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14 days
From December 4 to 17, 2022
Mandalay International Airport, Myanmar
Yangon International Airport, Myanmar
for all photography levels
for all physical levels and ages







This Myanmar Photo Tour, from December the 4th to the 17th, 2022, will be a fabulous photo experience, as well as one of our most complete tours. Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is full of different photo possibilities, including several types of photography, as portrait, landscape, architecture or cultural photography. Therefore, we are talking a very intense photo tour, in which we’ll combine several photo disciplines, allowing to capture all kind of images. 

With so many possibilities from a photographic point of view, this photo tour is highly recommended for any photo enthusiastic. During almost 2 whole weeks, we’ll be exploring the main landmarks in this fascinating country, enough time to enjoy an amazing experience. We will count with an expert local team, which will take us through the country. At the same time, you’ll be guided by our professional photo guides Luis Vélez, expert in the area, and Sergio Lanza, and will count with the services of our own travel agency dealing with all the details. Everything has been carefully planned and prepared so you only have to worry about having fun!

We will be taking lots of pictures every single day of the trip, but we will pay special attention to sunrises and sunsets, where we’ll be visiting the most spectacular locations. This way, we will try to photograph tose top spots under the best possible light. Both the impressive sceneries and the urban and architecture locations will look incredible under the golden light from dawn and dusk! Be sure that we’ll make the most from every single moment during this Myanmar photo tour.


What to photograph during this Myanmar Photo Tour?

As previously stated, this is one of our most complete photo tours, meaning that we’ll be enjoying different types of photography. Social, architecture and landscape photography will be our main subjects during the trip, allowing to get excellent images on a daily basis. 

Regarding social photography and portraits, we will have extraordinary chances to photograph the locals every single day, both in the cities and towns, as well as in the monasteries. We’ll be specially searching for children, and elderly people, who will bring us wonderful possibilities. Besides this, we will be photographing portraits of the Buddhist monks at some of the monasteries we will visit. Undoubtedly, you will really enjoy these sessions and will get amazing pictures from them.

At the same time, we will be focusing on landscape and architecture photography. Most of the cities and towns we will visit will bring us great photo opportunities for both. Among the places we will visit, we can highlight cities like Mandalay and Yangon, the amazing Bagan, with its more than 2,000 temples, and the incredible Lake Inle and the fabulous area around it.

We’ll be spending several days in each of these locations, photographing countless temples, pagodas and monasteries. Each one of these building will bring us extraordinary possibilities to photograph their impressive architecture, as well as the endless details on them. At the same time, we’ll be able to include those buildings in our landscape pictures, capturing fabulous shots.


Why doing this Myanmar Photo Tour during this time of the year?

We are hosting this Myanmar photo tour in November because of the weather, since this is the beginning of the dry season, after the monsoon. Before this month, due to the rain, some roads can be impossible to pass, so it could ruin some of our plans. 

At the same time, temperatures in November, although high, as during the whole year, will be much more bearable.


Who is this Myanmar Photo Tour for?

This Myanmar photo workshop is suitable for any photography lover. There is no age limit or minimum physical level required to join us on this adventure. Same way, no matter the photographic level to participate.

First, this will be a quite easy trip, with no long or complicated hikes. Most photo locations will be easily accessible from the places we’ll be parking at, meaning little efforts will be needed. At the same time, there is no age limit to join this photo tour, so anyone with a reasonably good health will be welcome to participate.

Then, no previous photo experience is required for the photo tour. All photography levels are welcome, no matter if you are an amateur, a professional or a mid level photographer. Your photography guides will be constantly helping you, and bringing personalized assistance to all the participants, adjusted to their particular needs. Therefore, you will be able to get fantastic photos during this Myanmar photo tour, while you learn and/or improve your photography.



To sum up, we are offering a great opportunity to photograph the amazing Myanmar. We will be capturing its most spectacular locations, while we photograph the friendly locals and the kind Buddhist monks. This country is a very special destination, with so much to offer, both from the photography and from the cultural and human points of view

Seats will be very limited, in order to bring you a very complete experience. Do not miss this great opportunity and join this fantastic Myanmar Photo Tour now, we are totally sure you won’t be disappointed!

viaje fotografico Myanmar

What to expect from this Myanmar Photo Tour?
  • Capturing the spectacular architecture of the amazing temples, pagodas and monasteries in Myanmar
  • Getting incredible portraits of the locals, and photographing the friendly Buddhist monks at the monasteries
  • Exploring the mythical Lake Inle, where we'll photograph the famous fishermen
  • Photographing some of the most spectacular temples in Bagan
  • Exploring the endless photo opportunities at the markets around Lake Inle
  • Understanding and learning to use ND filters in landscape photography
  • Getting tips, ideas and instruction for composition, as well as learning different photography techniques
  • Doing some night photography sessions at precious locations

Our Myanmar Photo Tour will begin with the meeting of the group at Mandalay International Airport. From here, we’ll get to our hotel, where we’ll leave our luggage, before heading to the city to take our first photographs in Myanmar. For this first visit, we’ll be heading to a local market, getting great portrait opportunities.

After this, we’ll get to one of the most spectacular locations around Mandalay, the U Bein Bridge. This fabulous wooden bridge will offer great possibilities for photography, being our sunset location for this first day. Once the night has come, we’ll get back to our hotel to rest.

viaje fotografico Myanmar


We’ll wake up early to photograph sunrise, for what we’ll get back to the U Bein Bridge, looking for different lights and compositions from our previous visit. It’s such a wonderful location, that we’ll have plenty of chances to capture great shots.

After breakfast, we’ll visit some of the most picturesque spots in Mandalay. During the worst light hours, we will be focusing in social photography, visiting a local school and a market. Both visits will bring us incomparable photo opportunities. Another of our main purposes for today will be visiting some of the fantastic traditional puppet shows, again, a great chance to get wonderful pictures.

For sunset, we will visit the Golden Palace Monastery and the Mahamuni Pagoda, some of the most stunning locations in Mandalay. We’ll keep photographing the area until it gets dark, when we’ll go back to the hotel to sleep.

viaje fotografico Myanmar


One more time, we’ll wake up early to capture the first lights of the day from the city, before getting breakfast and heading to several nearby towns, Amarapura, Inwa and Sagaing, just some minutes drive from Mandalay. These towns are former capitals of Myanmar, being the reason of their spectacular architectural and cultural patrimony. 

Amarapura was the country capital until 1857, when Mandalay became the new capital of Myanmar. Here, we will visit the Mahar Gandar Yone monastery, whose monks leave their rooms everyday to receive food. Then, we will also visit the Kiaw Aung San Dar monastery, which contains a beautiful Buddha statute, as well as spectacular temples and pagodas.

Following this, we’ll head to Inwa, also known as Ava, where we will photograph the Maha Aung Myen Bonzan and Bagaya monasteries, as well as the Yadana Hsemee pagoda. Sadly, this was almost completely destroyed due to the 1839 earthquake.

Afterwards, we will go to Sagaing. This town is remarkable because of its important Buddhist activity, so we will have fabulous chances to photograph the monks. Here, we will visit the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, with its incredible dome, and the impressive U Min Thonze pagoda. Both places will bring us lots of photo opportunities.

Finally, we will go back to Mandalay, visiting the Mingun Stupa, as well as the Mya Thein Tan Pagoda, which will be our sunset location. After our session, we will get back to our hotel to rest and recover from this really intense day.

viaje fotografico Myanmar


Today we will wake up early to head to our following destination during this Myanmar photo tour, Lake Inle. The route will be very long, up to 7 hours, so we will be doing some stops during the way, to photograph the surroundings. 

We’ll try to get to the lake during the afternoon, when we’ll leave our luggage in our hotel, before heading to our first photo location around the lake. For the end of the day, we’ll be photographing sunset by the shoreline, as the last rays of sunlight illuminate its water. After this, we’ll go to our hotel to sleep.

viaje fotografico Myanmar


Again, we will wake up early and head to the lake, where we will enjoy one of the most amazing visits of the trip. We’ll be photographing the mythical Lake Inle intha fishermen by sunrise, as they bring us the best possibilities to get amazing portraits. Certainly, this will be one of the most fruitful moments of this photo tour.

After this, we will move around the lake, visiting the Five Day Market, which will be the perfect moment to photograph the locals and the marketers, trading all kinds of goods. One of the most remarkable areas, although so crowded, is the Ywama floating market. Depending on the water level during our visit, we might be able to take pictures of this precious part of the market.

Being in Ywama, we’ll explore the village searching for its fabulous possibilities for pictures. We will move around its network of canals, markets and souvenir stores, while we photograph wonderful portraits of the locals. Undoubtedly, this will be a very fruitful excursion, being able to capture the social life of the inhabitants of this precious part of Lake Inle.

Finally, we will get to the Phaung Daw Oo Paya pagoda, an amazing sanctuary, as well as to the market next to it. This will be our sunset location for today, and we’ll get fantastic shots of the pagoda as the last rays of sunlight illuminate it.

viaje fotografico Myanmar


Today, we will repeat our sunrise visit to Lake Inle, to photograph the intha fishermen again, searching for different lights and new compositions. If lucky with the sun, we’ll be able to capture spectacular images of the fishermen, as the sun rises. We will photograph their beautiful silhouettes, in contrast with the golden early morning light, and its reflection over the lake.

After sunrise, we will move to the In Dein ruins area, a complex of stupas and paths, surrounded by exuberant vegetation. Also known as the Archaeological Complex of Kukka, the place contains more than 2,000 stupas, creating a fabulous setting both from the cultural and the photographic points of view. We’ll stay in the area for most of the day, given the endless photo possibilities of the location.

Finally, we will get to the lake shoreline for shooting sunset, before heading back to our hotel to rest.

viaje fotografico Myanmar


We will wake up early again to photograph our last sunrise by Lake Inle. The beautiful moments lived in this mythical place will be unforgettable, and will allow us for extraordinary images.

After sunrise, we’ll initiate the route to our upcoming destination, the outstanding Bagan. It will be a very long way, taking most part of the day, so we’ll do some stops to take pictures of the sceneries around us, as well as to capture some portraits of the people we’ll find throughout our route. Among these places, we can highlight Meiktila, as well as the same named lake.

At the final part of the route, we will visit the famous Mount Popa, a stunning mountain with a precious monastery on top, considered a sacred place. Depending on the energies, we’ll check the option of getting to the monastery, after climbing up the 777 steps to the top. Anyway, we will be photographing sunset in the surroundings, as well as capture the impressive view of the mountain from the road.

After sunset, we will continue our way to Bagan, going directly to our accommodation.

viaje fotografico Myanmar


As usual, we will wake up early for our first sunrise photo visit in the spectacular Bagan. For this, we will get to Shwesandaw Pagoda, from where we’ll capture the first rays of daylight illuminating the amazing temples in the area.

Bagan currently features more than 4,000 temples, although they were more than 13,000 pagodas and stupas in ancient times, being the most important capital of the Burmese Empire. The views from almost anywhere in town are, simply, extraordinary. Therefore we will be able to capture great images constantly.

Following our sunrise visit, we will get to the nearby Dhammayan Gyi Pagoda, the largest one in the area. This pagoda was built in the year 1170, by King Narathu, and has a quite sinister history. In order to become king, Narathu murdered his older brother, his father and his wife. It’s believed that, as an act of repentance or compensation for his acts, he ordered to build this spectacular pagoda. However, the king was also murdered before completing the construction, not knowing who was the killer, and the legend says that his spirit still wanders within the temple walls.

Apart from photographing the amazing temples and their fabulous architecture, Bagan will also bring us extraordinary chances for portraits. By one hand, we will be able to photograph the locals, during their daily routines. But, specially, we will have fantastic opportunities to capture great portraits of the Buddhist monks. We will spend a lot of time during our visit to Bagan photographing them, so we’ll sure you’ll get wonderful portraits in the area.

For sunset, we will head to the Thatbinnyu Pagoda, another precious temple where we will get fabulous photographs. We’ll stay in the area until it gets dark, when we’ll get back to our hotel to rest.

viaje fotografico myanmar1


Today, we’ll get up early again, for a possible sunrise session. This time we’ll go for an optional hot air balloon over Bagan (not included in Price, around US$450/375€ per person). On this ride, we will enjoy the unbelievable views of Bagan from the air, having the chance to get surreal pictures. From above, we will be able to photograph the whole surroundings from a totally different perspective, with the golden light illuminating the sceneries around us. Certainly, one of the highlights of the trip.

Following this, we will visit some of the most important pagodas in Bagan, spending most part of the day on it. Among these, we can highlight the Shwezigon Pagoda, an enormous and spectacular golden temple with an impressive stupa, reaching 160 foot (49 meter) height. In addition to this, we will visit the BuPhaya Stupa, located by the Ayeyarwady River, and built almost 2,000 years ago, and the Ananda Stupa, which has precious sculptures of Buddha inside.

In the evening, we will visit the Shwesandaw Pagoda again, this time during sunset, being able to photograph it under different light. After making the most of our time by the pagoda, we will return to our accommodation, to recharge our batteries after this full day in Bagan.

viaje fotografico Myanmar

DAY 10

Once again, we will wake up early for sunrise, this time getting to Sulamani Pagoda, another of the most impressive ones in the area, built in 1181. We’ll capture the first lights of the day illuminating the surroundings, before exploring the gardens and markets around it, when we’ll also have great portrait photo opportunities.

Afterwards, we will allow for some time to rest and buying souvenirs, before heading to Manuha temple to photograph the famous reclining Buda.

Finally, during the evening, we will get to Buledi Pagofa, also known as Bulethi, for sunset. These apagodas, are much less crowded than the most famous ones, but still will bring us extraordinary views and photo opportunities.

After sunset, we will go back to our hotel, for a well deserved rest.

viaje fotografico myanmar1

DAY 11

This will be our last sunrise in Bagan, for which we will get to Dhammayazika Pagoda, another of the most spectacular temples in town.

After making the most in the location, we will begin our way to Yangon, again a long route. As during our previous drives, we will be doing some stops along the way, visiting places such as Mount Popa, again, or Nayipido.

Once we get to Yangon, we will head to the Sule Pagoda for sunset. This beautiful temple is located in the middle of a very busy street, as if it was a roundabout. The beautiful contrast of the pagoda with the modern buildings around it will allow for very nice photo opportunities. After this visit, we will check the option of photographing Yangon at night from the Sakura Tower.

Finally, we will get to our hotel after such a long day of route.

viaje fotografico myanmar

DAY 12

For this first full day in Yangon, we’ll visit some of the most photogenic locations around the city. We will begin heading to Shwedagon Pagoda for sunrise. This fabulous pagoda, 328 foot (100 meter) high, is located on top of a hill, and surrounded by lots of stupas and smaller temples. It will be an ideal destination for our sunrise session, as the first rays of daylight, illuminating its lovely golden dome, as well as the wonderful diamond on its top.

After breakfast, we’ll begin exploring the city, looking for portraits. Among the places we will visit, we can highlight markets and comercial streets, such as the Bogyoke Aung San market

In the afternoon, we will visit the Kandawgyi Lake area, one of Yangon’s lungs, as well as one of the most beautiful locations around the city. Here we will photograph the outstanding Karaweik Hall at sunset. This impressive building, takes the shape of the Karaweik (a magic bird in Burmese mythology), is a reconstruction of the great royal boats, which were used in ancient times by the Burmese kings. We are talking about such a precios spot, that we will be able to take dozens of wonderful pictures of it. We’ll spend the rest of the day here, until it gets totally dark, when we’ll head back to our hotel.

viaje fotografico myanmar

DAY 13

Today, we will wake up early to visit the neogothic Saint’s Mary Cathedral, from 1899. This was designed by a Dutch architect, being a huge contrast with the traditional Burmese architecture, located all around the country.

After this session, we’ll head to the Chinese Quarter, where we’ll get fabulous social photography chances. Following this, we will have some free time for shopping in the city, before heading to our following destination.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Inya Lake and the gardens around it, spending the rest of the day in the area. Afterwards, we’ll visit our sunset location, Kandagwi Lake. From here, we will photograph the stunning Swedagon Pagoda at sunset, capturing the lovely reflections on the lake.

viaje fotografico myanmar

DAY 14

Depending on our flight schedules, we may enjoy a last sunrise visit in Yangon, for which we would photograph the Botataung Pagoda.

After this possible session, we’ll be taken to Yangon International Airport, where our Myanmar photo tour will end.


Pricing and Bookings

The cost of this fantastic 14 day (13 night) long Myanmar Photo Tour, is US$3,390 per person. Price includes double shared accommodations with another participant in the trip, according to the itinerary.

Price calculated for a minimum group of 6 participants. In case there were less than 6 people for the group, customers will have the chance to continue with the trip paying an extra supplement, or to receive a full refund if the trip has to be cancelled.

Single room supplement: US$960, depending on availability.

To book your spot for this photo tour, you can send us an email to, or call us at (+34) 625 01 44 81 (also available by WhatsApp). You can also book your spot with the form located at the top right area of this page.

General Considerations

This Myanmar Photo Tour is organized by the Official Travel Agency ‘Viajes Fotográficos – Dream Photo Expeditions’ ( hereinafter referred to as ‘the travel agency’).

The travel agency carefully studies and designs all the trips that we offer, always trying to adapt them to our travelers needs. All our itineraries and activities are chosen from a photographic point of view. However, the itinerary shown here is just an idea of some of the places that we will be visiting, not being contractual information about what we’ll do during the trip. The tour leaders, photo guides, other guides and/or the travel agency and organizers of the tour, reserve always the right to do any kind of changes to the itinerary and the tour, both before and during the trip.

In this sense, it will be up to the photographer/s guide/s or to the travel agency, the decision of changing any of the programmed activities, places to visit, and shooting sessions for each day, depending on factors as weather, security or light conditions, but not limited to these. We will always be in search of the best possible experiences and moments of light for the customers of this trip. However, sometimes we may decide to change plans depending on some factors. The program may also be changed in case of emergency, injury of illness of any of the participants or main photographers.

At the same time, both the photographers and the travel agency reserves the right of changing the tour leader/s, in case it’s necessary. Some of the reasons might include injuries, illness or hospitalization, severe health problems, accidents, (both of themselves as well as first grade relatives too), etc. In those cases, the agency will bring another photographer able to guide the group in the same destination.


Each traveler is responsible of having all the documentation needed for the trip, as well as for entering the destination/s. To visit Myanmar, you need a valid Passport, and may also need a visa or an electronic travel authorization to enter the country.

Always check the requirements with your country authorities before traveling to a foreign destination.

The photographers and the travel agency have no responsibility about each traveler’s documentation, or about the requirements to be allowed to enter in Myanmar or any other country.

Travel Insurance

This Myanmar Photo Tour includes a basic assistance insurance. However, we strongly recommend you to bring a full travel insurance, which has unlimited or high limit money coverages in case of accident or disease.

Personal Counseling

The travel agency will give personal counseling and advice to travelers when purchasing their trip. Customers will receive a list with everything that they might need for the route, tips about how to prepare a medical kit for the travel, recommendations about the photography gear for the place, etc… At the same time, our staff will be happy to help and solve any doubt that the clients could have while they are preparing their trip.


We are completely sure that this Myanmar Photo Tour will be an unforgettable experience for travelers, as well as an intensive learning process. The travel agency will always try to promote values such as respect (cultural, social and environmental). Those values will always prevail in all our trips. At the same time, ‘Dream Photo Expeditions’ will always ensure that the impact of their trips is never negative for the country, their citizens or their wildlife.

The travel agency, tour leaders, guides, or the photographers hosting the trip, will have no responsibility at all for any accident, loss, theft or damage suffered by the customers participating on it.

Each customer declares that he or she accepts all the conditions on this trip at the time he or she is doing a reservation request and/or payment for it.


At the moment of booking, the client will be required to send an initial payment of US$600 (US$863 if choosing single room). Payments can be done by bank transfer, by credit or debit card, and by PayPal. However, please notice that credit or debit card and PayPal payments are subject to a supplement fee, to cover the costs of these payment methods.

The remaining balance will be due 60 days prior to the trip. If one client doesn’t make effective any of the expected payments in the deadline, the organizers has the right to cancel the contract with that participant, without any refund, as the terms previously seen. The features that make up the combined travel contract come from the information given to the client in the brochure or program, as well as from the indications regarding this information that could have been given when confirming the reservation.


In case the agency doesn’t complete the minimum group needed to confirm the trip, customers will have the choice between doing the trip paying an extra supplement, or being issued a full refund.

If the travel agency needs to cancel the trip, for any reason, customers will get a 100% refund of the cost of the photo tour.

However if the client doesn’t show or cancels the trip, the following cancellation policies will be applied:

– Less than 60 days prior to the trip: US$600 (US$863 in case they had chosen single room basis).
– Greater than 60 days prior to the trip: 100% of the trip cost.

Prices are based in the Exchange rates by December, the 11th, 2019. The currency may be updated until 21 days prior to the departure, according to Spanish Travel Laws, applying a supplement/discount in case of change.

Once the reservation is done by the client, and the services and their prices are confirmed by us, these prices only could be revised until 20 calendar days prior to the departure dates, only in case there are variations in the transportation costs (including the fuel prices), in accommodations, in rates and taxes referring to certain services (such as landing, boarding in ports and airports), or in monetary exchange rates applied to the trip.


Starting/ending location

Mandalay International Airport, Myanmar (Google Maps)
Yangon International Airport, Myanmar (Google Maps)


  • Accommodation in hotels during the 13 nights of the photo tour, on a double shared room basis.
  • Transportation in Myanmar plus all the related expenses, including picking up at the airport.
  • Services of our local travel agency and team.
  • Services of the professional photographer/s leading the group.
  • Personalized services, attention and photography instruction.
  • Basic travel insurance.
  • Organization and services of an official travel agency with more than 5 years and 40 photo tours of experience.

Not included

  • Flights and/or transportation to Mandalay and from Yangon.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner), snacks or beverages.
  • Entrance fees to temples, pagodas or other visits, if applicable
  • Optional hot air ballon ride in Bagan
  • Tips.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not included in the “Included” section.


This is just a list of the ideal gear for a trip like this. However, there is no need at all to have or bring all this gear. You can join the trip using any kind of camera, or even a smartphone!



We recommend you to bring a DSLR or Mirrorless system camera with interchangeable lenses, but you can join the photo tour bringing any kind of camera, including compact ones, or even a smartphone.

Wide Angle Lens

For example, a 14-24mm or a 16-35mm

A wide angle lens will be very useful to capture the amazing landscapes and cityscapes in Myanmar. At the same time, it will be very useful for capturing the beautiful monasteries and pagodas around the country.

Standard Zoom

For example, a 24-70MM

An standard zoom, like a 24-70mm, or a 24-105mm, will be very useful on this trip. With that focal length range, you will be able to capture a great variety of the sceneries around us, as well as great portraits.



A telephoto lens like a 70-200mm will be very useful on this trip, in order to capture great portraits of the locals during their daily routines, or of the Buddhist monks that we will meet along our route.



FOR EXAMPLE, A 85MM 1'4, A 50MM 1'4 OR A 35MM 1'4

A fast specific portrait lens, such as a 85mm f/1’4, a 50mm f/1’4 or a 35mm f/1’4, would be excellent to capture amazing portraits of the monks and the local during our visits, with precious bokeh.




A tripod will be needed for our low light photography sessions, such as the sunrise, sunset and night photography ones. We recommend you bringing a really sturdy one, so it’s not easily moved by the wind.



We recommend you bringing ND filters for long exposure photography, as well as graduated ND filter for sunrises and sunsets. A polarizer filter will be very useful too, to add saturation or avoid reflections.



Bringing a remote or an intervalometer will be a great idea, because they will be very useful in low light sessions, avoiding the need to touch the camera, and therefore minimizing the risk of moved images.


Enough spare batteries

Bringing enough extra batteries is essential for a trip like this. As we’ll be practicing different types of photography, we’ll capture hundreds of pictures every day. Therefore, you will need enough spare batteries.



We also recommend you bringing enough memory cards so you can store all the pictures you will take during the trip, or even doing security copies. Given their low price, it’s better to carry extra cards.

PRactical Information

Details about the trip and the destination

Is there a minimal physical level to join this trip?

No, this trip is suitable for all physical levels and conditions

Our Myanmar Photo Tour is recommended for anyone, no matter their age or their physical level. Most of the locations we’ll be visiting are very close to the places where we’ll park, so we can consider this Myanmar photo tour as a very easy to do trip. Therefore, there is no minimum physical level required to participate.

At the same time, there is no age limit to join the tour, anyone can participate as long as they are reasonably healthy.

Do I need a minimal photography level to join the trip?

Absolutely not, all photography lovers are welcome, no matter the level!

There is no minimum photography level required to join this Myanmar Photo Tour. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to participate, nor even having previous experience with your camera. All our photo tours are open to all levels, even for beginners, or unexperienced photography users. Sometimes, we even have people just taking shots with their smartphones.

One of our highlights is providing customized attention, so we will help you to get the best possible images, regardless your previous level. We’ll be there to help you becoming a better photographer!

What kind of weather can I expect during this trip?

Temperatures will be very warm during this photo tour

During this Myanmar Photo Tour, we can expect quite to very warm temperatures most of the time. Average temperatures during this period are normally around 75º to 86º Fahrenheit  (24º to 30º Celsius). Besides, it’s the beginning of the dry season, so little to no rain can be expected.

For this reason, we recommend you dressing in layers, ideally using cool anti moisture clothing. This way, you’ll be able to add or remove layers depending on the temperature. A light jacket could be interesting for the nights, just in case you get cold. Same way, bringing a waterproof shell would be a good idea, for the unlikely case of rain. On the other hand, fresh hiking shoes would be perfect for most of the time. Once you confirm your booking, you will also receive a guide withe the recommended gear list for this Myanmar Photo Tour.

Are meals included on this trip?

No, meals are not included in the trip

This Myanmar Photo Tour, as most of our trips, doesn’t include meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner). This will allow us for maximum flexibility during the trip, in order to focus mainly in the most important thing: photography. Normally, we will be having breakfast in the hotel or in local cafes, before or after our sunrise shooting session (depending on the schedule). For lunch, sometimes we’ll be stopping at restaurants, but other times we’ll be buying food at supermarkets (fruit, snacks, sandwiches, etc…), and doing picnics or even eating in the vehicle/s. Then, we will have more relaxed dinners at the hotels or in town. 

However, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious Burmese food. Dishes such as the tea leaf salad, the chicken feet salad, the Burmese curry or the shan-style rice will be great options to try during our trip!

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer several payment options for you

Currently, the main payment option we have is the bank transfer. However, if you prefer it, we also have other payment options, such as credit or debit card, PayPal or Transferwise. Please notice that these other payment options may apply a commission fee. You can ask us about these different payment options. 

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, or by PayPal, you can process your payment online, when you finish the booking process. For bank transfer payment, you just have to proceed with the booking and then, once you finish the process with the chosen payment method, you’ll receive an email with al the instructions and bank details. 

What kind of accommodations will we stay at?

We will stay at 3 or 4 star hotels or at lodges

During this Myanmar Photo Tour, we’ll be normally staying in 3 or 4 star hotels, or in lodges. Each traveller will be staying in a double twin shared room, shared with another participant of the tour. Rooms will always include a private bath. 

If you come with another person to the trip, you can share the same room, However, if you are traveling alone, we’ll choose a roommate for you between the other participants in the trip (always same genre). Anyway, you will also have the chance to choose a single room for you, paying an extra supplement. Contact us for all details.

Can I join this photo tour regardless my country of residence?

Absolutely, no matter the placer where you live to join us!

Anyone can join this Myanmar Photo Tour, no matter their country of residence. Our main travel agency is settled in Santander, Spain, but our trips are open to customers from countries all around the world. Therefore, we may have clients from different places in our photo tours.

This Myanmar Photo Tour will begin at Mandalay International Airport, in Myanmar. Therefore, all the participants have to be there for the first day of the tour, traveling from their country of residence. There is no need to meet the rest of participants at any other city to fly together to Mandalay.

What else should I bring to the tour?

We will send you all the information about what you need to bring

Once you have confirmed your booking for this Myanmar Photo Tour, we will send you the trip info with a recommended gear PDF guide. This will include suggestions not only about the photography gear, but also about the clothes and accessories you might need during this photo tour. To sum up, you won’t have to worry about anything, since our expert photo leaders and guides will inform you about everything you will need, so you can enjoy your travel as much as possible!

As a first tip, we would suggest you bringing a light color shell or jacket (for example red, orange, yellow, light green, etc…). That jacket will protect you from the colder moments but, at the same time, you’ll look great when photographed in some of the most beautiful locations in Myanmar!

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