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15 days
From August 17 to 31, 2023
Windhoek International Airport, Namibia
Windhoek International Airport, Namibia
for all photography levels
for all physical levels and ages







We offer you a fabulous Namibia Photo Tour, from August the 17th to the 31st, 2023. A marvelous photo adventure, that will take us into one of Africa’s most beautiful destination. A unique trip for landscape, wildlife, portrait and even night photography lovers. Anywhere we go in Namibia, something spectacular will be waiting for us!

Africa is always an extraordinary destination for photography, and among all the options there, Namibia is certainly one of the best. Located at the continent Southwest, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Kalahari Desert, is one of those destinations where anyone wants to go. That privileged location, will be one of the reasons to get so much potential from a photographic point of view.


What to photograph during this Namibia Photo Tour?

As we have previously stated, Namibia will bring us countless chances for landscape, portrait, wildlife and even night photography.

Firstly, we’ll have constant opportunities to photograph the incredible desert landscapes in Namibia. One of the best areas for that will be Sossusvlei. The colors of its dunes, their textures, their shapes, will bring us amazing and difficult to find photo opportunities. Kind of a paradise for landscape photography lovers.

During all the trip, we’ll be focusing specially on sunrise and sunset, as well on golden hour. At those times, we’ll normally have the best light moments of the day. However, this will be particularly important in the Sossusvlei Sand Dunes. The light will create really special moments, bringing incredible scenes, as the sun goes up or down in the sky.

We’ll also visit more dunes in the West coast, where we’ll also be able to capture the wonderful Atlantic seascapes. Again, a gorgeous area for getting excellent pictures.

Besides, Namibia is world famous for its wildlife. Although we will be able to spot and photograph wildlife all around the country, Etosha, one of the largest National Parks on Earth, will surely the best chance for seeing the wild species in the country. Etosha is home to lots of elephants, zebras, giraffes and lions. Therefore, while our stay there, we’ll get lots of extraordinary wildlife images. 

Also, we’ll be practicing portrait and social photography, visiting the Himba and Herero, in Damaraland. Photographing the tribes is always a highlight in any photo tour in Africa, so we’ll sure get extraordinary images from these moments.

Finally, night photography will be also important during the trip. The low light pollution in most of the locations around the country, as well as the extraordinary landscape spots, will bring us great night photography options.


Why doing this Namibia Photo Tour during this time of the year?

We are hosting this Namibia photo tour in May for several reasons. First of all, it’s a quite good month regarding weather. Temperatures are warm, but not the warmest ones, and is one of the less rainy months of the year. 

At the same time, there will probably still be some water at Etosha ponds and, although not the best one, May is a great month for wildlife in the park. 

The other main advantage in May is that it’s not a crowded month in Namibia at all, something which will be really helpful for our photography purposes.


Who is this Namibia Photo Tour for?

This Namibia Photo Tour is suitable for all physical conditions, ages and photography levels. First of all, this will be a quite easy to do trip, with no complicated hikes or physical requirements. Most of the photo locations will be a short walk from the places where we’ll park our vehicles. We may hike up to explore some of the sand dunes in Sossusvlei, but it would not be mandatory for all the group, and you could still keep taking pictures from below instead. We have prepared a trip with no complicated or long hikes, so you can focus your energies in taking pictures.

Equally, there is no age limit, anyone can join the trip as long as he or she is reasonably healthy and well.

Finally, no minimum photography level is required to participate. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, our photographers will bring you personalized attention, adjusted to your needs, in order to help you capturing the best images of Namibia. And, although you’ll see a recommended gear section below, no minimum photo gear will be needed. That’s just a list of the ideal gear for a trip like this, but never a list of indispensable items. Even taking pictures with a compact camera or with your smartphone, you will be welcome to join us!



If you like photography, this is a fabulous opportunity for you. A great chance to photograph one of the most amazing destinations in Africa. A fabulous occasion to capture the landscapes, wildlife, and portrait photo possibilities that Namibia will bring you. A wonderful photo tour to enjoy your passion, while you learn or improve your photography

Now, you can make your photography dreams true! Seats are limited to 12 participants, do not miss your chance and join us on this once in a life opportunity to photograph Namibia.

namibia photo tour
What to expect from this Namibia Photo Tour?
  • Photographing the spectacular Sossusvlei sand dunes, one of the most amazing deserts on Earth
  • Capture fantastic wildlife pictures in Etosha National Park
  • Practicing night photography and wonderful locations
  • Visiting and photographing local tribes in Damaraland
  • Getting tips, ideas and instruction for composition, as well as learning different photography techniques
  • Understanding and learning to use ND filters in landscape photography
  • Learning the importance of including the human figure in landscape photography
natural landscapes
social photography
and portraits

We’ll meet up at Windhoek International Airport, Namibia, for the beginning of the Namibia photo tour. From there, our local team will take us to our hotel in Windhoek, where we’ll stay the first night of this trip. 

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia. Its name could come from the afrikáans Wind-Hoek (‘wind’s corner), or from the Winterhoek Mountains. The city has 300,000 inhabitants (around 12% of Namibia’s total population), and its mainly composed  of German descents (almost 10%), Ovambos, Hereros, Namas, Afrikaners (6%), mestizos (Basters and Coloureds, 10%), Asians (7%) and other native ethnic groups. The city is the neuralgic center of the country, concentrating all the Namibian political and economic activity.

The region was occupied by the German Empire in 1885, becoming the capital of the German Southwest African colony in 1892. During the First World War, Windhoek was conquered by South African troops, passing to be under the British control. Until the Independence of Namibia, proclaimed in 1990, Windhoek was considered the capital of Southwest Africa, administered by the South African government.

After checking in at our hotel, we’ll go out to take the first pictures during this Namibia photo tour. We will mainly doing social photography, for what we’ll visit a market and some of the most enchanting streets in town.

After our visit, we’ll get back to our hotel to sleep.

viaje fotografico Namibia


Today, we will wake up early to begin our way South to our first destination, Keetmanshoop. We’ll get to the area after some hours, but we won’t be directly entering town. Instead, we will continue the road for some miles, to visit the extraordinary Quiver Tree Forest. This will be one of the most stunning locations we’ll visit during this Namibia Photo Tour, thanks to these amazing trees. Due to its extraordinary shapes, they will bring us endless photo possibilities.

We’ll be photographing the area by sunset, as the light illuminates these wonderful trees. After that, we will get to our hotel to leave the luggage. However, during the night, we will get back to the forest for a night session, photographing the quiver trees under the Milky Way.

namibia photo tour


Again, we will get up early, to get to the Quiver Tree Forest for a sunrise session in the area. We’ll be enjoying the first rays of sunlight as they illuminate this magical place. After enjoying plenty of time in the area, we’ll be heading to our next destination, Luderitz

Luderitz is a small town located at the Atlantic Namibian coast, which keeps a great German tradition. Some kilometers before getting to the town, we’ll arrive at Kolmanskop. This is the location why we are visiting this area so, we’ll be getting there to photograph the area during the rest of the day.

Kolmanskop is a spectacular ghost town, which was abandoned in the 50’s. The town was founded in 1908, to host the diamond seekers in the Namib Desert area. By then, diamonds were really abundant in the region, so the town was growing fastly. There were all kind of services and attractions in Kolmanskop, from a hospital to a train station, and even a casino.

After its abandonment, the desert has been regaining its land, and we will be able to see how the buildings that remain in the area are filled with sand. Certainly, this incredible scene will bring us some unique photo possibilities, as well as creating an incredible setting for our sessions. We are sure that this will be one of the best visits of the tour.

After this visit, we’ll continue driving to Luderitz, to get to our hotel to sleep.

namibia photo tour


Today, we’ll wake up early to photograph the Kolmanskop ghost town again, this time by sunrise. As stated, there is an enormous photographic potential in the town, so we’ll enjoy the session as much as possible. 

Afterwards, we’ll be moving to our following destination, Sesriem, in the Namib Desert. Once again, we’ll have a quite long drive to get there, although we will be doing some photo stops during our way. Among these.

We’ll stay in the area for the next three days, trying to capture all the beauty of such an amazing destination. As soon as we get there, we will head to our accommodation, the Sossus Dune Lodge, to leave our luggage. After this, we will head to the Sossusvlei sand dunes, where we’ll be able to capture the last lights of the day over the dunes

Once the night arrives, we’ll check the option of doing a night photography session. After that, we’ll head back to the hotel to sleep.

It’s important to remark that our lodge is located within the Namib-Naukluft National Park limits. This way, we will not need to worry about the park’s opening and closing times. Staying inside the park, will allow us to get to the photo locations at the right time, bringing us the best possible experience for our photography sessions.

namibia photo tour


As usual, we’ll wake up early to visit again the Sossusvlei sand dunes, this time for sunrise. As the sun rises, the light will be illuminating the area, creating incredible contrasts, shadows and textures. Undoubtedly, this will bring us some of the best photography opportunities during the trip. We’ll be enjoying some of the nicest desert landscapes all around the world.

The Namib Desert is considered the oldest one on Earth. The Namib-Naukluft National Park, where Sossusvlei is located, is the most famous part of this desert. At the same time, it is the largest national park in Africa, and the fourth in the planet.

The extraordinary Sossusvlei sand dune area, is the most scenic one in the Namib Desert. These dunes have an intense orange tone, due to the high percentage of iron contained in the sand, and stand out for its height. Many of them are more than 650 feet (200 meter) high, while the most famous one, known as ‘Big Daddy’, is around 1,250 feet (380 meter) high.

Due to the exceptional beauty of the area, we will stay the whole day photographing it. On it, we’ll find countless opportunities to capture extraordinary pictures. We’ll be searching for different compositions, and we’ll try to be as creative as possible playing with the lines, contrasts, tones and textures. At the same time, it is possible to spot the Oryx, an African antelope native to Namibia.

For sunset, we will get to the most photogenic dunes, trying to capture them again under these special conditions of light. Then, we’ll check the possibility of staying in the dunes for a night session, before gettin back to the lodge to sleep.

namibia photo tour


We’ll wake up early to head again to the sand dunes, for another sunrise photo session in the area. Again, we’ll be capturing the wonderful sceneries in the area under the lovely golden light.

We will also photograph the beautiful ponds in the area, known as ‘vleis’, created because of the floods. This ponds, once they get dry up, acquire a magical white tonality, due to the great saline concentration. The combination of these whites from the dry ponds, the lovely oranges in the dunes, and the intense blue skies, will be perfect for our photographic purposes.

Furthermore, these ponds help creating the area vegetation, as the famous dry trees in Sossusvlei. Again, these trees are so photogenic that they will be very helpful four our compositions.

After a long photography day, we’ll photograph again the sunset by the dunes. Then, once is totally dark, we’ll check the possibilities for a night photography session, before getting back to the lodge.

namibia photo tour


Today, we’ll be heading to our next destination, Swakopmund. Depending on our schedule, we might get back to Sossusvlei to capture our last pictures in the sand dunes, by sunrise. Once we leave the area, we’ll have another long journeys to the town.

Namibia is a land of contrasts, and we will be able to check it today, moving from the desert to the Atlantic coast, as we cross the Tropic of Capricorn. After some hours of driving, we will get to the beautiul Walvis Bay and its lagoon. This lagoon is is one of the richest and most important wetlands in southern Africa, being home to several species of water birds. In fact, it is considered as an Area of International Importance, for being a feeding and breeding zone for lots of bird species. Among these, we can highlight the Great and Lesser flamingos, the Damara terns, or the pelicans and the avocets

We’ll be visiting one of the most famous spots in the area, a small island known as ‘Bird Rock’. As you can guess, it receives its name due to the presence of a colony of around 200,000 birds. Undoubtedly, we’ll have amazing photo opportunities to get fabulous pictures of birds.

Then, we’ll continue our way to Swakopmund, being able to photograph some of the spectacular sceneries around us, with the amazing contrast of the sand dunes and the ocean, as the sun illuminates the area with the beautiful golden light. Once we get to the town, we will get to our accommodation to rest after such a complete day.

namibia photo tour


We will get up early to visit the spectacular Sandwich Harbour area. This incredibly beautiful region, is made up of amazing sand dunes, located next to the the Atlantic Ocean coastline. We’ll visit the most stunning spots, located between the sea and the desert, searching for the best compositions. The area is so stunning that we will have the chance of taking wonderful pictures, so we’ll be making the most of this visit.

After having lunch in the area, we’ll begin our way to Spitzkoppe, in Damaraland. However, instead of taking the most straight way, we will head before to the Skeleton Coast area. Here, we will visit the amazing seal colony located at Cape Cross. This place is home to an impressive number of seals, up to 100,000 during the breeding season, so we’ll have plenty of chances to photograph these fabulous animals.

Following this visit, we’ll continue our drive to our destination, arriving in the evening. Spitzkoppe is a spectacular rocky area, with fascinating bold granite rock formations, which will offer us countless photography possibilities. We will get directly to the area for a night photography session, with those incredible sceneries under the Milky Way

Finally, after our session, we will get to our lodge to rest.

namibia photo tour


Today, we’ll be getting up early again for another sunrise photography session. For this, we will head back to Spitzkoppe, where we will photograph some of its most spectacular spots under the first rays of sunlight. We will be specially focusing on a marvelous natural arch, which will allow us to capture lots of great images.

Given the outstanding photography possibilities of the area, we’ll stay in the surroundings during the rest of the day. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the most rewarding locations for landscape photography during this Namibia Photo Tour.

Apart from capturing the stunning sceneries in Spitzkoppe, we will have the chance to enjoy the wonderful rock art in this part of Namibia. During our stay in the area, we will do a guided visit to see some of the most amazing rock paintings here.

Then, for sunset, we will be visiting again the Spitzkoppe natural arch, as it receives the golden light from the setting sun. It will be a great opportunity to get extraordinary images. Then, once the night has arrived, we’ll be ready for another night photography session, capturing the Milky Way over us.

namibia photo tour

DAY 10

After photographing sunrise again in the area, we will begin our way to a different area in Damaraland, Twylfelfontein. Although we will have a long way again, we will be doing some stops to take pictures. Among those stops, we can remark a visit to the lovely Herero women, that we will be able to photograph as wearing their colorful dresses. 

Twylfelfontein is considered a Unesco World Heritage Site, specially because of its rock art. During this day, we will be able to visit and photograph some of the most spectacular rock paintings in the region, which date from the Stone Age. Certainly, a fabulous opportunity, from both the photographic and the cultural points of view.

Apart from being a fascinating scenic area, Damaraland also is home to many wildlife species, such as the zebra or the giraffe. If lucky, we’ll have chances to photograph some of these amazing animals during this day. 

Once we arrive to our accommodation, a fabulous lodge located in the middle of this impressive area, we’ll get out for our sunset session. For that, we’ll be visiting some of the most beautiful rocky formations in Damaraland

namibia photo tour

DAY 11

Today, we’ll be traveling to Palmwag, in the Northern part of Damaraland. The way won’t be too long this time, but we’ll be also traveling by a fascinating area, so we’ll be doing some photo stops along the route.

However, we’d also like to remark the abundant wildlife in the area. This way, if we are lucky, we will be probably able to photograph some of the most extraordinary animals in Namibia, such as the zebra, the giraffe, the elephant, the black rhino, or even the lion. Because of this great potential for wildlife photography, we will pass most part of the day searching for these impressive animals, so we’ll have our long lenses ready to get wonderful wildlife pictures.

For sunset, we will visit one of the most scenic spots in the region, trying to capture the last lights of the day over these spectacular landscapes.

namibia photo tour

DAY 12

We’ll leave our lodge early in the morning, to head to the last destination of this Namibia Photo Tour, Etosha National Park. Etosha is kind of a paradise for wildlife photography, although this will be a mostly social and portrait photography day. This is because we will visit two different tribes in the Damaraland area today, the Himba and the Herero.

The Herebo are strongly linked to their ancestral traditions and habits, being really proud of their origins. Their economy is fundamentally centered around cattle, with the cow being their sacred animal. Regarding the Himba, they are a semi-nomad tribe, moving in search for water. Their economy is also based on the stock. Himba women are famous because of their reddish skin, produced by the mixture of butter and soil that they spread over their skin, known as ojitze. They use it to protect themselves from the sun.

We will spend great part of the day visiting both tribes, due to the wonderful chances for getting spectacular portraits. Afterwards, we’ll continue our way to Etosha National Park, where we’ll arrive in the evening. As soon as we arrive to our lodge, we will leave our luggage and go our for our first game drive (safari) inside the park, searching for wildlife.

We will be staying at the Okaukuojo Camp, a fabulous lodge in the South area of Etosha, with the advantage of being closer to the wildlife locations. Just outside our cabins, there is a waterhole where it’s usual to spot wildlife drinking water. This way, we will be able to explore the pond trying to photograph the amazing species from Etosha, anytime during the day or night!

namibia photo tour

DAY 13

We’ll spend the whole day in Etosha National Park, starting early in the morning trying to photograph wildlife at the waterhole outside our lodge.

Etosha National Park, one of the largest on Earth, is home to 2,000 elephants, 3,000 giraffes and 300 lions, apart from countless zebras, oryx, buffalos, and even leopards and rhinos. The enormous bio diversity in the park make it an indispensable visit. Of course, from a photographic point of view, we are talking about the best option to photograph wildlife.

After sunrise, we’ll be going for a game drive or safari inside the park. Our purpose will be spotting and photographing the most impressive wildlife in the park. Some of the species we may find include elephants, zebras, giraffes, oryx, leopards or lions, among others.

Our visit inside the park will take us most part of the day, so we will need to be well prepared. As we are going to be searching for wildlife, you need to make sure you carry plenty of batteries and memory cards. If lucky, we’ll have opportunities to photograph amazing wildlife images.

We will make the most from this day, and won’t be going back to our lodge until the evening. However, once we are there, we will be also looking for any possibility of photographing wildlife at the waterhole located next to our cabins. We could even be able to get some night wildlife images, so we’ll make sure to be ready in case we are lucky.

namibia photo tour

DAY 14

We’ll wake up early again to explore again Etosha during the first hours of the day, in another game drive. At this time of the day, as well as near sunset, wildlife is more active than during the rest of the daytime. Therefore, we’ll have many more chances to photograph them. If all goes well, we will get hundreds of wildlife pictures.

After breakfast, we’ll drive back to Windhoek, in a four hour drive. As other times, we’ll be doing some stops along the way, to photograph the surroundings. Among these stops, we can remark the Okahandja village, where we’ll be able to visit the biggest craft market in Namibia.

Once we arrive to Windhoek, we’ll have some free time to be tested for Covid before our flights back home, as well as for going shopping and visiting the town. In Windhoek, we’ll be able to photograph the locals doing their daily routines, as we capture also some of the most remarkable places in town.

Finally, we’ll get to our hotel to prepare our luggage and sleep.

namibia photo tour

DAY 15

We’ll head to the Windhoek International Airport early in the morning, where this trip will come to its end.


Pricing and Bookings

The cost of this fantastic 15 day (15 night) long Namibia Photo Tour, is US$6,550 per person. Price includes double shared accommodations with another participant in the trip, according to the itinerary.

Price calculated for a minimum group of 6 participants. In case there were less than 6 people for the group, customers will have the chance to continue with the trip paying an extra supplement, or to receive a full refund if the trip has to be cancelled.

Single room supplement: US$1,550, depending on availability.

To book your spot for this photo tour, you can send us an email to, or call us at (+34) 625 01 44 81 (also available by WhatsApp). You can also book your spot with the form located at the top right area of this page.

General Considerations

This Namibia Photo Tour is organized by the Official Travel Agency ‘Viajes Fotográficos – Dream Photo Expeditions’ ( hereinafter referred to as ‘the travel agency’).

The travel agency carefully studies and designs all the trips that we offer, always trying to adapt them to our travelers needs. All our itineraries and activities are chosen from a photographic point of view. However, the itinerary shown here is just an idea of some of the places that we will be visiting, not being contractual information about what we’ll do during the trip. The tour leaders, photo guides, other guides and/or the travel agency and organizers of the tour, reserve always the right to do any kind of changes to the itinerary and the tour, both before and during the trip.

In this sense, it will be up to the photographer/s guide/s or to the travel agency, the decision of changing any of the programmed activities, places to visit, and shooting sessions for each day, depending on factors as weather, security or light conditions, but not limited to these. We will always be in search of the best possible experiences and moments of light for the customers of this trip. However, sometimes we may decide to change plans depending on some factors. The program may also be changed in case of emergency, injury of illness of any of the participants or main photographers.

At the same time, both the photographers and the travel agency reserves the right of changing the tour leader/s, in case it’s necessary. Some of the reasons might include injuries, illness or hospitalization, severe health problems, accidents, (both of themselves as well as first grade relatives too), etc. In those cases, the agency will bring another photographer able to guide the group in the same destination.


Each traveler is responsible of having all the documentation needed for the trip, as well as for entering the destination/s. To visit Namibia you need a valid Passport and might need a visa or an electronic travel authorization to enter the country. Always check the requirements with your country authorities before traveling to a foreign destination.

The photographers and the travel agency have no responsibility about each traveler’s documentation, or about the requirements to be allowed to enter in Namibia or any other country.

Travel Insurance

This Namibia Photo Tour includes a basic assistance insurance. However, we strongly recommend you to bring a full travel insurance, which has unlimited or high limit money coverages in case of accident or disease.

Personal Counseling

The travel agency will give personal counseling and advice to travelers when purchasing their trip. Customers will receive a list with everything that they might need for the route, tips about how to prepare a medical kit for the travel, recommendations about the photography gear for the place, etc… At the same time, our staff will be happy to help and solve any doubt that the clients could have while they are preparing their trip.


We are completely sure that this Namibia Photo Tour will be an unforgettable experience for travelers, as well as an intensive learning process. The travel agency will always try to promote values such as respect (cultural, social and environmental). Those values will always prevail in all our trips. At the same time, ‘Dream Photo Expeditions’ will always ensure that the impact of their trips is never negative for the country, their citizens or their wildlife.

The travel agency, tour leaders, guides, or the photographers hosting the trip, will have no responsibility at all for any accident, loss, theft or damage suffered by the customers participating on it.

Each customer declares that he or she accepts all the conditions on this trip at the time he or she is doing a reservation request and/or payment for it.


At the moment of booking, the client will be required to send an initial payment of US$600 (US$863 if choosing single room). Payments can be done by bank transfer, by credit or debit card, and by PayPal. However, please notice that credit or debit card and PayPal payments are subject to a supplement fee, to cover the costs of these payment methods.

The remaining balance will be due 60 days prior to the trip. If one client doesn’t make effective any of the expected payments in the deadline, the organizers has the right to cancel the contract with that participant, without any refund, as the terms previously seen. The features that make up the combined travel contract come from the information given to the client in the brochure or program, as well as from the indications regarding this information that could have been given when confirming the reservation.


In case the agency doesn’t complete the minimum group needed to confirm the trip, customers will have the choice between doing the trip paying an extra supplement, or being issued a full refund.

If the travel agency needs to cancel the trip, for any reason, customers will get a 100% refund of the cost of the photo tour.

However if the client doesn’t show or cancels the trip, the following cancellation policies will be applied:

– Less than 60 days prior to the trip: US$600 (US$863 in case they had chosen single room basis).
– Greater than 60 days prior to the trip: 100% of the trip cost.

Prices are based in the Exchange rates by July, the 13th, 2020. The currency may be updated until 21 days prior to the departure, according to Spanish Travel Laws, applying a supplement/discount in case of change.

Once the reservation is done by the client, and the services and their prices are confirmed by us, these prices only could be revised until 20 calendar days prior to the departure dates, only in case there are variations in the transportation costs (including the fuel prices), in accommodations, in rates and taxes referring to certain services (such as landing, boarding in ports and airports), or in monetary exchange rates applied to the trip.


Starting/ending location

Windhoek International Airport, Namibia (Google Maps)


  • Accommodation in hotels or lodges during the 14 nights of the photo tour, on a double shared room basis.
  • Transportation in Namibia during the photo tour, plus all the related expenses and including picking up at the airport.
  • All meals during the trip on full board basis, except the first night dinner.
  • Entrance fees to Sossusvlei, the National Parks, or other locations, when applicable
  • Game drives / Safaris inside Etosha National Park
  • Services of the professional photographer/s leading the group.
  • Personalized services, attention and photography instruction.
  • Basic travel insurance.
  • Organization and services of an official travel agency with more than 5 years and 40 photo tours of experience.

Not included

  • Flights and/or transportation to and from Windhoek International Airport, Namibia.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner), snacks or beverages.
  • Tips.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Anything not included in the “Included” section.


This is just a list of the ideal gear for a trip like this. However, there is no need at all to have or bring all this gear. You can join the trip using any kind of camera, or even a smartphone!



We recommend you to bring a DSLR or Mirrorless system camera with interchangeable lenses, but you can join the photo tour bringing any kind of camera, including compact ones, or even a smartphone.

Wide Angle Lens

For example, a 14-24mm or a 16-35mm

A wide angle lens will be really useful to capture the stunning desert landscapes in Namibia. It’s also interesting that it’s a fast lens (f/2’8 or faster), for the night photography sessions.

Standard Zoom

For example, a 24-70MM

An standard zoom, like a 24-70mm, or a 24-105mm, will be very useful on this trip. With that focal length range, you will be able to capture a great variety of the scenes we’ll find.



A telephoto lens like a 70-200mm will be very recommended on this trip. It will allow you to capture closer views and texture pictures in Sossusvlei, apart from being very useful for the nearby possible wildlife.



FOR EXAMPLE, A 85MM 1'4 OR A 35MM 1'4

A portrait lens like a 85mm 1’4 or a 35mm 1’4, would be perfect for social photography of the tribes and the locals. It won’t be indispensable, but it would bring great portraits and magical bookeh.



FOR EXAMPLE, A 500 OR 600mm f/4

If you have a long telephoto lens, such as a 400mm f/2’8, or a 500 or 600mm f/4, you could bring it for the trip, as it would bring you spectacular wildlife images. A good alternative would be a zoom kind of a 150-600mm.




A tripod will be needed for our low light photography sessions, such as the sunrise, sunset and night photography ones. We recommend you bringing a really sturdy one, so it’s not easily moved by the wind.



We recommend you bringing ND filters for long exposure photography, as well as graduated ND filter for sunrises and sunsets. A polarizer filter will be very useful too, to add saturation or avoid reflections.



Bringing a remote or an intervalometer will be a great idea, because they will be very useful in low light sessions, avoiding the need to touch the camera, and therefore minimizing the risk of moved images.


Enough spare batteries

Bringing enough extra batteries is essential for a trip like this. Specially during the wildlife sessions, the cards will be filling really fast . Therefore, you should bring enough batteries to avoid running out of energies.



We also recommend you bringing enough memory cards so you can store all the pictures you will take during the trip, or even doing security copies. Given their low price, it’s better to carry extra cards.



Due to the desert condition, a good photo cleaning kit will be almost mandatory, since the sand would be quite dangerous for our gear. A blower, as well as wet and dry towels would be recommended. 

PRactical Information

Details about the trip and the destination

Is there a minimal physical level to join this trip?

No, this a trip suitable for all physical levels and conditions

This Namibia Photo Tour is recommended for any person, and no matter the age or the physical level to join the trip. As long as you are able to walk for short hikes with no difficulty, you are welcome to come with us. Most of the photo locations are located just a short walk from the places where we’ll park, meaning this will be an easy trip. We might hike up some of the sand dunes in Sossusvlei, but it won’t be mandatory.

At the same time, there is no age limit for the tour, as well as your health and conditions are reasonably good.

Do I need a minimal photography level to join the trip?

Absolutely not, all photography lovers are welcome, no matter the level!

There is no need of a minimal photography level to join this Namibia Photo Tour. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to come to this trip, nor even having a lot of experience with your camera. All our photo tours are open to all levels, even for beginners, or unexperienced photography users. Sometimes, we even have people just taking shots with their smartphones.

One of our highlights is providing customized attention, so we will help you to get the best possible images, regardless your previous level. We’ll be there to help you becoming a better photographer!

What kind of weather can I expect during this trip?

We expect mid to warm or even very warm temperatures

During this Namibia Photo Tour, we can expect mid to warm, or even very warm temperatures during the day, a bit cooler during our night photo sessions.

We recommend dressing in layers, so you can add or remove clothes depending on the conditions. You should also bring a light shell or fleece jacket for the nights, or even a Gore Tex jacket or similar, although rain is not common at this time of the year. Mountain boots or hiking shoes would be perfect for most of the time. Once you confirm your booking, you will also receive a guide withe the recommended gear list for this Namibia Photo Tour.

Are meals included on this trip?

Yes, this Namibia Photo Tour includes all meals

This Namibia Photo Tour includes all meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) during the trip, except the dinner of the first night. Normally, we will be having breakfast in the accommodation or in cafes near the area, before or after our sunrise shooting sessions (depending on timing). For lunch, sometimes we’ll be stopping at restaurants, but other times we’ll be eating also at the lodges. Then, we will have dinner at the accommodation or in town. 

Anyway, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the Namibian food during the trip!

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer several payment options for you

Currently, the main payment option we have is the bank transfer. However, if you prefer it, we also have other payment options, such as credit or debit card, PayPal or Transferwise. Please notice that these other payment options may apply a commission fee. You can ask us about these different payment options. 

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, or by PayPal, you can process your payment online, when you finish the booking process. For bank transfer payment, you just have to proceed with the booking and then, once you finish the process with the chosen payment method, you’ll receive an email with al the instructions and bank details. 

What kind of accommodations will we have?

We will stay in very nice accommodations (lodges or hotels)

During this Namibia Photo Tour, we’ll be often staying at some amazing lodges or hotels. Each traveller will be staying in a double twin room, shared with another participant of the tour. Rooms will always include a private bath. 

If you come with another person to the trip, you’ll share the room, However, if you are traveling alone, we’ll choose a roommate for you between the other participants in the trip (always same genre). Anyway, you will also have the chance to choose a single room for you, paying an extra supplement. Contact us for all details.

Can I join this photo tour regardless my country of residence?

Absolutely, no matter the placer where you live to join us!

Anyone can join this Namibia Photo Tour, no matter your country of residence. Our main travel agency is settled in Santander, Spain, but our trips are open to customers from countries all around the world. Therefore, we may have clients from different places in our photo tours.

This Japan Photo Tour will begin meting up at Windhoek International Airport in Namibia. Therefore, all the participants need to get there for the first day of the tour, traveling from their country of residence, with no need to travel to a particular town to fly together to Namibia.

What else should I bring to the tour?

We will send you all the information about what you need to bring

Once you have confirmed your booking for this Namibia Photo Tour, we will send you the trip info with a recommended gear PDF guide. This will include suggestions not only about the photography gear, but also about the clothes and accessories you might need during this photo tour. To sum up, you won’t have to worry about anything, since our expert photo leaders and guides will inform you about everything you will need, so you can enjoy your travel as much as possible!

As a first tip, we would suggest you bringing a light color jacket (for example red, orange, yellow, light green, etc…). That jacket will protect you from the cold and the rain but, at the same time, you’ll look great when photographed in some of the most beautiful locations around Namibia!

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