views to photograph.

For sunset, we will visit a new lake, the Lago di Landro. From here, if conditions allow, we can capture the great reflections of the background mountains. Undoubtedly, capturing the last light of the day on the imposing peaks of the Dolomites will be a great culmination to such a complete day.

After our session, we will go to our accommodation to rest.

dolomites photo tour


Today we will wake up early again, this time to photograph the sunrise from another beautiful lake, the Lago d’Antorno. This is one of the lakes with the most and best photographic possibilities in the area, offering us a multitude of compositions at every step we take.
Afterwards, we will have one of the most anticipated visits of the entire trip, in the area of the Tre Cime. We will drive to the parking lot of the Auronzo Refuge to photograph the incredible surroundings, where the spectacular Cadini di Misurina stands out, as well as the picturesque Capilla degli Alpini.

In the area, we will have countless opportunities to capture extraordinary images. The backdrop of the impressive mountains will offer us constant compositional possibilities. We will photograph the sunset in the area, after which we will prepare for a night photography session in the surroundings.

Depending on availability, we may stay at one of the mountain refuges in the area, or we may have to return to the parking lot to leave the area and stay at one of the hotels in the nearby villages.

dolomites photo tour


We will photograph the sunrise again in the surroundings of Cadini de Misurina. Once again, this time under different lights, we will have the opportunity to capture the magical golden light illuminating the extraordinary peaks around us.

Next, we will move to Forcella di Lavaredo, where we can photograph the beautiful side view of the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

After that, we will continue our route to the area of Refugio de Locatelli, stopping to photograph the many compositions we will have around us, with countless rocks, ponds, and incredible mountain views.

Once in the Locatelli area, we will proceed to photograph different locations in the surrounding areas, all with great photographic potential. We will stay there until sunset, which we will capture from one of the most beautiful locations in the area.

After having dinner at the refuge, we will carry out one of the most anticipated night photography sessions of the trip, in the spectacular environment of Lavaredo.

dolomites photo tour


Today we will wake up early again to capture the first lights of the day in the area of the Locatelli refuge, while they illuminate the impressive Three Peaks of Lavaredo. Once again, we will have one of the most wonderful scenes of the entire trip in front of us. Therefore, we will spend quite some time in the surroundings, trying to take advantage of all the possibilities it offers.

Afterwards, we will start the journey back to the parking lot, passing by the birthplace of the Rienza river, where we will find several lagoons that will provide us with exceptional photographic opportunities, as well as the river itself.

Depending on the conditions, we will decide between staying to photograph the sunset in the surroundings, or moving in our vehicles to Lake Antorno, and capturing the sunset from there. In any case, if the conditions are favorable, we will carry out a night photography session by this last lake.

dolomites photo tour


This will be our last full day in the Dolomites, so we will make the most of every moment. We begin by visiting Lake Misurina at sunrise, in search of possible mountain reflections.
Next, we will pass through the town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, where we will be staying the following night. After leaving our luggage at the hotel, we will head to visit the last locations of the trip, the Lakes of Limides, Valparola, and di Bai Dones. Depending on the water level, we may skip one of these visits (if it is too low).

We will spend the rest of the day visiting these lakes, staying to photograph the sunset from Lake Limides, undoubtedly one of the most photogenic in the Dolomites.

dolomites photo tour


Depending on the flight schedules, we may have a final sunrise of the trip at the Passo di Giau.
dolomites photo tour
Afterwards, we will begin the journey back to Venice airport, where this Photography Trip to Dolomites will come to an end. Optionally, you can sign up for an optional trip extension, which will take place from June 26th to July 3rd, 2023.


We have prepared an optional extension for this Dolomites Photo Tour Extension, which will take place in the eastern part of this mountain range, as well as in northern Slovenia, the neighboring country. This extension will occur after the completion of the initial base trip and will last for 8 days.

In this extension, we will continue to capture some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Italian Alps, including gorgeous lakes, imposing peaks, and magical rivers and waterfalls. At the same time, we will have the opportunity to visit the most magical places in Slovenia, the neighboring country, where we can photograph locations like the world-famous Lake Bled, as well as beautiful rivers, waterfalls, and canyons, among spectacular mountain views. Additionally, we will photograph some of the fabulous chapels found in this beautiful country.


On the first day of the extension, while participants who only join the first part of the trip move to the airport, the rest of the group will remain in the Dolomites, photographing the stunning area of Cinque Torri. We will spend the entire day in the area, due to the enormous photographic possibilities it offers.

We will photograph the sunset next to the spectacular Cinque Torri, taking advantage of the last light of the day on them. After that, we will consider the possibility of a final night photography session in the surroundings.

Cinque Torri. Dolomites Photo Tour | Workshops Photo Tours


Today we will travel to our new destination, Tarvisio, on the border with Austria and Slovenia. In the surroundings of this beautiful town, we can photograph stunning alpine lakes, as well as waterfalls and beautiful mountain views. 

Once in the area, we will head to the chosen location to photograph the sunset, the beautiful Lake del Predil. Here, we will find a small island near the shore (depending on the water level, which drops during the summer, the island rejoins the shore). This small island, with several trees inside, reminds us of those famous Canadian sceneries, like Spirit Island, or Two Jack Lake. Undoubtedly, it’s a place with extraordinary photographic potential, and a delight for all travelers.


Again, we will move to a nearby waterfall, which we will photograph from a cave located under it. Again, this location evokes other famous waterfalls from places like Iceland. From our position, we can capture the waterfall in front of us, with mountains in the background.

We will continue our journey visiting Lago di Cavazzo, where we can photograph its waters, of a beautiful color.

Later, we will go to the spectacular Lakes di Fusine, the last locations we will visit that day. We will arrive here in the afternoon, with enough time to enjoy photographing both lakes. From here, we will photograph the sunset, capturing the last rays of light of the day, as they illuminate the imposing mountains around us. Once it has completely darkened, we will return to our hotel to rest.


As usual, we will wake up early to photograph our last sunrise in the area, again by the Lakes di Fusine. After that, we will start our journey eastward, heading to our new destination, Slovenia. 

In the afternoon, we will arrive at our destination, the incredible Lake Bled, one of the most iconic images of all Europe. We will leave our luggage at our accommodation, and move to photograph the lake from several of its most beautiful locations. We will stay around the lake for the rest of the day, photographing the sunset next to it, capturing the beautiful Church of the Assumption of Mary, located on an island within the lake.

After photographing the blue hour in this beautiful place, we will return to our accommodation to rest.

Bled. Dolomites Photo Tour | Workshops Photo Tours


We will spend this day in the surroundings of Lake Bled, visiting the most photogenic locations in its vicinity.

At the same time, we will visit various locations in the area, including a spectacular cave in the middle of a magical forest. Undoubtedly, a dreamlike setting where we can take fabulous photographs.

In the afternoon, we will revisit Lake Bled, photographing the sunset from a viewpoint on a hill nearby.

Bled. Dolomites Photo Tour | Workshops Photo Tours


Today we will rise early again to photograph the sunrise from another location at Lake Bled. To make the most of the fabulous photographic possibilities the area offers, we will spend all the necessary time there.

After our visit, we will move to photograph the next locations on the trip, highlighting several churches in rural locations of this part of Slovenia. Some of these chapels are those of Saint Thomas and Primoz.

Then, we will move to the border area with Italy, where we will visit several waterfalls and canyons of extraordinary beauty. In these locations, we will have the perfect opportunity to practice long exposure photography, with the help of neutral density filters.

Sint Thomas Church. Dolomites Photo Tour | Workshops Photo Tours


We will spend a large part of this last full day of the trip in the Kranjska Gora area, near the Italian border. Here, we can photograph magnificent mountain landscapes, reflected in the beautiful waters of Lake Jasna. 

Additionally, we will visit Lake Bohijn, another of the most mythical locations in Northwestern Slovenia, a truly dreamlike place.


We will wake up early again, to capture the last sunrise of the trip. After that, we will start our route towards the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, where our Dolomites Photo Tour will conclude.


Pricing and Bookings

The price of this extraordinary 8-day (7-night on site) Dolomites Photo Tour in Italy is 3,295USD per person, based on shared double room accommodation with another participant on the trip.

Price based on a minimum of 6 attendees.

Single room supplement: 950USD, subject to availability at the time of booking.

If you are also interested, you can add the optional 7-night extension to North-Eastern Italy and Slovenia, for an additional cost of 2,695USD. 

The supplement for single room accommodation during the extension is 900USD, subject to availability.

To reserve your spot, simply send us an email at info@viajesfotograficos.com.

General Considerations

Trip organized by Viajes Fotográficos – Dream Photo Expeditions (hereinafter “Viajes Fotográficos” or the agency).

Viajes Fotográficos carefully designs each of the routes it offers, adapting at all times to the traveler’s needs. However, due to the particularities of the country, it is possible that these itineraries may undergo variations in their route and places to visit. In this sense, the guides/photographers reserve the right to vary the planned itinerary and/or activities depending on weather conditions, environmental factors, road conditions, etc.

Likewise, the guide/s photographer/s reserves the right to interrupt or vary the travel itinerary in case of force majeure circumstances, such as illness, accident, or theft of the guide/s or any of the clients on the trip, always trying to resolve such circumstances in the shortest possible time so that the trip can be resumed with the least possible disruption to the planned program.

Similarly, the agency Viajes Fotográficos reserves the right to substitute the guide/s photographer/s of the trip in case of force majeure circumstances, such as illness, accident, or hospitalization of the guide/s or their first or second degree relatives, among others. In these cases, the trip will be carried out with alternative guides/photographers without the trip being affected.


The traveler is responsible for carrying all the necessary documentation for the Dolomites Photo Tour and/or the Slovenia extension. To enter Italy as a citizen of Spain, or any other country in the European Union, it is sufficient to carry the ID card (DNI), although a passport can also be carried if desired.

For citizens traveling from countries other than Spain, please consult with the local authorities of their country. Each traveler is responsible for complying with the necessary documentation and requirements to access the destination country.

Neither the travel agency nor the photographers accompanying the group have any responsibility for the client’s admission to the destination country, as well as for the documentation and procedures that each client needs to carry out.

Travel Insurance

This Dolomites Photo Tour includes a basic assistance insurance. If the client wishes, they can extend the coverage by paying the corresponding difference or contract a different travel insurance on their own. It is always recommended to have insurance with the highest possible coverage of medical expenses, which can even be unlimited. If the client wishes, Dream Photo Expeditions will provide the necessary information to process a policy with the appropriate coverage and conditions for the client and the contracted trip.

Personal Counseling

The travel agency is committed to providing personalized advice to its travelers at the time of contracting its services. A list of necessary equipment for the route, tips for putting together a small travel first aid kit, recommendations on photographic equipment suitable for the country, etc., will be provided. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions that may arise during the trip preparation.


We are convinced that the Dolomites Photo Tour will be an unforgettable experience for travelers. Viajes Fotográficos considers it its responsibility as a travel agency to promote values such as respect (cultural, social, and environmental). These values should prevail in all their tours. Likewise, Viajes Fotográficos must ensure that the impact of its tours is never negative for the country and its population.

Neither Viajes Fotográficos nor the photographers accompanying the group are responsible for any accidents, damages, losses, or thefts that the client may suffer during the trip.


At the time of the customer’s purchase confirmation, they must pay the corresponding amount of USD1000 for the cost of the Dolomites Photo Tour. The final payment must be made no later than 60 days before the start of the tour. The agency may terminate the contract and apply the established rules for withdrawal before departure if the consumer fails to make any of the payments specified in the above sections within the corresponding deadline. The services included in the combined travel contract result from the information provided to the consumer in the brochure or program, as well as the indications relating to this information that have been made when confirming the reservation.


If the minimum group size is not met to carry out the trip, the agency will fully refund the customer’s deposit payment. However, if the customer decides to cancel the trip, the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • Up to 60 days before the trip: €500.
  • Less than 60 days before the trip: 100% of the cost of the trip.

For these cases, it is recommended that the customer purchase an extended insurance policy that covers certain cancellation scenarios.

The prices are based on the currency exchange rate in effect as of September 14th, 2019. The currency may be updated up to 21 days before departure in accordance with the Combined Travel Law, applying the corresponding surcharge/discount.

Once the reservation is confirmed by the customer and the services and their price have been confirmed by the agency, it can only be revised up to 20 calendar days before the departure date in the event of variations in the cost of transport (including fuel prices), accommodations, taxes or fees related to certain services (such as landing, boarding or disembarking at ports and airports), and exchange rates applied to the trip.


Starting/ending location

Venice Airport, Italy (Google Maps)


  • Accommodation for 7 nights during the Dolomites Photo Tour in a shared room with another participant.
  • Pick-up and transfer to the airport at the beginning and end of our trip, respectively.
  • Transportation throughout the trip, plus all expenses derived from it.
  • Ride on cable car or chairlift, if necessary.
  • Services of the professional photographer/s leading the group.
  • Personalized services, attention and photography instruction.
  • Basic travel insurance.
  • At least two video tutorials on photo editing created by our photographers.
  • Group online editing session after the trip, where we will edit some of the photos taken during the tour.
  • Organization and services of an official travel agency with more than 5 years and 40 photo tours of experience.

Not included

  • Flights to/from the starting city of the Dolomites Photo Tour.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner), snacks or beverages.
  • Tips.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not included in the “Included” section.


You can request more details in the "information" tab.



We recommend you to bring a DSLR or Mirrorless system camera with interchangeable lenses, but you can join the photo tour bringing any kind of camera, including compact ones, or even a smartphone.

Wide Angle Lens

For example, a 14-24mm or a 16-35mm

A wide-angle lens will be of great value for photographing the beautiful Dolomites, as well as for nighttime photography sessions. It will also allow us to capture fantastic close-ups.

Standard Zoom

For example, a 24-70MM

An standard zoom, like a 24-70mm, or a 24-105mm, will be very useful on this trip. With that focal length range, you will be able to capture a great variety of the scenes we’ll find.



Un teleobjetivo tipo 70-200mm será muy útil para capturar planos más cercanos de los espectaculares picos de los Dolomitas,  así que se trata de una lente muy recomendable para este viaje.



FOR EXAMPLE, A 14MM 1'8 OR A 20MM 1'4

A fast lens such as a 20mm f/1.4 or 14mm f/1.4 would provide the best results for our night photography sessions, although a wide-angle lens like the ones mentioned before will be more than enough.




For low light situations such as sunrises and sunsets, as well as for night photography, a good tripod will be necessary, as stable as possible, while keeping the weight within reason.



Neutral density filters are recommended, as they will be very useful for achieving long exposures. Graduated filters are also recommended for scenes with high contrast, as well as a polarizing filter.



Bringing a remote or an intervalometer will be a great idea, because they will be very useful in low light sessions, avoiding the need to touch the camera, and therefore minimizing the risk of moved images.

PRactical Information

Details about the Dolomites Photo Tour and the destination

Is there a minimal physical level to join this Dolomites Photo Tour?

No, a moderate physical level is sufficient.

This Dolomites Photo Tour is suitable for all audiences and there is no predetermined minimum physical level required to participate. It is only necessary to be used to walking, as we will be doing several hikes during the trip. However, all of them will be easy and of not very long duration. Similarly, there is no age limit as long as the state of health and fitness is reasonably good.

Do I need a minimal photography level to join the Dolomites Photo Tour?

Absolutely not, all photography lovers are welcome, no matter the level!

There is no need to have a minimum photography level to participate in the Dolomites Photo Tour, nor to be a professional photographer to join the trip. Our Photography Trips are suitable for all levels, even for people who are starting in photography or who prefer to take photos with a compact camera or mobile phone. Our guides provide personalized attention to each participant, helping them to capture the best images of the destination.

What kind of weather can I expect during this Dolomites Photo Tour?

We can expect good weather and medium/high temperatures.

On our Summer Dolomites Photo Tour, we can expect good weather, with temperatures ranging from moderate to warm during the day, cooling off at night. We recommend comfortable and lightweight clothing, ideally summer mountain wear. It is advised to bring a jacket for the cooler evenings and sunrises, as well as a waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex or similar) in case of rain. Upon confirming your reservation, you will receive our recommended equipment guide for more information and details regarding this matter.

Are meals included on this Dolomites Photo Tour?

No, meals are not included in the trip

Our Dolomites Photo Tour does not include meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Typically, we have breakfast at the hotel or local cafes after the sunrise session, depending on how long the good light lasts. For lunch, we often have picnics at the locations we visit, for which we will make purchases at supermarkets. Finally, in the evenings, we will alternate between dinners at restaurants or at the accommodations themselves, with some meals taken as picnics. In any case, as with any trip to Italy, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy its typical cuisine.

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer several payment options for you

Currently, the main payment option we have is the bank transfer. However, if you prefer it, we also have other payment options, such as credit or debit card, PayPal or Transferwise. Please notice that these other payment options may apply a commission fee. You can ask us about these different payment options. 

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, or by PayPal, you can process your payment online, when you finish the booking process. For bank transfer payment, you just have to proceed with the booking and then, once you finish the process with the chosen payment method, you’ll receive an email with al the instructions and bank details. 

What kind of accommodations will we have?

On this Dolomites Photo Tour, we will alternate between mid-range hotels and nights in mountain refuges.

During our Dolomites Photo Tour, we will spend most nights in mid-range/tourist hotels (3 or 4 stars), always on a bed and breakfast basis, in a shared double room with another participant of the trip, with a private bathroom. However, we will alternate these nights with others in mountain refuges, in the area of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, to be closer to the best locations for night photography.

If you are attending the Dolomites Photo Tour with another person, you can share the room, but if not, we will assign you a same-sex roommate. In any case, there is the possibility of booking a single room for an additional supplement.

Can I join this Dolomites Photo Tour regardless my country of residence?

Absolutely, no matter the placer where you live to join us!

Anyone can join this Dolomites Photo Tour, regardless of which country they live in. Although our offices are located in Santander, Spain, our trips are open to participation from anywhere in the world, so we have clients from countries all over the world. However, Spanish will always be the language used during the trip (sometimes accompanied by English).

Our Dolomites Photo Tour will start at the Marco Polo International Airport in Italy. All participants will need to be at that meeting point on the day the trip begins, at a time we will determine, having to travel there from their place of origin. Therefore, you don’t have to travel to any other intermediary city before the start of the Dolomites Photo Tour to meet up with the rest of the participants.

What else should I bring to the Dolomites Photo Tour?

We will send you all the information about what you need to bring

Upon signing up for our PDolomites Photo Tour, we will send you our travel guide and equipment recommendations to bring on the trip. This recommendation covers both clothing, accessories, and necessary items to bring on the trip, as well as photographic equipment. In short, you won’t have to worry about anything, as our experts will inform you of everything you need to bring to make the most of this Dolomites Photo Tour.

2 Reviews
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Aurora Diaz

Solo Traveler

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, and majestic landscapes, we have thoroughly enjoyed these places with photo tours.com and being able to share with our adventure companions some incredible days, full of images, laughter, and experiences that won’t be forgotten.
Thank you Sergio and Julio for those very special moments.

December 20, 2021

Juan Lorenzo Frías

Solo Traveler

For work reasons, I took this trip in two parts, the Dolomites in August and Slovenia in November. Of course, Sergio made it all easy for me so that I could complete the trip, even in two parts.

From the Dolomites, I highlight the two nights we spent in mountain refuges, especially the second one at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, with a spectacular sunset and then doing night photography and the Milky Way, the whole mountain to ourselves, a luxury. Additionally, as Julio Castro, a great photographer and a great guy, joined us on this trip, all the facilities and help for photography doubled. And how could I not mention Funes? A magical place.

And of course, Lito Vitale forever!!!

Slovenia in November was simply spectacular. My best sunrise and sunset on the trips I’ve taken with workshopshototours.com. A sunrise with brutal fogs at Lake Bled, giving a fairy tale atmosphere, and a spectacular sunset in the high mountains after an impressive snowfall. Beyond photography, don’t forget to try the Bled cake.

December 15, 2021

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