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7 days
From February 23 to March 2, 2025
For all photography levels
For most physical levels / All ages








From winter 2023, we offer you our new Senja Photo Tour, complementing our other photographic trips to Norway. From February 23rd to March 2nd, 2025, you can enjoy an unforgettable photographic adventure. On this trip, we will photograph the stunning landscapes of the area, as well as the magical Northern Lights. Alongside the Lofoten Islands archipelago, Senja is another one of the most scenic regions in all of Norway. Arctic mountain landscapes, impressive fjords and peaks, spectacular wild beaches, Senja offers us endless photographic possibilities.

Furthermore, the fact that this trip takes place in winter means that all the landscapes are completely covered in snow, enhancing their already extraordinary beauty. In addition to that, being above the Arctic Circle, Senja is one of the best destinations on the planet to observe the Northern Lights. Therefore, we will have a great chance to photograph this magical natural phenomenon. All of this in a less saturated area compared to Lofoten or Iceland, the most famous destinations for winter landscape photography. As a result, we will be able to enjoy a much more fulfilling experience.

In conclusion, this Photo Tour to Senja will be a dream come true for any landscape photography enthusiast. An intense week of photography and learning that will allow you to return home with hundreds of stunning photos. All of this in a tour designed for all audiences and ages, and in a very small group.

What to photograph during our Photo Tour to Senja?

This Photo Tour to Senja is entirely focused on winter landscape photography and capturing the Northern Lights.

Senja is an island in Northern Norway surrounded by spectacular fjords and peaks, which lead to beautiful wild beaches, giving the area a sublime beauty. Much less visited and crowded than its neighboring Lofoten, Senja offers landscapes and locations that are very similar, equally beautiful, and with as many photographic opportunities as those in Lofoten. The coast of Senja is full of winding cliffs, providing extraordinary viewpoints to capture the surroundings. We can say that practically every step we take, we will find a fantastic view to photograph.

During the week we will spend in Senja, we will visit all the locations in the archipelago, taking advantage of the moments with the best lighting conditions to explore the most scenic spots. Additionally, the winter snow and ice will provide us with idyllic conditions. We will often come across close-up shots where we can capture the beautiful textures and shapes created by the snow.

But in addition to its landscapes, Senja will offer us excellent opportunities to photograph the Northern Lights. Every night, we will be attentive to the weather conditions and solar activity forecasts, trying to make the most of any chance to capture this magical phenomenon. With a little luck on our side, we will be able to witness the greatest show of nature.

Why choose to take this Photo Tour to Senja during this time of the year?

In our opinion, winter is the ideal time to photograph Senja, for several reasons.

Firstly, it is the best time of the year to photograph the Northern Lights, which is one of the main objectives of the trip. By traveling during this period, we will maximize the chances of seeing and capturing the legendary Northern Lights in one of the most favorable destinations on the planet for this phenomenon.

Additionally, during this time, we will experience the beauty of snow-covered landscapes, providing even better conditions for photography. If we already talk about truly stunning landscapes, the snow enhances the beauty of the area even further.

Lastly, during these months, the light is especially beautiful as the sun doesn’t rise too high above the horizon, allowing us to enjoy soft and warm light throughout the day. This renowned Arctic Light will provide dream-like conditions for any photography enthusiast.


Who is this Photo Tour to Senja for?

Our Photo Tour to Senja is suitable for all levels, both in terms of physical abilities and photography skills, as well as for all ages. It is designed as an easy-level trip, ensuring that anyone can join and participate.

On one hand, there is no minimum physical fitness level required to join the trip. The majority of the routes we will take are very short and straightforward, mostly stopping right at the locations. Occasionally, we may take walks in the surrounding areas to explore their various photographic possibilities, but they will always be easy and at a very relaxed pace.

There will be only one more demanding hike, lasting about two hours round trip, to capture the iconic view of Segla mountain. For this hike, we will rent snowshoes (not included in the price) to overcome the approximately 400 meters of elevation gain from the starting point to the destination. However, this hike will be optional, so those who don’t feel prepared for it can rest at the hotel or enjoy the village of Fjordgard while waiting for us.

In addition to that, there is no age limit, and anyone who is reasonably healthy can participate in the trip.

As for the photography level, no prior photography experience is required, although it is always helpful. Our photography guide(s) will be there to assist each participant during the trip, providing personalized attention tailored to each individual’s level. This way, you will be able to capture fantastic photographs during the journey, regardless of your skill level, even if it’s your first time using your photography equipment.

Similarly, you don’t need professional photography equipment to join the group. You can make the most of and enjoy the trip with any camera, although it is recommended to have the best possible quality for capturing the Northern Lights. With any camera, you will be able to enjoy the journey and the experience! As an example, we sometimes have clients who use compact cameras or even just their smartphones.



Based on everything mentioned so far, we can assure you that this Photo Tour to Senja will be a fantastic photography experience. An extraordinary trip to a dream destination where your photography dreams will come true. It’s a true paradise to enjoy landscape photography and capture the fabulous Northern Lights. All of this while learning and improving your photography skills.

All of this will be experienced in a small group, which will facilitate learning and make the most of the experience. Can you imagine yourself there, ready with your tripod to capture the beauty of the area? Now you can make your wish come true by taking one of the few available spots to photograph the incredible Senja. Don’t wait any longer and join this Photo Tour to Senja.

Mount Segla, close to Fjordgard, Senja Workshop Photo Tour

What to expect from this Senja Photo Tour?
  • Capturing the magical Northern Lights in one of the best destinations in the world for this purpose.
  • Photographing the incredible snowy landscapes of Senja.
  • Taking images of beautiful wild beaches along the Norwegian Sea in Senja.
  • Understanding the use of neutral density filters in landscape photography.
  • Receiving advice and instruction on composition ideas and techniques in photography.
  • Understanding and learning techniques of night photography specifically focused on capturing the Northern Lights.
  • Seeing the impact of including the human figure in scenic landscapes.
  • Receiving at least two video tutorials on photo editing after the trip.
  • Conducting an online group meeting after the trip to learn image editing and processing techniques.
Natural Landscapes
Northern Lights

Our Photographic Journey to Senja will begin with the group meeting at Tromso Airport, Norway. Once we introduce ourselves, we will start our journey through the Norwegian Arctic, driving to Senja in our vehicles.

During this journey, we will make a few stops to capture the first images of the trip. After settling into our accommodation, we will try to take advantage and photograph the first Northern Lights of the journey.

Cabin in Steinfjorden, Senja Photo Tour


Today we will start early to head to a spectacular panoramic view of the Traelvika fjord before sunrise. From here, we can enjoy the beautiful morning light as it bathes the snowy landscapes around us.

Afterward, we will spend a large part of the day exploring the eastern part of the island, photographing various locations in the area. Among the areas we will visit, there are wild beaches, fjords, and picturesque fishing villages. During this time, we will search for frozen areas along the shores, which will provide us with extraordinary close-up shots. As mentioned before, due to the height of the sun during this time of the year, the light will always be soft and warm, greatly facilitating the capture of fabulous images.

Finally, we will head to photograph the sunset in the Husoy area, capturing it from a lookout point that offers spectacular views of the island. Afterward, we will have dinner before considering a possible nighttime outing to capture the Northern Lights. If conditions are favorable, we will try to photograph this marvelous natural phenomenon.

Kjerkfjorden sunset, Senja Photo Tours


After a well-deserved rest, we will start a new day by photographing the sunrise from a beautiful location near our accommodation, where we can enjoy the stunning reflections of the fjord.

After breakfast, we will continue photographing some of the villages in the area, such as Lysnes and Indre Arnes. In the surroundings of these villages, we will have the opportunity to capture magical views with impressive fjord reflections. Undoubtedly, it’s a true paradise for landscape photography enthusiasts.

Next, we will have an optional visit, and each participant can decide to join based on their physical condition and energy levels. It is the Hesten trek, where we will photograph one of the most iconic locations in Senja, the spectacular Segla Peak. To reach this point, we will have an elevation gain of about 400 meters, taking around three to four hours for the round trip. Although it is a more challenging hike compared to the rest of the trip, we believe that the reward, with the breathtaking views we will have, will make the effort more than worthwhile. We will stay here until sunset, capturing the sunset from this unparalleled beautiful spot. Please take into account that the possibility of doing this hike will always depend on weather conditions and avalanche danger.

After dinner, if weather conditions permit, we will head out once again to photograph the Northern Lights. Later, we will return to our accommodation to rest.

Segla mountain in Northern Norway in sunset panorama


Once again, we will start the day by photographing a new sunrise from another one of Senja’s most beautiful locations in the Bergsbotn area. From the spectacular viewpoint here, we can capture another breathtaking view of Senja. It’s a perfect spot to photograph the first light of the day as it bathes the magical landscapes around us.

After breakfast, we will hit the road again to photograph several fascinating locations in this part of Senja. During this journey, we will pass through villages like Steinfjord, Bovaer, and Skaland, surrounded by incomparable wild beauty. Once again, we will have the opportunity to capture dreamlike views, as well as beautiful beaches, peaks, and fjords.

For sunset, we will head to one of the highlights of the trip, Tugeneset. From here, we will be amazed by the views of the fjord, with the sharp peaks of the Okshornan massif in the background. In addition to photographing the sunset from this location, it will be the spot where we will return in search of capturing the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights in Tugeneset, Senja Photo Tour


Today we will continue photographing the same area, returning to Tugeneset at sunrise, in search of different lighting than the previous evening.

After breakfast, we will spend the day photographing the surroundings, visiting villages like Nefjordvaer and Senjahopen, which will provide us with countless locations with great photographic potential.

We will end the afternoon with a visit to Ersfjord Beach at sunset. From here, we will capture the last lights of the day, once again with the rugged peaks of Okshornan in the background. Like the previous day, we will return to this spot after dinner, if weather conditions are favorable, to photograph the Northern Lights.

Tugeneset sunset, Senja Photo Tour


Once again, we will wake up early to photograph the sunrise, this time in the area of Hamn, on the beautiful island of Sandvikholmen. The fascinating color of the waters will remind us of the Caribbean, although in a completely different environment, surrounded by snow and stunning fjords.

After breakfast, we will explore this area of the island, visiting places like Senjatrollet and Gryllefjord, among others. From the area, we will have a glorious view of Gryllefjorden fjord.

We will spend the whole day exploring the surroundings, and we will end the day photographing the sunset once again in the Hamn area. We will also take the opportunity to capture the last moments of daylight during the blue hour, contrasting with the warm artificial lighting of the village.

After dinner, we will prepare for another night photography session to capture the Northern Lights if weather conditions are favorable.

Northern Lights at Kliptinden, Senja Photo Tour


Today, after waking up early to photograph the sunrise near our accommodation, we will take the opportunity to explore the southwestern part of the island, visiting the area of Anderdalen National Park.

Alternatively, depending on the conditions, we may spend part of this last full day in Senja to visit locations that we may have missed due to weather conditions, as well as revisit the ones we enjoyed the most.

After capturing the sunset, we will have dinner and make the most of our last opportunity to photograph the Northern Lights.

Landscape of mountains by a majestic river at sunset with an orange cloudy sky in Norway


Today, we will wake up early to transfer to Tromso Airport, where our Photographic Journey to Senja will come to an end.

Segla mountain in Northern Norway in sunset panorama


Pricing and Bookings

The price of this extraordinary Photography Journey to Senja, in Northern Norway, is 3,095$ (USD) / 2.695€ per person, for an 8-day (7-night) trip, based on accommodation in cabins or shared rooms with other participant(s) in the trip (2 to 4 people).

Prices are based on a minimum participation of 6 attendees. If the minimum group size is not reached, there will be an option to proceed with the trip for an additional supplement.

Single room supplement: 900$ (USD) / 800€, subject to availability at the time of booking.

To reserve your spot, please send an email to

General Considerations

The travel agency, Viajes Fotográficos – Dream Photo Expeditions (hereinafter “Viajes Fotográficos” or the agency), carefully designs each of the routes it offers, always adapting to the needs of the traveler. However, due to the particularities of the country, it is possible that these itineraries may undergo variations in their route and places to visit. In this regard, the guides/photographers reserve the right to modify the planned itinerary and/or activities based on weather conditions, environmental factors, road conditions, etc.

Likewise, the guide(s)/photographer(s) reserve the right to interrupt or modify the travel itinerary in case of force majeure circumstances, such as illness, accidents, or theft involving themselves or any of the clients participating in the trip. They will always try to resolve such circumstances in the shortest possible time to resume the trip with minimal impact on the planned program.

Similarly, Viajes Fotográficos reserves the right to substitute the guide(s)/photographer(s) of the trip in case of force majeure circumstances, such as illness, accidents, or hospitalization of the guides/photographers or their immediate family members, among others. In such cases, the trip will be conducted with alternative guides/photographers to ensure minimal disruption to the trip experience.


The traveler is responsible for carrying all the necessary documentation for the trip. To enter Norway with Spanish nationality, it is sufficient to travel with a valid ID card (DNI) or passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of return).

For citizens traveling from countries other than Spain, please check with the local authorities of your country. In principle, the requirements will be the same as for travelers with Spanish nationality, but each case should be confirmed individually. In any case, each traveler is responsible for complying with the necessary documentation and requirements to enter the destination country, as well as for carrying out the necessary procedures for entry.

Neither Viajes Fotográficos nor the photographers accompanying the group have any responsibility regarding the client’s admission to the destination country, as well as the documentation and procedures that each client needs to carry out.

Travel Insurance

This trip includes basic assistance insurance. If the client wishes, they can expand the coverage by paying the corresponding difference or choose to purchase a different travel insurance on their own. It is always recommended to have insurance with the highest possible coverage for medical expenses, which may even be unlimited. If the client wishes to do so, Viajes Fotográficos will provide the necessary information to process a policy with the appropriate coverage and conditions for the client and the contracted trip.

Personal Counseling

Viajes Fotográficos is committed to providing personalized assistance to its travelers at the time of booking their services. A list of necessary equipment for the trip, advice on assembling a small travel first aid kit, recommendations on suitable photography equipment for the country, etc., will be provided. Our staff will be delighted to address any questions that may arise during the trip preparation process.


Viajes Fotográficos believes that the Photographic Journey to Senja will be an unforgettable experience for travelers. As a tour operator, Viajes Fotográficos considers it their responsibility to promote values such as respect (cultural, social, and environmental), which should prevail in all their trips. Similarly, Viajes Fotográficos ensures that the impact of their trips does not have a negative effect on the country and its population.

Neither Viajes Fotográficos nor the accompanying photographers are responsible for any accidents, damages, losses, or theft that clients may experience during the trip.


At the time of purchase confirmation by the client, a payment of 500€, corresponding to the amount of the trip, must be made. The final payment must be made no later than 60 days before the start of the trip. The agency may terminate the contract and apply the established rules for withdrawal before departure if the consumer fails to make any of the payments mentioned above within the corresponding timeframe. The services included in the combined travel contract are based on the information provided to the consumer in the brochure or program, as well as any additional indications regarding this information provided when confirming the reservation.


If the minimum group size is not reached to proceed with the trip, the agency will fully refund the client’s advance payment.

However, if the client decides to cancel their trip, the following cancellation fees will apply:

– Up to 60 days before the trip: 500€.
– Less than 60 days before the trip: 100% of the trip cost.

In such cases, it is recommended that the client obtains an extended insurance policy that covers certain cancellation scenarios. The prices are based on the exchange rate in effect on September 14, 2019. The currency may be updated up to 21 days before departure in accordance with the Combined Travel Law, with the corresponding surcharge/discount applied.

Once the client’s reservation is confirmed and the services and their price are confirmed by the agency, it can only be revised up to 20 calendar days before the departure date in the event of variations in transportation costs (including fuel prices), accommodations, taxes or fees related to specific services (such as landing, boarding or disembarking fees at ports and airports), and exchange rates applied to the trip.


Starting/ending location

Tromso International Airport (TOS), Norway (Google Maps)


  • Accommodation for 7 nights during the trip in a shared room with 2 to 4 participants.
  • Airport pickup at the beginning of the trip in Tromso and transfer back to the airport at the end of the trip.
  • Transportation in vehicles throughout the entire trip, including all associated expenses.
  • Specialized photography guide(s) in the destination.
  • Personalized services, attention and photography instruction.
  • Basic travel insurance.
  • Two or more photography editing videos created by our photographers.
  • Group editing session video after the trip, where you will learn editing and processing techniques for your images.
  • Organization and management of the trip by our own Official Travel Agency specialized in photography trips, with over 45 organized photography trips, and fully compliant with all legal requirements and regulations regarding travel in Europe.

Not included

  • Flights and/or transportation to and from Leknes Airport, Norway
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner), snacks or beverages.
  • Tips.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not included in the “Included” section.


This is just a list of the ideal gear for a trip like this. However, there is no need at all to have or bring all this gear. You can join the trip using any kind of camera, or even a smartphone!



We recommend you to bring a DSLR or Mirrorless system camera with interchangeable lenses, but you can join the photo tour bringing any kind of camera, including compact ones, or even a smartphone.

Wide Angle Lens

For example, a 14-24mm or a 16-35mm

A wide angle lens will be really useful to capture the amazing Lofoten Arctic landscapes. It’s also interesting that it’s a fast lens (f/2’8 or faster), for the Northern Lights photography sessions.

Standard Zoom

For example, a 24-70MM

An standard zoom, like a 24-70mm, or a 24-105mm, will be very useful on this trip. With that focal length range, you will be able to capture a great variety of the scenes we’ll find.



If available, you can bring a telephoto lens such as a 70-200mm to capture closer shots of the mountains and to capture wildlife in the area.



FOR EXAMPLE, A 14MM 1'8 OR A 20MM 1'4

These kind of lenses are not really essential, if you already have a fast wide angle. However, if you already have a lens like a 14mm 1’8 or a 20mm 1’4, it would be perfect for the Northern Lights sessions.




A tripod will be needed for our low light photography sessions, such as the sunrise, sunset and night photography ones. We recommend you bringing a really sturdy one, so it’s not easily moved by the wind.



We recommend you bringing ND filters for long exposure photography, as well as graduated ND filter for sunrises and sunsets. A polarizer filter will be very useful too, to add saturation or avoid reflections.



Bringing a remote or an intervalometer will be a great idea, because they will be very useful in low light sessions, avoiding the need to touch the camera, and therefore minimizing the risk of moved images.


Enough spare batteries

Bringing enough extra batteries is essential for a trip like this. Given the cold temperatures, batteries will run much faster than usual. Therefore, you should bring enough batteries to avoid running out of energies.



We also recommend you bringing enough memory cards so you can store all the pictures you will take during the trip, or even doing security copies. Given their low price, it’s better to carry extra cards.

PRactical Information

Details about the trip and the destination

Is there a minimal physical level to join this trip?

Most of the visits we will make will require short walks.

This Photography Trip to Senja is suitable for all audiences, and there is no predetermined minimum physical level required to participate. You only need to be capable of walking for a few minutes, as most of the locations we will photograph will be very close to where the vehicles transport us. There will only be one moderate-level hike that lasts about two hours round trip, but participation in this hike is optional.

Similarly, there is no age limit as long as the individual is reasonably healthy and in good shape.

Do I need a minimal photography level to join the trip?

Absolutely not, all photography lovers are welcome, no matter the level!

There is no minimum photography level required to participate in the trip, and you don’t need to be a professional photographer to join. Our Photography Trips are suitable for all skill levels, including beginners or those who prefer to use a compact camera or mobile phone. Our guides provide personalized attention to each participant, helping them capture the best images of the destination. Similarly, for photographing aurora borealis, previous experience is not necessary as we will assist you with focusing, composition, and proper exposure.

What kind of weather can I expect during this trip?

Temperatures will be quite or very cold, as well as windy and even snowing

In this Photography Trip to Senja, Norway, being in winter, we will be facing very low temperatures, especially during the nights and early mornings, with temperatures ranging from -5 to -10 degrees Celsius, or sometimes even lower. Additionally, we may experience snowfall or even blizzard conditions. Therefore, it is essential to come properly equipped to endure the cold weather. You will need a warm parka or down jacket, snow boots, and specialized cold weather gloves.

Upon confirming your trip reservation, you will receive our recommended equipment guide for more information and details regarding the necessary gear.

Are meals included on this trip?

No, meals are not included in the trip

Our Photography Trip to Senja, Norway does not include meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). This allows us to have maximum flexibility during the trip to make the most of our time for photography. Typically, we will have an early breakfast before the sunrise session since the sun rises quite late during this time of year. Often, we will have on-the-go meals with items purchased from supermarkets, and later we can dine at local restaurants or at the hotel.

However, we will have time to enjoy the delicious local cuisine, especially their fabulous fish dishes or specialties like reindeer.

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer several payment options for you

Currently, the main form of payment we handle is bank transfer. However, if necessary, we also offer other payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, or TransferWise. Please note that using these alternative payment methods may incur a small surcharge due to the high transaction fees involved. Feel free to contact us for more details and information.

What kind of accommodations will we have?

In this trip, we will be staying in mid-range hotels.

During our Photo Tour to Senja, we will be staying in mid-range/tourist category cabins and/or hotels, on a room-only basis. Accommodation will be in double, triple, or quadruple rooms to be shared with other participants in the trip, always with private bathrooms.

If you are traveling with someone else, you can share a room, but if not, we will assign you a roommate of the same gender. However, there is also the option to book a single room accommodation for an additional supplement (subject to availability).

Can I join this photo tour regardless my country of residence?

Yes, people from any country can participate in the trip.

Yes, anyone can join this Photo Tour regardless of which country they live in. Although our travel agency is based in Spain, our trips are open to clients from all around the world, especially Spanish-speaking countries, so Spanish will be the primary language used during the trip (sometimes along with English).

Our Photo Tour to Senja will start and end at Tromso International Airport in Norway. All participants will need to be at that meeting point on the designated day of the trip, at a time that will be specified, and make their way there from their place of origin. Therefore, there is no need to travel to any other intermediary city before the start of the trip to meet the rest of the participants.

What else should I bring to the tour?

We will send you all the information about what you need to bring

As soon as you sign up for this Photo Tour to Senja, we will send you our travel guide and equipment recommendations for the trip. This recommendation includes information about the clothing, accessories, and necessary items to bring on the trip, as well as the photographic equipment. In essence, you won’t have to worry about anything, as our experts will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of this trip.

Proceed Booking

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