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14 days
From April 16 to 29, 2024
International Airport El Calafate
International Airport El Calafate
For all photography levels
Medium physical level and all ages








This Patagonia Photo Tour, from April 16 to 29, 2024 (optional extension from April 29 to May 5, 2024), is one of our more successful trips. Since spring 2022, we have been offering this amazing yearly Patagonia Photo Tour to photograph this beautiful area in Argentina and Chile. There is no doubt that we are talking about one of our most rewarding trips. A land of impressive peaks and mountains, beautiful lakes, magical glaciers and surreal panoramic views, Patagonia is one of the most spectacular destinations on the planet. In fact, it is a dream destination for any landscape photography enthusiast. The area offers us so many photographic possibilities, that we’ll get back home with hundreds of fantastic images.

During the Patagonia Photo Tour, we will explore the most photogenic locations throughout the area, including both the Chilean and Argentine sides. While many of the places we will visit will be easily accessible, we will also include an optional extension with more challenging hikes, that will allow us to reach some of the most stunning locations. On the other hand, as usual, we will pay special attention to the best moments of light every day, such as sunrise and sunset. This way, we will have the best chances to experience unique moments, and capture them with our cameras.

All this, at the best time of the year to photograph the area, during the fall. The Patagonia Photo Tourwill be carried out in a small group, accompanied by one or two of our guides and photography instructors, from whom you will receive continuous attention and constant photography instruction. As a result, you will enjoy the best possible photo experience,  and achieve exceptional photographs. Undoubtedly, you are facing an unparalleled opportunity. If you are passionate about landscape photography, do not miss this Patagonia Photo Tour.

What to photograph during this Patagonia Photo Tour?

Our Patagonia Photo Tour is fully focused on landscape photography as we visit one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. Stunning peaks and mountain views, beautifully colored lakes, creeks, waterfalls and glaciers, are some of the natural phenomena that we will be photographing in Patagonia. Places like Torres del Paine in Chile or Fitz Roy in Argentina, are the dream of any landscape photographer, and this is your chance to make that dream true.

In addition, we will photograph the most beautiful lakes of Patagonia, such as Pehoe, Nordenskjold, Grey, Argentino Lakes, or the Blue Lagoon, among others. On this lakes, we’ll be able to capture beautiful views of the landscapes around us, with the fabulous Patagonian peaks in the background. If lucky, we’ll get the change to capture their precious reflections on the water of these lakes.

On the other hand, we will also have opportunities to photograph the wildlife of Patagonia, as the guanaco or the condor, but also the huemul, the Darwin fox, or even the puma / mountain lion. Not all of these species are easy to find, but we will have plenty of opportunities to photograph some, such as the guanaco.

Finally, this Patagonia Photo Tour also includes several night photography sessions, especially in the optional extension part (after the base Patagonia Photo Tour). On this part, we will camp in the most spectacular areas, and if conditions allow, we’ll get to photograph the Milky Way over the stunning Fitz Roy massif and the beautiful lakes below it, such as Dirty, Capri, or Los Tres Lagoons. Without any doubt, a golden opportunity to learn and improve your night photography technique, as well as to capture extraordinary images.


Why doing this Patagonia Photo Tour during this time of the year?

Our Patagonia Photo Tour takes place in the second half of April because it is usually the best time to capture the peak of autumn colors in the area. Our goal is to photograph the beautiful autumn colors in the bushes and trees of the locations, which dye Patagonia in that fantastic reddish tone so special for photography. This is probably the best time of the year to practice landscape photography.

At the same time, autumn in Patagonia usually offers very good photographic conditions, with great possibilities of capturing spectacular sunrises and sunsets. It is quite common, at this time of the year, the presence of the typical lenticular clouds, which usually means magical moments of light. In addition, at this time of the year, it starts to get colder, so we avoid most of the tourists, who usually prefer the summer months. This will facilitate our field work in the locations, allowing us to enjoy our adventure even more.

Finally, it is still a good time for night photography, since we will try to carry out several sessions in which we will be able to capture the Milky Way, as we said before. The mere possibility of photographing the unmistakable landscapes of Patagonia under the night sky makes the Patagonia Photo Tour worthwhile.


Who is this Patagonia Photo Tour for?

We can classify this Patagonia Photo Tour as medium difficulty, especially for those who choose to make the trip that includes the optional extension (for a total of 18 days). This is because, in this second part of the Patagonia Photo Tour, we will do several hikes of moderate difficulty and length.

However, the initial Patagonia Photo Tour, of 13 days, can be considered easy, and that is why we have decided to split this tour into two consecutive and complementary parts. Thus, those who are not willing or able to do the most demanding part of the Patagonia Photo Tour, can still join just to the initial part. Meanwhile, if you are a trekking lover, and would like to camp next to breathtaking places, you can also join the extension part.

Regarding ages, it is a tour suitable for any age, as long as you are in reasonably good health. For the extension part, regardless the age, we believe it is necessary to be in reasonably good shape, being used to hikes of medium length and level.

Finally, this Patagonia Photo Tour is for all photography levels, regardless of previous experience or knowledge. Regardless of your level, you will be able to make the most of the tour and achieve excellent results, since you will be advised by two photographic guides/instructors during the whole Patagonia Photo Tour. They will provide personalized attention adapted to the level of each participant, so that everyone can take full advantage of the tour.

Likewise, there is no minimum equipment required, although you can find below a list of the ideal photographic gear for the Patagonia Photo Tour. With any DSLR or mirrorless camera you can take advantage of the tour, and even, sometimes, some clients travel taking pictures just with a compact camera or a smartphone.



In short, you have the opportunity to join one of the most special photographic trips you can take. A tour to a unique destination, to a land whose landscapes you will never forget, and where you will be able to capture some of your best photographs. Patagonia’s landscapes are probably among the 5 most beautiful areas in the whole planet, so the photographic possibilities are nearly endless.

A Patagonia Photo Tour like this one, besides providing you with the possibility of taking extraordinary images, gives you the chance to learn and progress in your photographic knowledge and techniques, with the constant help and advice of our photographic guides and instructors. Our photographic guides and instructors, with extensive experience in the organization and development of photographic tours and workshops, will be in charge of giving you ideas and composition tips, as well as teaching you all kinds of techniques.

Furthermore, all this in a very small group in which you will share your hobby and experience with other photography lovers. No doubt, we are talking about a fantastic trip to a magical destination, where you can enjoy photography to the fullest. Do not miss this opportunity and join us to immortalize some of the most incredible landscapes you can visit.

Patagonia Photo Tour | Workshops Photo Tours

What to expect from this Patagonia Photo Tour?
  • Capture the most incredible landscapes of the amazing Patagonia.
  • Photograph several of the fabulous glacial lakes in the area.
  • Visit the most photogenic sceneries of the Argentine Patagonia, as well as the Chilean Patagonia.
  • Photographing the imposing Perito Moreno, one of the most beautiful glaciers in the world
  • Enjoy spectacular views of the Torres del Paine and the Fitz Roy Massif.
  • Immortalize some of Patagonia's animal species, such as the picturesque guanaco.
  • Understand and learn the use of neutral density filters in landscape photography.
  • Practice and learn panoramic photography techniques in incredible locations.
  • Get advice and instruction, as well as learn and practice various photographic techniques.
  • Learning the importance of including the human figure in landscape photography
Natural Landscapes
Night Photography

Our Patagonia Photo Tour will begin with the group meeting at the airport in El Calafate, Argentina, at a time to be determined. From here, we will travel in our vehicles to Torres del Paine National Park, in the Chilean part of Patagonia.

During the trip to our destination, we will make some photographic stopovers to capture some of the beautiful landscapes through which we will travel. Among them, we highlight the ones we will make in the spectacular Lake Pehoe, one of the most beautiful in Patagonia. Here, we will visit the surroundings of an island located near the shore of the lake, an area from which we will have fantastic compositions. Not surprisingly, this will be our choice for the first sunset of the tour, in search of the magical lights that, with some frequency, take place in Patagonia.

In addition, we will remain in the surroundings until it gets completely dark, so that we can photograph the scenery during the blue hour. At this time, we will be able to capture the beautiful contrast between the blue tones of the sky and the warm tones of the light bulbs of a lodge located in the area. Definitely a good start for a great tour like this one.

After our session, we will continue to our lodging, to rest after the long journey to Patagonia.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will get up early to photograph our first sunrise of the Patagonia Photo Tour, for which we will visit a location near our lodging, next to the beautiful meanders formed by the Serrano River. From here, we will have another wonderful panoramic view of the Torres del Paine, which will make it easy to get fantastic photos.

After breakfast, we will move a few miles north to visit the Salto Grande area, where we can photograph three beautiful waterfalls, including the Paine River. Here we will be able to practice with neutral density filters, to get longer exposures, which will help us to achieve dynamic effects and fantastic textures in our images.

Then, starting from this same area, we will take a gentle hike to the nearby Skottsberg Lake, from where we will have another breathtaking view of the Torres del Paine. If conditions are good, we will remain here until sunset, looking to capture the peaks in the magical light of the end of the day. Alternatively, we will photograph the sunset on the shores of the incredible Nordenskjold Lake.

After dark, we will head back to our accommodation to rest, although we will consider the possibility of a night photography session if the conditions are suitable for it.

patagonia photo tour


Again, we will get up early to photograph the sunrise. This time, we will head back to Lake Pehoe, not far from our lodging. Once in the area, we will go to photograph several of the most spectacular locations on the shore of the lake, looking for the warm golden light of the sunrise.

As we said before, the Pehoe is one of the most beautiful lakes in Patagonia, offering us endless compositions and photographic possibilities. For this reason, we will spend most of this day exploring the most outstanding points of the lake. The color of the lake’s waters, an incredible turquoise tone, will help us to get excellent images.

Among the locations we will visit, one of the best panoramic views of the lake will be the one we will get from the Mirador del Condor. From this viewpoint, located very close to the road, we will have an extraordinary view of the lake and the Torres del Paine. Depending on the light conditions, we will photograph the sunset from here, or from another location on the shores of Lake Pehoe.

Finally, at night, we will head back to our lodging to rest.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will get up early again, to move to the surroundings of Grey Lake this time, the spot where we will photograph the sunrise. From here we will also be able to capture views of the Grey Glacier, from which the lake was formed.

After our session, we will take a boat ride on the lake, which will take us to the shores of the glacier. From here, we will be able to take extraordinary images of the imposing Grey Glacier, with its huge blocks of blue ice. Anyone who has seen a glacier up close knows the impression produced by being in front of a phenomenon of such magnitude. Photographing it, without a doubt, is something you will never forget.

After the glacier excursion, we will continue photographing the park’s surroundings, now visiting the Laguna Amarga area. From there, we will be able to capture different views of the Torres del Paine, surrounded by amazing landscapes.

For sunset, we will move to Nordenskjold Lake, where we will photograph the towers from one of its most photogenic views. This lake is probably one of the most beautiful in all of Chilean Patagonia, along with the Pehoe. If we are lucky, we may be able to photograph the frequent lenticular clouds that usually appear at sunset at this time of the year. Once it gets dark, we will come back to sleep in our lodging.

patagonia photo tour


Once again, we will get up early to photograph the sunrise. This time we will visit Lake Nordenskjold again, to capture the beautiful views from its shore under different light conditions. As the light changes, we will move between various locations along the lake. In the area there are several ponds and lagoons, each with better panoramic views of the majestic Torres del Paine.

After photographing several of these locations, we will move on to Lake Sarmiento, to photograph its beautiful surroundings. In addition, it is quite possible that in the area we will have the opportunity to photograph the mythical guanacos, the most famous animals of Patagonia.

After that, we will move on to Laguna Azul, where we will stay for the rest of the day. Here we will photograph the sunset, enjoying different views of the Torres del Paine. At the same time, depending on the conditions, it is possible that we will stay a while in the surroundings to take night photos, with the impressive backdrop. Once our session is over, we will return to the lodge to rest.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will photograph the first light of day from another of the most scenic locations of Lake Pehoe. As we have already mentioned, we consider this to be one of the most beautiful of all the lakes we will visit on our tour, so we will make the most of these last few opportunities to photograph it.

After breakfast, we will return to photograph the meandering Serrano River, after which we will head south, leaving the Torres del Paine National Park. Our route will take us towards Puerto Natales, but before we will visit several locations with great photographic potential, such as the Toro Lake, the Milodon Cave, as well as the rock formation known as Silla del Diablo.

We will photograph the sunset in the area, before moving on to Puerto Natales, where we will go to our lodging to rest.

patagonia photo tour


We will get up early to head to the port, from where we will take a boat cruise to the Serrano Glacier. On this full day excursion, we will have another chance to photograph a glacier, but also a great opportunity to photograph the wildlife of the area. Among this, it is quite possible that we will be able to photograph colonies of cormorants and the majestic sea lions.

At sunset, we will visit the beautiful Sofia Lagoon, where we will have fantastic photo opportunities before returning to Puerto Natales to rest.

patagonia photo tour


We will photograph the sunrise from an old pier in Puerto Natales, where we will have extraordinary views of the lake and the mountains in the background. At the same time, we may be able to photograph birds in the surroundings, so we will have our telephoto lenses ready.

After breakfast, we will spend some time exploring Puerto Natales, and then we will take the road to our next destination in Argentina, El Calafate. Along the way, we will make several stops to photograph the locations around us. Depending on our timing, we will photograph the sunset at our destination, or along the way.

Once in El Calafate, we will go to our lodging to rest after a long and intense day.

patagonia photo tour


Our first sunrise in El Calafate will be spent photographing the views from the Puerto Bandera area. Next, we will go to photograph one of the most emblematic and spectacular locations of the entire Patagonia Photo Tour, the impressive Perito Moreno, one of the most beautiful and famous glaciers on the planet.

The Perito Moreno, located in the Glacier National Park of Argentina, is a glacier that is in an advancing phase. Its tongue, more than 5 kilometers long, has a height of about 70 meters above Lake Argentino. At its end, it is common to find fabulous ice caves that, hopefully, we will be able to photograph from our boat, as well as its vast expanses of ice.

In the glacier, we will make an expedition by boat to get to make a guided trekking on the ice, in which we will be able to capture fantastic details of the textures and tones of the ice. A simply unforgettable experience, which will allow us to take unrepeatable photos.

After our visit, we will return to the shore, staying in the surroundings until sunset. We will photograph the last lights of the day from some viewpoints and platforms that are in the area, capturing the magnificent panoramic view of this magical natural phenomenon. Once it is dark, we will go back to our lodging in El Calafate.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will photograph the sunrise from the shores of Lake Argentino, whose waters, of a beautiful turquoise tone, will allow us to get fantastic pictures.

After breakfast, we will take the road to our next destination, the area of El Chaltén, at the base of the Fitz Roy Massif. Without a doubt, we are talking about another of the top locations of our Patagonia Photo Tour.

The journey to El Chaltén will take us almost four hours, but we will stop a few times along the way. The first ones will take place in the eastern part of Lake Argentino, but we will dedicate more time on another beautiful lake, Lake Viedma. From the latter, we will have the opportunity to photograph views of the glacier of the same name, as well as to capture, from a distance, the first images of Fitz Roy. We will also have the opportunity to photograph the petrified forest of La Leona.

Before reaching El Chaltén, we will stop to photograph the famous views of the road with the Fitz Roy in the background. Facing the sunset, we will stay at one of these impressive views, from where we will be able to capture unique images. We will then continue on to the village, where we will rest after the long day’s ride.

patagonia photo tour


For our first sunrise in the area of El Chaltén, we will travel the first miles of route 23 to the south, to capture the first light of the day with the views of Fitz Roy in the background.

After that, we will return to the village to have breakfast and then photograph a waterfall located in the surroundings, the Chorrillo del Salto. Here we will be able to use neutral density filters again, trying to get exposures that bring dynamism to our photographs.

Afterwards, we will take a simple hike to the Mirador de los Condores, from where it is common to sight the majestic condor, the second largest flying bird species in the world (after the wandering albatross), and another of the symbols of Patagonia. This formidable bird has a wingspan of up to 3.5 meters, which gives an idea of its extraordinary size. From this point, it is quite likely that we will be able to spot and photograph several condors, so we will have our telephoto lenses ready. At the same time, depending on our time and energy, we will consider doing another trekking of about 30 minutes, to the nearby Mirador de las Águilas.

For the last part of the day, we will head towards the area of the Fitz Roy River, an area where we will have extraordinary views of Cerro Fitz Roy. Here we will photograph the sunset, which often provides moments of incredible light.

After we have made the most of the last lights of the day, we will return to our lodging to rest.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will return to the surroundings of the Fitz Roy River to photograph the sunrise, in search of different lights from the previous day’s sunset. The area will look spectacular, with the reddish autumn color predominating in the bushes. Thanks to this, we will be able to capture beautiful photographs.

We will spend a good part of the morning photographing the river environment, where we will have plenty of close-ups to compose our images. Afterwards, we will go to El Chaltén, where we will have time to visit the town.

In the afternoon, we will go to the area of Las Vueltas River, where we will reach a viewpoint with a fabulous panoramic view of the surroundings. Here we will photograph the sunset, with the mountains in the background, in a simply unforgettable picture. After that, we will return to our lodging to sleep.

patagonia photo tour


This will be the last full day of the first part of our Patagonia Photo Tour (base tour), so we will try to make the most of every last minute of it. We will start early and head north towards Lago del Desierto, about an hour north of El Chaltén. We will photograph the sunrise at a stopover along the route, next to the Río Eléctrico, from where we will have exceptional views of the mountains.

We will then continue our route to Lago del Desierto, making several stops to photograph some of the waterfalls that abound in the area. Once again, we will be able to practice with the use of filters, looking for more silky and/or dynamic effects in the water.

Once at the lake, we will photograph different views of the lake as we walk along its southern shore. In addition, we will also be able to photograph part of the beautiful forests of the area, covered by the autumn colors, as well as walk some of the trails that start from there.

In the afternoon, we will consider the possibility of a gentle trekking, which will take us to the beautiful Huemul Glacier, as well as to the glacial lagoon located at its foot. This would be the point from which to photograph the sunset of this last day of the base tour, without a doubt an extraordinary location, as well as the perfect finishing touch to a tour like this. Alternatively, we will photograph the sunset on the way back to El Chaltén, with the beautiful views of the Río Eléctrico and Río Las Vueltas, and the peaks of Fitz Roy in the background.

After dark, we will head back to our lodging to rest.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will get up early to capture the last sunrise from El Chaltén, for which we will visit a different location in the surroundings of the Fitz Roy River. From there, we will once again enjoy the magnificent views of Fitz Roy in front of us.

After breakfast, participants who do not take the optional extension to this Patagonia Photo Tour will be transferred to the El Calafate airport, where the Patagonia Photo Tour will end. Travelers who continue with the Patagonia Photo Tour Extension will remain in El Chaltén with the guides to get ready to begin the second part of this photographic adventure.

patagonia photo tour


Once the first part of our Patagonia Photo Tour is finished, we have prepared an optional 6-night complementary extension to it. This extension is designed to enjoy the most spectacular locations of the Argentine Patagonia, in the best moments of light, sunrise and sunset. Since, in order to reach these locations, it is necessary to make routes of longer duration and medium difficulty, the only rational way to organize it in a safe way, is to spend the night in tents near these locations.

Therefore, those participants who like trekking, and are used to do routes of longer duration and medium difficulty, will have in this extension the perfect opportunity to photograph those dream places. Among these, we highlight the Laguna Torre, Laguna Capri, the Mirador del Fitz Roy, or the Laguna de Los Tres. In any case, it will not be necessary to be in excellent physical shape or be a professional athlete; it is enough to have an average physical level. The longest hikes will be around 5 or 6 miles, but we will have more than enough time to do them comfortably.

In addition, this extension is scheduled to take place during the new moon and the nights close to it, so it will be a perfect opportunity to photograph the Milky Way from these magical locations.

In short, if you want to make the most of all the possibilities of a Patagonia Photo Tour, you are in front of an unbeatable opportunity.


This first day of the extension, once we say goodbye to our colleagues who do not make the extension trip, we will prepare the equipment to start the first of our routes.

Once everything is ready, we will begin our hike to Laguna Torre, one of those magical locations. This hike is about 5.5 miles long and has a medium difficulty level. However, along the route we will make several stops to be able to photograph the impressive scenery around us.

Before reaching the lagoon, we will set up our camp. After that, we will continue the last mile that separates us from the lake, where we will spend the rest of the day. From here, the view of Cerro Torre is simply breathtaking. With luck, in addition to the autumn colors, it is possible that we can enjoy the presence of an iceberg in the lake, detached from the glacier.

We will photograph the sunset at Laguna Torre, but also, if the conditions are right, we will be able to do a night photography session in this place before returning to our tents to rest.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will get up early to return to Laguna Torre, this time to capture the sunrise lights from its shore. We will arrive at the shore before the first lights illuminate the peaks, to try to capture all the beauty of the landscape around us.

Afterwards, and after dismantling our camp, we will head to the next point of our route, the Capri Lagoon. This route will take us a good part of the morning, although it is not too difficult. Once at the lake, we will set up our camp again, and we will get ready to take pictures of the surroundings. We will spend the rest of the afternoon in the surroundings, photographing both the shores of the lake and the area of the Fitz Roy viewpoint, where we will find several small lagoons, as well as a variety of elements to achieve extraordinary compositions.

After sunset, we will rest for a while in our tents, and then go out again to take night photos, if the conditions are right.

patagonia photo tour


Before sunrise, we will go out again to photograph Laguna Capri under different light conditions. On this occasion, the first light of day will illuminate the imposing peaks of Fitz Roy, while the golden hour advances. If we are lucky, we will be able to experience a truly unforgettable scene.

Afterwards, we will pack up the campsite to start our way back to El Chaltén. However, we will stop again in the surroundings of the Mirador del Fitz Roy, in search of new images of the surroundings under a different light than in the afternoon. We will spend enough time here to take advantage of the many photographic possibilities of this area, before continuing our route.

Once we arrive in El Chaltén, we will go directly to our lodging, where we will wash up and rest after our photographic adventure in nature.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will set out on the second route of this extension of the Patagonia Photo Tour. After having rested enough, we will start our hike, which on this occasion will take us to the area of Laguna de los Tres and Laguna Sucia. This route, with no stops, could take us about four hours. However, we will do it quietly, making several stops to take pictures of the beautiful surroundings.

The goal is to arrive at the destination to photograph the sunset, although before that we will stop to set up our tents in the camp. Therefore, we will have enough time to do this hike with no rush. In addition, this time we will spend two nights at the camp, so the next day will be spent entirely in the area.

For the sunset, we will go to the lakes area, from where we will be able to photograph probably the most spectacular view of Patagonia. Having the opportunity to witness a sunset in a place like this will make the efforts of the route more than worthwhile. Also, if we have favorable conditions, we will do a night photography session from this same area, trying to capture the Milky Way above us.

patagonia photo tour


As we are close to the lakes, we will get up early to photograph the sunrise, in this case from Laguna Sucia. Again, if we are lucky, we will have the chance to capture the beautiful lights of the first hours of the day over this incredible landscape. On this occasion, the light of the sunrise will be tinging everything with the beautiful golden tones that we photographers look forward to so much.

After spending some time photographing the surroundings, we will head back to our campsite to rest for a while. Not long after, we will make another route, quite simple and short, this time, to the nearby Laguna de Piedras Blancas, under the glacier of the same name. From here, we will be lucky enough to photograph another extraordinary view. The turquoise waters of the lagoon will contrast with the golden lights of the sunset, if we are lucky with the conditions. In any case, this is a dream location, one of those places that one never forgets.

After sunset, we will wait by the shore to take night pictures of a place as magical as this, before returning to rest in the tents.

patagonia photo tour


Today we will go back to our lodging in El Chaltén, but not before getting up early to capture a new sunrise. Depending on the level of strength after such an exhausting tour, we will decide whether to photograph the dawn lights from Laguna Los Tres or Laguna de Piedras Blancas. The first, closer to the camp, implies a route with a steeper slope, about 400 meters, while the second, about one mile away, has hardly any slope.

In any case, we will make the most of this last session near Fitz Roy to capture, once again, the infinite beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Undoubtedly, if the weather allows us, this extension will provide us with hundreds of fabulous photographs. Certainly, we will be enjoying some of the most impressive views of the entire planet.

After our session, we will return to the camp, where we will pick up our tents, and start the route back to El Chaltén. We will take it easy on the way back, making several photo stops along the way.

After photographing the sunset from near the village, we will return to our lodging to have a shower, pack our luggage, and rest.

patagonia photo tour


Depending on time and energy, we will value a last session at dawn, from the road south of town.

After breakfast, we will start our route to El Calafate airport, where our Patagonia Photo Tour will come to an end.



Pricing and Bookings

The price of this extraordinary Patagonia Photo Tour (Chilean and Argentinean parts), of 14 days (13 nights at the destination), is $5,350€ per person, based on double, triple or quadruple occupancy, shared with other participant/s in the tour, according to the planned itinerary.

Price based on a minimum participation of 6 travelers. If this minimum group is not reached, we will offer the possibility of continuing with the trip for an additional price supplement.

Single room supplement: $1,000, subject to availability at the time of request.

The price of the optional 7-day extension (6 nights at destination), from April 30 to May 6, 2023, is $1,140, with shared room accommodation for 2 nights, and tented accommodation for another 4 nights. The price of the supplement for single accommodation during this extension is $1,160.

To book your spot for this photo tour, you can send us an email to, or call us at (+34) 625 01 44 81 (also available by WhatsApp). You can also book your spot with the form located at the top right area of this page.


Price per person is subject to the minimum group size of 6 participants.

Accommodation only, in hotels or cabins shared with other participants in the trip.

Supplement of $1,000 per stay in single room (plus $1,160 extra in case of participating also in the optional extension choosing to stay in single room). Prices subject to availability at the time of booking.

General Considerations

This Patagonia Photo Tour is organized by the Official Travel Agency ‘Viajes Fotográficos – Dream Photo Expeditions’ ( hereinafter referred to as ‘the travel agency’).

The travel agency carefully studies and designs all the trips that we offer, always trying to adapt them to our travelers needs. All our itineraries and activities are chosen from a photographic point of view. However, the itinerary shown here is just an idea of some of the places that we will be visiting, not being contractual information about what we’ll do during the trip. The tour leaders, photo guides, other guides and/or the travel agency and organizers of the tour, reserve always the right to do any kind of changes to the itinerary and the tour, both before and during the trip.

In this sense, it will be up to the photographer/s guide/s or to the travel agency, the decision of changing any of the programmed activities, places to visit, and shooting sessions for each day, depending on factors as weather, security or light conditions, but not limited to these. We will always be in search of the best possible experiences and moments of light for the customers of this trip. However, sometimes we may decide to change plans depending on some factors. The program may also be changed in case of emergency, injury of illness of any of the participants or main photographers.

At the same time, both the photographers and the travel agency reserves the right of changing the tour leader/s, in case it’s necessary. Some of the reasons might include injuries, illness or hospitalization, severe health problems, accidents, (both of themselves as well as first grade relatives too), etc. In those cases, the agency will bring another photographer able to guide the group in the same destination.


Each traveler is responsible of having all the documentation needed for the trip, as well as for entering the destination/s. To enter Argentina and Chile in the case of Spanish or European Union citizens, a valid passport is sufficient, with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of return of the trip. In addition, depending on the country of residence, it may be necessary to obtain an additional visa or travel authorization.

For citizens traveling from countries other than Spain, please check with the local authorities in your country. Each traveler is responsible for complying with the necessary documentation and requirements to access the destination country.

The travel agency or the photographers accompanying the group have no responsibility for the client’s admission to the destination country, as well as for the documentation and formalities that each client needs to complete.

Travel Insurance

This tour includes a basic assistance insurance. If the client wishes, he/she can extend the coverage by paying the corresponding difference, or take out a different travel insurance at his/her own expense.

It is always recommended to have an insurance with the highest possible coverage of medical expenses, which can even be unlimited.

In case you wish, Workshops Photo Tours will provide the necessary information to arrange a policy with the coverage and conditions appropriate to the client and the contracted trip.

Personal Counseling

The travel agency will give personal counseling and advice to travelers when purchasing their trip. Customers will receive a list with everything that they might need for the route, tips about how to prepare a medical kit for the travel, recommendations about the photography gear for the place, etc… At the same time, our staff will be happy to help and solve any doubt that the clients could have while they are preparing their trip.


We are completely sure that the Patagonia Photo Tour (Chilean and Argentinean parts) will be an unforgettable experience for travelers. Workshops Photo Tours considers that it is its responsibility as a tourist agent to promote values such as respect (cultural, social and environmental). These values must prevail in all its trips. Likewise, Workshops Photo Tours must ensure that the impact of its trips will in no case be negative for the country and its population.

The travel agency or the photographers accompanying the group have no responsibility for any accident, damage, loss or theft that the client may suffer during the trip.

Each customer declares that he or she accepts all the conditions on this trip at the time he or she is doing a reservation request and/or payment for it.


At the time of confirmation of purchase by the customer, he/she must pay the amount of $500 of the trip. The payment of the final part shall be made no later than 60 days before the start of the trip. The agency may terminate the contract and apply the rules established for withdrawal before departure if the consumer does not make any of the payments provided for in the preceding paragraphs within the corresponding period.

The benefits that make up the package travel contract result from the information provided to the consumer in the brochure or program, as well as the indications relating to this information that have been made to confirm the reservation.


In case the agency doesn’t complete the minimum group needed to confirm the trip, customers will have the choice between doing the trip paying an extra supplement, or being issued a full refund.

However if the client doesn’t show or cancels the trip, the following cancellation policies will be applied:

– Up to 60 days before the trip: US$500 (US$863 in case they had chosen single room basis).
– Less than 60 days before the trip: 100% of the cost of the trip.

For these cases, the client is recommended to contract an extended insurance that covers some cancellation assumptions.

Prices are based on the currency exchange rate in effect on September 14, 2019. The currency may be updated up to 21 days prior to departure in accordance with the Combined Travel Act, applying the corresponding supplement / discount.

Once the reservation is done by the client, and the services and their prices are confirmed by us, these prices only could be revised until 20 calendar days prior to the departure dates, only in case there are variations in the transportation costs (including the fuel prices), in accommodations, in rates and taxes referring to certain services (such as landing, boarding in ports and airports), or in monetary exchange rates applied to the trip.


Starting/ending location

International Airport El Calafate, Argentina (Google Maps)


  • Accommodation during the 12 nights of the Patagonia Photo Tour, in shared rooms, as well as the 6 nights of the optional extension, if booked (2 in hotels and 4 in tents).
  • Transportation and transfers during the entire trip, plus all expenses derived from it.
  • Entrance fees to National Parks and natural areas where necessary.
  • Boat excursions to the Grey and Serrano glaciers, as well as trekking and boat excursion on the Perito Moreno.
  • Photographic guide/s specialized in the destination.
  • Personalized instruction and assistance.
  • Basic travel insurance.
  • A minimum of two photo editing videos made by our photographers.
  • Online group photo editing session to process and edit some of the photos taken during the trip.
  • Organization and services of an official travel agency with more than 5 years and 45 photo tours of experience, meeting all legal requirements and regulations in Europe regarding travel.

Not included

  • Flights and/or transportation to and from Patagonia.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner), snacks or beverages.
  • Visas, if required.
  • Tips.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not included in the “Included” section.


This is just a list of the ideal gear for a trip like this. However, there is no need at all to have or bring all this gear. You can join the trip using any kind of camera, or even a smartphone!



We recommend you to bring a DSLR or Mirrorless system camera with interchangeable lenses, but you can join the photo tour bringing any kind of camera, including compact ones, or even a smartphone.

Wide Angle Lens

For example, a 14-24mm or a 16-35mm

A wide angle lens will be really useful to capture the amazing Patagonia landscapes, allowing us to capture beautiful images, along with stunning close-ups.

Standard Zoom

For example, a 24-70MM

An standard zoom, like a 24-70mm, or a 24-105mm, will be very useful on this trip. With that focal length range, you will be able to capture a great variety of the scenes we’ll find.



A 70-200mm or even 100-400mm telephoto lens will allow us to get amazing images of the peaks from a distance, focusing on their details.


FOR EXAMPLE, A 14MM 1'8 OR A 20MM 1'4

These kind of lenses are not really essential, if you already have a fast wide angle. However, if you already have a lens like a 14mm 1’8 or a 20mm 1’4, it would be perfect for the night sessions.




A tripod will be needed for our low light photography sessions, such as the sunrise, sunset and night photography ones. We recommend you bringing a really sturdy one, so it’s not easily moved by the wind.



We recommend you bringing ND filters for long exposure photography, as well as graduated ND filter for sunrises and sunsets. A polarizer filter will be very useful too, to add saturation or avoid reflections.



Bringing a remote or an intervalometer will be a great idea, because they will be very useful in low light sessions, avoiding the need to touch the camera, and therefore minimizing the risk of moved images.


Enough spare batteries

Bringing enough extra batteries is essential for a trip like this. Given the cold temperatures, batteries will run much faster than usual. Therefore, you should bring enough batteries to avoid running out of energies.



We also recommend you bringing enough memory cards so you can store all the pictures you will take during the trip, or even doing security copies. Given their low price, it’s better to carry extra cards.

PRactical Information

Details about the Patagonia Photo Tour and the destination

Is there a minimal physical level to join this Patagonia Photo Tour?

The base trip is easy/medium level, but for the extension a medium level of fitness is required.

This Patagonia Photo Tour is a two-part tour. Since the area includes both locations very easy to visit, and others of more difficult access, we have thought it convenient to make a first base tour of easy level, and to include the most difficult part in an optional extension after that.

In this way, we have that the base trip, of 13 days of duration, is for those who have a simple/medium physical level, and we can say that it is suitable for all the public, as long as they are in a reasonable state of health. Meanwhile, the extension is for those who have an intermediate level, so it is already recommended for people who are in a good physical condition, and used to intermediate level and duration trekking and hiking. We are talking about hikes of between 5 and 6 miles, with no great elevation gain, except for some very specific sections, such as the final part to reach the Laguna Los Tres.

On the other hand, there is no age limit, as long as the physical requirements for each part are taken into account, as we have previously mentioned.

Do I need a minimal photography level to join the Patagonia Photo Tour?

Absolutely not, all photography lovers are welcome, no matter the level!

There is no need of a minimal photography level to join this Patagonia Photo Tour. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to come to this trip, nor even having a lot of experience with your camera. All our photo tours are open to all levels, even for beginners, or unexperienced photography users. Sometimes, we even have people just taking shots with their smartphones.

One of our highlights is providing customized attention, so we will help you to get the best possible images, regardless your previous level. We’ll be there to help you becoming a better photographer!

What kind of weather can I expect during this Patagonia Photo Tour?

Temperatures will be quite or very cold, as well as windy and even snowing

This Patagonia Photo Tour takes place in the middle of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, trying to photograph the spectacular colors of this time of the year. For this reason, and being in mountainous areas, we can expect cold temperatures, being possible to reach 0ºC (32ºF), or even a little less, at night. Likewise, we may encounter some rain and wind, the latter being frequent in Patagonia.

For this reason, we recommend dressing in layers, being ideal for this purpose technical mountain clothing. We recommend wearing a medium or thick fleece, as well as a down jacket or a medium synthetic coat, necessary for the nights. It is also highly recommended to bring a waterproof jacket such as Gore Tex or similar, to protect against rain and wind. In any case, when you confirm your trip reservation, you will receive our recommended equipment guide for more information and details.

Are meals included on this Patagonia Photo Tour?

No, meals are not included in the trip

Our Patagonia Photo Tour does not include meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner). This will allow us to have maximum flexibility during the trip, to focus as much time as possible on what matters most to us, photography.

We will usually have breakfast at the lodges or in cafeterias after our sunrise sessions. Then, we will have some of the lunches and dinners as picnics, with products bought in supermarkets (sandwiches, fruit, snacks, etc), while in other occasions we will go to restaurants, or to the hotels themselves. In any case, we will have plenty of time to enjoy the extraordinary cuisine of the area, where meat stands out (almost essential to try the grilled lamb), and sweets such as alfajor.

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer several payment options for you

Currently, the main payment option we have is the bank transfer. However, if you prefer it, we also have other payment options, such as credit or debit card, PayPal or Transferwise. Please notice that these other payment options may apply a commission fee. You can ask us about these different payment options. 

What kind of accommodations will we have?

During the base Patagonia Photo Tour we will stay in mid-range accommodations.

In this Patagonia Photo Tour, we will stay in medium/tourist category hotels, lodges, apartments or cabins, on a room only basis, and in double, triple or quadruple rooms, to be shared with other participants in the trip, with private bathroom.

For the part of the optional extension of 7 additional days after the trip, we will alternate 2 nights in hotels with 4 nights in tents, which we will spend in campsites located in the most impressive areas of the Glacier National Park in Argentina.

If you come with someone else to the Patagonia Photo Tour, you can share a room, but if not, we will assign you a roommate, always of the same gender. In any case, there is the possibility of hiring accommodation in a single room for an additional supplement.

Can I join this photo tour regardless my country of residence?

Absolutely, no matter the place where you live to join us!

Anyone can join this Patagonia Photo Tour, regardless of the country where they live. Although our office is located in Santander, Spain, our trips are open to participation from anywhere on the planet, so we have clients from countries all over the world. However, Spanish will always be the language used during the Patagonia Photo Tour (sometimes together with English).

Our Patagonia Photo Tour will start at the International Airport in El Calafate, Argentina. All participants will have to be at that meeting point during the starting day of the trip, at a time to be determined by us, where they will have to arrive from their place of origin. Therefore, it is not necessary to pass through Spain before the start of the Patagonia Photo Tour.

What else should I bring to the tour?

We will send you all the information about what you need to bring

After booking this Patagonia Photo Tour, you will receive our travel guide and equipment recommendation to take with you on the Patagonia Photo Tour. This recommendation refers not only to the clothes, accessories and necessary items to take on the Patagonia Photo Tour, but also to the photographic equipment. In short, you will not have to worry about anything, as our experts will inform you of everything you need to bring to make the most of this  Patagonia Photo Tour.

A first tip for the tour is to bring a coat or parka in bright colors, such as red, orange, light green or yellow, which will make it easier for us to take fantastic portraits of you in some of the most incredible locations on the island!

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